Julia the hands nachalova

The fans became interested in what Julia Nachalova was ill with, what was wrong with her hands?

Recently, the name of this once very popular singer and TV presenter has become somewhat forgotten, there are quite a few reasons for this. This and the emergence of other bright talents, and moving to America, as well as some clearly marked decrease in activity, partly due to the state of health of the artist. However, Yulia Nachalova didn’t give up her creative activity, she also continues to act in clips and record singles in Los Angeles.

Another recent visit to Russia turned out to be somewhat unsuccessful, the reason for that suddenly arisen problems with traffic police officers. The interest was again “stirred up” by the artist, besides many people are interested in what Julia Nachalova is sick of, and also a disease of the hands that look deformed in the photo, and the latest news on this topic. In this article we will briefly describe all of this, as well as refresh the artist’s vivid artistic career.

Unpleasant incident

It so happened that, returning from a party late at night, together with a friend, an expensive Lexus foreign car, was stopped by DPS officers. The reason for this was a clearly recorded fact of the curvature of the trajectory of the vehicle, which could be associated (presumably) with the drunken state of the driver.

Julia Nachalova got into unpleasant intsindent

Of course, the well-known artist learned, treated her very politely, however, the rights were selected, which is completely legal.

Julia the hands nachalova


Later, Yulia Nachalova will give explanations, getting to know them, you catch yourself thinking that they are quite reasonable and humanly quite understandable. The fact is, according to the artist, that she actually experienced a nervous shock from the actions of the staff of the guard service.

Julia currently lives in America

Not only was it a night, and you won’t immediately understand who actually stopped the car, and there were only two girls in the car, and several men ran up to them at once. It does not matter that the “men” are DPS officers, at that moment it was really unimportant, and it was not established reliably.

Forced confession

Explaining why the demands of the traffic police were not met that night, Yulia Nachalova also refuted the accusations of alcohol use. Carefully and for many years the hidden fact of health problems had to be made public at one point.

The fact is that, according to the artist herself, she has long been diagnosed with such a disease as gout.

Cones on the hands of Julia Nachalova

The actress has been undergoing drug treatment for five years, and she has been on a strict diet, in which alcohol is completely prohibited. Alcohol is simply in principle impossible to use, and for several reasons at once, the main of which are incompatibility with medications and increased joint pain.

As a result of all the truthful explanations and confirmation of the diagnosis from the doctors, the rights of the artist were returned, but for a while. Investigative actions will continue, according to lawyers, most likely the case will be limited to a small fine and explanatory work.

To hide bumps in the hands of a girl wearing dark gloves

Another outcome of this emergency was the publication of the artist’s health and a heated discussion in social networks and other media. It should be noted that, apparently, Julia Nachalova on this occasion is no longer complex and does not consider it necessary to hide her problems from admirers of her talent, as well as from other people.

Causes of illness

It is very difficult to say with sufficient certainty the true reason for the failure in the body that led to such sad consequences. In all the photos, the artist continues to amaze and conquer with her noble and bright beauty, and only the hands indicate that not everything is so rosy in life.

Yulia Nachalova does not hide that many years ago, after the birth of her daughter, she did breast plastic surgery, the operation was successful, her breast turned out to be lush and beautiful. The actress at that time was simply happy with such a result, she began to wear candid outfits, and even had a photo session for the Russian men’s magazine “Maxim”.

After removing the silicone implants, sepsis and kidney problems began.

And again the consequences, blood poisoning gave a complication to the kidneys, because the organism is a biological system with its own so strict laws that the norm is literally “on the razor’s edge”, which does not tolerate anything alien.

Disorders in the kidneys led to a situation where uric acid began to leave the body poorly, accumulating, and it became the cause of this serious illness. For five years now, Yulia Nachalova has been struggling with gout that is difficult to get sick with. But according to doctors, not everything is so scary and hopeless, the chance of healing is preserved, especially since the body is young, Julia is only 36 years old and all the best lies ahead.

Doctors have encouraged Julia, claiming that not everything is so bad with her health

Perhaps these encouraging predictions, and even poor consolation that gout is called the “disease of the rich and the kings,” provided moral relief, and the actress stopped hiding her problems.

However, other versions of the appearance of such cones on their hands are being advanced by detractors, but we will not give them here, considering it to be unethical.

And just recently

Fans have long begun to suspect that something was wrong with the hands of Yulia Nachalova, they were lost in conjectures, making a variety of assumptions.

At first, this did not surprise anyone, especially since the appearance of the actress and the happy expression on her face did not give a reason to unwind any version of health problems.

Brief biography and creative way

Julia Nachalova was born on December 31, 1981 in the city of Voronezh in the family of artists. Parents since the age of two found their daughter musical and other artistic inclinations, in every way trying to develop them.

When she was five, Julia sang on the stage of the Voronezh Philharmonic, where her parents worked, her father composed songs for her. At the age of 10, a little girl who grew up in a creative environment and was a part of her from early childhood became the winner of the “Morning Star” competition.

Julia Nachalova in childhood

The 90s were a very successful creative period for the artist, in 1995 her debut album titled “Ah, school is a school!” Is already coming out, and also Julia becomes a participant in the “Big Apple – 95” competition.

A talented externally girl graduated from school and enrolled in the Gnesinsky School, while at the same time studying actively continuing her creative work, music recordings, contests, shooting clips, and television programs.

With singer Nikolai Baskov

Further, the continuation of study in GITTIS, simultaneously the work leading in popular TV shows, “Saturday Evening”, is the brightest and most significant of them.

In addition to a large list of clips and music albums, the successful work of the presenter, there is a creative actress and film rolls in the creative box.

How old is Yulia Nachalova

At the moment, Julia is 37 years old.

Personal life

With such a bright personality and an incredibly beautiful woman, personal life was not quite happy, at least until recently, because the actress is still ahead.

In twenty years, Julia married for the first time, her choice was the same young man as herself. The soloist of the Prime Minister’s group known in the 1990s, Dmitry Lanskoy, made the singer happy for only a couple of years, then the young people divorced.

Julia Nachalova and Dmitry Lanskoy

In 2005, Yulia Nachalova again marries footballer Yevgeny Aldonin, the marriage seemed to be more serious and happy, a daughter Vera was born a year later.

Julia Nachalova with Yevgeny Aldonin and daughter Vera

Immediately after the divorce, the artist appeared everywhere with hockey player Alexander Frolov, giving rise to the opinion that it was these new relationships that caused the family to break up. And again the short-lived relationship, in 2016, Julia Nachalova again became an enviable bride, parting with the hockey player.

Alexander Frolov and Julia Nachalova

Julia the hands nachalova

Now Julia lives in America, continues her creative work, makes clips, performs in small concerts for people from Russia, travels with her matured daughter and hopes for all the best.

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