Kitchen corner do it yourself

Furnishing the kitchen with practical and spectacular furniture is not a trivial task. How can it be clever that the furniture fit perfectly into the interior, perfectly endured the peculiarities of the local microclimate, appealed to the whole family, and did not ruin the family budget with its value? After all, assembling a kitchen set with your own hands is quite simple – with the right measurements and accurate calculations, such work is within the power of anyone who has at least once rotated a screw or sawed the board. Do not believe? Consider step by step all the nuances of the upcoming work!


Important rules for beginners ↑

The most common mistake of many home craftsmen is to reappraise their own strength. Deciding to equip the kitchen with self-made furniture, they begin to plan the most “clever” options, guided by the picture of the designer magazine they like, and even their own imagination. But at the same time they absolutely do not take into account their real skills both in design and in a banal assembly. Therefore, novice furniture makers, before making a kitchen set with their own hands, are advised to heed the advice of more experienced craftsmen.

The simplest version of the kitchen for a country house

Rules for a note:

  • The principle “the simpler, the more reliable” works great for beginners in the furniture business. Take the classic straight-line constructions as a basis – they are easy both in measurements and in assembly.

Kitchen DIY wooden planks

  • A sign of professionalism in creating a kitchen set is a well-perceived symmetry in the arrangement of individual pieces of furniture and the design of facades.

Symmetric cabinets under the ready cornice look very neat

  • Even the simplest modular set, inscribed in the interior without gaps and protruding parts, looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. A functionality will add the use of light in the performance of new products, for example, cargo, organizers or boxes with exit systems.

Cargo boxes are simply made for narrow spaces.

Separators, organizers, you can buy ready-made or do it yourself

  • You can add a touch of “exclusivity” at the expense of the original furniture fronts, which usually come to the fore. They can be completely made by yourself, ordered ready-made or decorated to your own taste.

Facades with photo printing will be a spectacular decoration of any interior

Vintage Kitchen

Vinyl stickers for budget decor

On a note! If you take the standard size of furniture as a basis for a headset, you can significantly reduce the cost of materials and their processing.

Standard or exclusive – which materials to prefer ↑

If for the first time you undertake the production of furniture, choose materials of the middle and low price category – because no one is insured against errors and damage to the blanks. Having trained in working with cheaper parts of the frame, the facades can already be made of natural wood or glass. But no matter what option you choose, it is important to take care of protecting the future headset from temperature and humidity drops.

To create a robust enclosure, you can use any kind of external chipboard and fibreboard:

  1. Laminated chipboard is the most common “furniture” material, which is used both for frame installation and for building facades. It is not too heavy, strong enough, and high-quality lining of the plate with laminate provides good protection from moisture. In addition, the material is inexpensive, has a wide range of colors and imitations of expensive coatings. For kitchen furniture, a standard sheet thickness of 16 mm is sufficient.

Chipboard – budget material for self-assembly of furniture

Disadvantages: Chipboard must be closed with external protection – otherwise the plate may emit an unpleasant odor and evaporate formaldehyde compounds when heated. Although the installation material is quite simple, assemble / disassemble the case or screw in several screws will not work – because of the large number of internal voids, fasteners loosen and do not hold well.

Kitchen corner do it yourself

Important! The most durable is the facing of the plates with plastic (postforming). The protective layer is applied under high pressure and literally grows together with the tree, without flaking even with temperature drops and prolonged contact with water.

Chipboard with plastic protection

  1. MDF –wood-fiber board holds the fasteners perfectly, does not evaporate harmful substances, is easy to process (including the figure-milling one), which allows you to create non-standard shapes and original decor. As a protective coating using laminate, PVC film, natural or artificial veneer, plastic, paint and varnish products.

Disadvantages: the price of blanks is 1.5-2 times higher than analogues from particle board.

The difference in density between MDF and particleboard

  • Fiberboard or LDVP – thin chipboard is a practical and easy option for making the back walls of the headset.

But for facades, the choice of material is not limited to wood plates. Here you can use an array of natural wood, rattan, bamboo, glass … The main thing is the master’s confidence in his own abilities during processing and assembly.

On a note! Facades – the “face” of the kitchen. Therefore, if you have not enough practical skills in the furniture business, and you want to create a set with an original pattern or milling, you can order ready-made facades or give blanks for decoration to masters with professional equipment.

You can choose ready-made facades for any interior style

All of the above materials (with the exception of fiberboard) are used for making the table top by hand. Facing with acrylic or other artificial stone, plastic, metal also looks good, but such products are usually made to order.

Tip! When choosing a material, do not be lazy to get to the building materials store and carefully study all possible options with your own eyes. With this approach it will be much easier to imagine the appearance of your future furniture.

The choice of materials for self-production of furniture is very wide

Preparatory stage ↑

The lion’s share of the price for furniture is spent on design and calculations, since even a non-professional assembler can make a kitchen set with his own hands from the processed blanks. Therefore, by creating your own kitchen wall design for a specific interior, you really save. And do not worry, the masters assure that for such calculations, higher mathematics will not be needed – it is enough to know the basics of arithmetic.

Accurate calculation is the basis of success ↑

To perform the measurements correctly, equip yourself with a tape measure, level, calculator and a sheet of paper to record the received data. It would be nice to bring to work and an assistant – because the dimensions of many pieces of furniture exceed the span of one person’s hands, and calculations can be made with errors.

  • First, a general measurement of the room is made in order to calculate the length and height of the walls, as well as to indicate the exact location of window and door openings, window sills, communications (gas, sewer, heating and water pipes, ventilation, sockets and switches).

Important! All dimensional parameters are tried on at least three times (for example, the length of the wall is defined under the ceiling, at the level of the plinth and in the center), in order to level the deviations due to possible curvature.

  • The measurements are made on the drawing (if there is a difference in the measurements, the minimum value is taken for calculations). A similar scheme can be made both on paper and in a computer graphics program. The PRO100 is considered to be the most convenient for novice designers, but others can be used – AutoCad, BlumDynalog or Basis furniture maker. In any of these programs, you can get a finished sketch in 3D format, and in some (for example, BlumDynalog), you can also get a module for cutting components with all the markup and assembly scheme.

Creating a kitchen project using a computer program

  • Then calculations are made for each item of the headset. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account household appliances – a refrigerator, a stove (or an oven and a separate hob), an extractor hood, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a dryer and other dimensional or not so much appliances.

Important! In addition to the size of the equipment, it should be provided and the placement of sockets for it.

Kitchen wall layout

  • At the last stage, detailed markings are made for each cabinet and bedside tables for shelves, drawers, fixtures and other accessories. If you are going to install standard parts in them, specify the dimensions in advance so as not to overshoot the calculations.

Ready fillers for kitchen drawers

For those who have well-developed spatial imagination, a simple paper drawing is enough. For the rest, a more colorful 3D-sketch will be more visible, thanks to which you can not only make accurate markup, but also decide on the design of the headset.

The project of the kitchen can be depicted on paper

Attention! To order the cutting of material for the future headset, you must have a dimensional scheme of each part.

An example of a detailed scheme for the manufacture of a corner cabinet under the sink

Ordering and receiving materials ↑

Having fully defined how to make a kitchen set with your own hands, the finished drawings are transferred to the workshop, where they are sawn into parts. The cost of work will depend on such factors:

  • the complexity of the material processing;
  • size compliance with furniture standards;
  • the number of blanks (for a large order you can get a tangible discount);
  • the need for additional processing cuts;
  • urgency

Important! If, when marking, it turned out that in some parts additional holes are needed for pipes or other elements, be sure to indicate their location and diameter in the drawing. For self-cutting, you need at least an electric jigsaw, and this is far from a guarantee of neat cuts.

Holes for pipes

After a few days, all ordered items are handed over. Be sure to check the presence of each part and their size, compliance and defects in colors, as well as the quality of the cut itself.

Billets for assembling a kitchen set

Attention! The coating should not have large chips and cracks – they can lead to premature loss of its protective qualities and deformation of the entire product.

Defects in the processing of slices can spoil the look of the new headset

Edging the ends of the parts ↑

The edges of the obtained blanks from LDSP or MDF must be further processed, since they remain devoid of coating (the array can simply be coated with paint, varnish or wax-oil impregnation). To do this, the edgeing (or trimming) is carried out – gluing the bare spots with a narrow melamine or plastic tape. You can perform this procedure at home.

Important! The metric area of ​​adhesive tape is determined by the size of parts with cuts. The edge must be 4 mm wider than the end of the part and match in color with the main surface.

Sputtering is carried out according to the following plan:

  • The part made of laminated chipboard is set upwards, it is not necessary to fix it, you can just hold it.
  • Edging tape is pressed against the end of the glue side inside.
  • In order to improve the adhesion, the glued tape should be heated (it is enough to iron the melamine one with an iron installed on medium heat, but the plastic one needs to be heated more and longer, for example, using a building dryer).

Processing ends at home

On a note! In order not to spoil the coating of the tape, when working with an iron, it can be covered with a sheet of paper or a thin cloth.

  • After the edge has stuck and cooled, it is necessary to remove the protruding edges. It is easy to cut off the excess melamine tape with an ordinary wallpaper knife; for plastic it is better to use a hacksaw blade.
  • Finally, it is recommended to cut the cuts with an average sandpaper or small file in order to remove roughness and slightly round the corners.

Tip! Although the process of closing the ends is simple, it takes a lot of time and requires care and

Kromkovaniye preparations on the professional equipment – quickly and reliably

Preparation of parts – marking and drilling holes

At this stage, you need to mark on the blanks a place for fasteners and drill holes for screws.

To make holes, you need a drill and wood drills

  • We first work with the side walls. We place them on a flat surface with the inner side up (like an open book). Referring to the drawn plan, we calculate and mark the places where the contour lines fit — the bottom, the lid and the shelves. To do this, you can use the board of the same thickness as the material of the workpieces – it is easy to draw a straight line along it at the right distance. To mark the location of the shelves using a tape measure and the same board.
  • In the center of the marked fit of the contour lines (that is, at a distance of 8 mm from the drawn lines with a board thickness of 16 mm), we mark the drilling points. They should be 50-100 mm (depending on the depth of the cabinet) from the outer edge. For clarity, you can pin in these places a small recess with an awl.
  • We drill holes from the inside of the sidewalls with a 4 mm drill.
  • From the outside we make chamfers under the caps of the self-tapping screws. It is quite easy to do with a simple drill with a 9 mm drill bit included in the reverse.
  • We attach the bottom horizontal to the processed sidewall – the angle can be fixed using an angular vice or ask someone to hold the parts so that they do not move. Through the hole already made in the sidewall, drill the horizontal with a 2 mm drill.

Angled vice will help to fix the walls perpendicular to each other

  • Repeat these steps for the remaining horizontals and the second sidewall.

Such preparation is necessary to conduct for the side surfaces of all cabinets and cabinets, after which you can take up the assembly.

Assembling a kitchen set do it yourself ↑

To assemble the headset, you need to mark up on the wall using a level, and continue building the workpieces, starting with massive floor stands.

Assembling the main frame ↑

From fully prepared parts assemble the bottom line – the basis of the future headset.

  • We fasten the parts with the usual 55 wood screws and a screwdriver.
  • We check the correctness of the assembly by measuring the diagonals of the resulting rectangle.
  • From the visible outer sides of the caps of the screws are closed with special plastic plugs.
  • For wall cabinets, we fix the selected fittings to the upper horizontal, with which we will fix the cabinet on the wall.
  • In the bedside cabinets with drawers fasten on the inner walls of the guides or closers.
  • At the bottom of the lower tier of furniture we mount the legs.

Assembly of a floor stand with legs

  • Close the resulting frame back wall of fiberboard. Binding can be carried out with staples or simple galvanized studs with a pitch of about 100-150 mm. Fixation is carried out on the sides and all horizontals – above, below and at the level of the shelves.

Lower tier kitchen unit

The main frame is ready, there are works with the facades, wall cabinets and countertops.

Installation of kitchen fronts ↑

In most cases, facade elements of kitchen furniture are doors made of glass, solid wood or wood-based panels. For fastening them to the frame, quick-mount loops are used, the installation of which is only possible for the master with the necessary equipment.

Kitchen corner do it yourself

The work is done as follows:

  • On the door there is a place for hinges. It is necessary to focus on a distance of 50-100 mm from the top or bottom and 21-22 mm from the edge of the sidewall.
  • Forstner’s mill on 35 mm drills a round aperture under loops on depth to 10 mm. If this recess is made too small, then when fixing the hinge with screws, the facade can be extruded from the outside.
  • The hinges are installed in the grooves, aligned with a ruler, after which the holes for the screws are made using a 2 mm drill.

Important! Care must be taken not to drill through the door.

  • Fix the hinges to the inner surface of the facade with the help of 4×16 zinc screws.

Fastening hardware on the door

  • Install the front door in place. To do this, we apply a ruler to the end of the frame in order to get the necessary clearance for the correct opening and closing of the door.
  • We install the facade with unfolded hinges, mark the points for drilling.
  • Making holes with a 2 mm drill bit to a depth of no more than 10 mm.
  • Fix the loop to the side with zinc screws

    Facade strips, closing the boxes, are much easier to mount. If you bought special boxes such as metaboxes or tandemboxes, complete fixing strips are always included with them. If the box is the most common, then the facade is fixed with screws (zinc) 4×16.

    Metabox for Kitchen

    Headset brace and countertop installation установка

    In order to turn all the lockers and bedside tables into a single structure, it is necessary to combine adjacent modules with each other. To do this, use intersection screed 5 mm. The adjoining walls are drilled through in two places – above and below. The main part of the tie is inserted into the hole, and the second – the locking screw – is twisted into it.

    Intersection furniture screed

    Installing the countertop is not any difficulty. We simply fix it on special mounts installed on the box of the lower cabinets. But to install the sink should be taken seriously. After all, it is necessary not only to fix the structure, but also to take care of correct sealing of the seams with silicone (however, much depends on the type of model, because the overhead, embedded and integrated shells have their own nuances in the installation).

    Kitchen corner do it yourself

    How to make a kitchen set: detailed video manual from a specialist ↑

    As you can see, the hand-made assembly of the kitchen set turned out to be really not too difficult. Even the most difficult part of creating a project and the correct calculations are also within the power of any person who has studied mathematics at school. And yet, not every one of us is willing to spend time and effort on what can be entrusted to professionals and get a deliberately high-quality result. Therefore, think carefully – are you ready for the accomplishment of labor feats in the field of furniture production, or will you entrust this process to skilled craftsmen.

    Kitchen worktop – the final touch, which gives completeness furniture set. Of great importance, both in terms of practicality, functionality,.

    Stylish and affordable: how to make a ceramic kitchen worktop with ceramic tiles

    Installing filters for water purification is a simple procedure, so it can be done independently without attracting specialists. Virtually any system.

    Installing filters for water treatment: how to do it yourself

    Not everyone can boast a spacious kitchen, where there is a place for large-sized furniture. In small rooms, every square meter.

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