Knit hats with needles for women do it yourself

Cap for girls knitted. The model in the form of a beret is made with openwork patterns and patterns with braids.

Knitting is one of the most popular types of needlework. This craft can be learned at any age, the main thing is desire and incentive. For many women, the incentive is a great desire to make your favorite baby comfortable, high-quality clothes with their own hands, to knit cute hats, funny socks, warm sweaters, vests, etc. The clothes will always be unique, beautiful and unique. We wish you creativity and success.

For knitting hats for girls you will need:

  • 200 g of blue yarn (100% wool, 400 m / 100 g);
  • Knitting needles number 3;
  • hook number 2.5.
  • Patterns for knitting hats with needles

    “Spit”: knit according to scheme 2. The diagram shows only the front rows, purl happy to knit on the pattern. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 8th row.

    Pattern for caps knit according to scheme 3. The diagram shows only the front rows, purl rows knit on the pattern. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 10th row.

    “The rachy step”: crochet the crochet without crotch from left to right.

    So, proceed to knitting baby hat.

    Cap-takes for girls description and knitting scheme

    With a cross-shaped set, type 132 knitting needles and knit with a “braid” pattern according to scheme 1.

    At a height of 4 cm from the typesetting edge, add 1 p. And knit the pattern according to scheme 2.

    At a height of 14 cm from the edge of the set, the width of the canvas in each 2nd row to reduce by 15 loops.

    At a height of 18-19 cm from the typesetting edge, the remaining hinges are tightly pulled into a bun.

    Perform occipital suture. On the bottom edge of the product, crochet the “pitch”.

    Schemes knitting hats for girls

    Knitted hat for girls with funny ears, like a bear. The cap is knitted of white wool yarn. The model is quite warm and can be worn in winter. Even simple knitters will be able to master simple patterns: a kerchief and a rubber band.

    The hat and mittens for the girl are knitted with a simple pattern. Bright red yarn is particularly suitable for knitting baby clothes. The cap with the ears is decorated with a volume pompon and a top. Knit string is used as ties. Beautiful children’s kit for the winter!

    The knitted hat for a girl of 5 years is made of burgundy yarn by Aran’s patterns. The model is decorated with black and white plastic flowers.

    The red hat with ears looks great in combination with white pompoms and heart patterns. Such a model can be connected for a girl of 3-5 years.

    Knitted bandage for girls in the form of a wreath of flowers and leaves. The elements first knit with needles, and then the process of felting starts in a washing machine in hot water. And in the end we get such a stylish wreath for the girl.

    Children’s hat with needles for a girl is decorated with a bright crocheted flower. Little fashionista will be delighted! This model is especially decorated with a combination of green and burgundy colors.

    The hat with a pompon for the girl is knitted with needles from mohair residues and wool yarn. A jacquard pattern on a white background and stripes in a blue-blue range give the children’s model a unique expressiveness.

    Beautiful hat for girls 5 years old with pompoms and original pattern. The color transition from dark blue to blue creates the impression of a crown. Tie for a little princess such a beret, and she will be very pleased.

    The cap takes for a girl 5-10 years old knits knit a simple facial smooth. Use the yarn of 3 different colors, and the model will be stylish and original.

    Knitted hat for girls of school age is made of tweed with needles. By itself, this yarn is very spectacular, and in combination with a braid pattern, the model is unique and fashionable.

    Simple knitted hat for girls 12-15 years. The facial smoothness and kerchief – these are the simplest techniques. Beginner knitter successfully execute this model.

    This hat for a girl will cause a smile on the faces of all passers-by. Simple pattern and simple rectangular shape. But the style of this perky cap is attached to the ears and embroidered cat muzzle.

    Knitted hat crocheted and resembles the head of a funny raccoon. Children really like these hats. Both girls and boys wear them with great pleasure. You do not have to persuade your child to wear a hat. On the contrary, he does not want to take it off, even in kindergarten.

    This cute hat for a girl of 3-5 years is knitted from yarn of pastel shades. Delicate model with jacquard patterns looks great in the fall and winter.

    The winter hat for the girl is especially warm due to the jacquard knit features. Black and white pattern – a great choice for teens. At this age, girls tend to appear older and choose not bright, but calm colors.

    Knit hats with needles for women do it yourself

    Pink hat for girls for the winter is knitted on the needles with a French elastic band. The cap is double and therefore very warm. Embroidery with colored threads and crocheted flowers will give the model charm and cute spontaneity.

    Cap with tassels for a girl of 2 years. A simple rectangular shape and knitted back and front loops looks good in such a bright color of melange yarn. Perky tassels like little girls.

    Cap for girls with jacquard knitting pattern. Bright beautiful hat from a yarn of 3 flowers: green, red and yellow. Strawberry berries knit according to the scheme and then embroider with yellow threads.

    The white hat for the girl is knitted of cotton yarn. The round shape of the model and the original pattern will look good and make them easy and simple.

    Knit hats with needles for women do it yourself

    The cap for the girl is knitted from colored yarn. Do you have a lot of yarn? You can make this model using them. Pick matching colors and tie a hat for your daughter or granddaughter.

    Children’s set: a hat and a scarf for the girl. The original shaped yarn of 3 colors and simple garter knitting is what characterizes this knitted set for children 5 years old.

    The hat for the girl in the photo is knitted with a jacquard pattern in white and yellow tones with green patches. The cap is decorated with a big pompon. Set for the winter: hat and scarf.

    Beautiful hat for girls 2-3 years. Patterns with braids, embroidery of flowers and twisting rulik – all this creates the impression of a cute gentle model for a little girl.

    A simple hat for a girl in the photo is knitted from warm fluffy yarn. Model for the winter for your child.

    Autumn hat for girls knitted. The photo shows a model of simple knitting and fashionable combination of colors: pink and gray. Available for beginners. Simple and stylish. Very successful model.

    Fashion model knitted hats for girls 12-15 years. A beautiful pattern for a hat combines sophisticated intricacy and strict elegance. Braids and aranes make this model quite warm and allow the cap to keep its shape. We recommend knitting this model from wool.

    Cap with a pompon for a girl of 4 years and a drape with patterns and trim made of faux fur. White and blue yarn looks great in winter.

    Cap for girls on age: 1-3 years. Your baby will be warm and beautiful model he will like without a doubt. Red stripes on a gray background look just wonderful. Two small bows adorn the baby hat and scarf.

    Cap for girls knitting for autumn from warm wool yarn dark yellow. The combination of yellow and gray looks very interesting. Children’s hat for a child 3-5 years old.

    A cap with tassels for a girl for autumn is knitted with a beautiful two-color pattern. Practical model is made of wool. If you plan to wear this hat in the winter, it is recommended to sew a fleece lining on it. And then your child will not freeze for sure!

    Photo caps for girls 12 years of white yarn with original trim and knitted flower. Beautiful tender model for a teenager.

    Blue hat for girls of primary school age. The model is knitted with a simple clear pattern. Beautiful quality yarn looks just great.

    A hat with a flower for a girl of 6 years old is made with knitting needles. Pink color to the face of little girls. Choose high-quality yarn for children.

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