Knitted dolls do it yourself

Every mommy wants to dress her daughter in a fashionable and original way. Becoming a designer for a little princess is not that difficult. To cut and sew the original model skirts for a little girl, it is enough to have a little imagination and desire. And surely everything will work out, because you will be working with your own hands.

We sew skirts for girls do-it-yourself: straight model with elastic

  • Waist circumference (OT);
  • The length of the skirt (DU).

Knitted dolls do it yourself

Sample pattern straight skirt for girls:

  • We fasten the pattern on the fabric.
  • Cut out parts of the product.
  • We stitch the side seams.
  • We sweep the edges, iron out.
  • We form a belt – drawstring, pass through the gum.
  • We process the hem of the product.

Similarly, you can sew skirt type “Tatyanka.” This style looks good on girls of any age.

Skirt-Tatyanka for girls.

Materials for work:

Fabric consumption = Skirt length (DU) + Belt width + seam allowance (from 2 cm to 6 cm).

  • Threads with a needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Tailor’s pins;
  • Special marker or chalk;
  • Wide elastic band for the belt.

Gum length = Waist circumference (FROM) – 5 cm.

For simplicity of cutting, we will build a paper drawing pattern.

  • Cut out the fabric in the shape of a rectangle.
  • Lateral seams fasten and stitch.
  • We overcast on the overlock to prevent shedding.
  • We press on one side.
  • We form a belt – an elastic band.
  • The gum joint is built up with machine seam.
  • We process product slices on the overlock.
  • We connect a skirt with a belt.
  • The elastic is attached to the fabric with a universal zigzag stitch.

Such a charming skirt should be:

Skirt with frills for girls.

This style of skirts is very popular, the model looks beautiful and original. You can make such a skirt from any material, but sewn from denim, it looks especially modern. Things out of jeans do not go out of fashion and are relevant at any time of the year. They are practical, beautiful, great for adults and children.

The pattern of the shuttlecock pattern:

We grind sections, we sweep the side seams. Gum belt for stitching in a circle.

  • We process the lower part of the cut flounces: bend, stitch, iron.
  • Satin ribbed on the bottom edge of the frill.
  • Flounces grind down the side cut.
  • We model the skirt: to a longer frill we sew a shorter one, so that the product expands to the bottom like a pyramid.
  • From above the coquette with an elastic band – a belt.

Pleated skirt for school.

School clothes are often sewn with folds. But the skirt is well suited for everyday use.

Fold calculation scheme:

  • Do not forget to leave 1.5 cm on the seams.
  • From the edge of the matter to the center lay the folds, fasten with tailors pins.
  • Lay the creases, if any.
  • We fasten the basis of the product with a notched seam, iron.
  • At the end of the work, the main seam is ground, the zipper is sewn in and the hem is sewn.

The result of the work is shown in the photo:

Fluffy skirt – a pack of tulle.

Bright skirts here now at the peak of popularity: they fit well on the figure, emphasizing all the advantages. They are able to turn a girl into a fairy princess. This model is also good because it does not need to be sewn. The skirt is assembled from strips of mesh fabric.

  • Cut tulle into strips – ribbons.

Ribbon length = skirt length.

  • Gum, 2 cm wide, sew in a circle.
  • Ribbons from the net are strung with elastic, tying strips into knots.
  • The finished skirt can be decorated with satin bows, rhinestones, beads.

The result will surpass the expectations:

This skirt can be worn on a Christmas party, or used as a costume for performances in a choreographic circle. She gives the opportunity to experiment. For example, to choose a bright tights adored by girls of tender age to the air skirt – tutu. Or combine it with a coarse denim jacket, getting a bold and unbroken image.

Knitted dolls do it yourself

Thus, the styles of skirts for girls are very diverse. All of them are in great demand and popularity, Be sure to sew your daughter a charming outfit with your own hands, pamper a little fashionista.

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