I can not raise my hand up

So the person is arranged, that while a thunder will not burst. and i’m no exception.

It all began like this, somehow raising my arm up, or twisting a light bulb, or for some other need, I felt in the right shoulder joint not very strong, but some sharp, piercing pain. At first, of course, he did not attach any importance to this, whether it is not enough where it can prick, whimper — it will pass by itself, for everything always somehow passes, dissolves, heals and

He began to think (pain in general activates the thinking process very much) with which I was relieved of such pain, finally blamed everything on the recently completed apartment repairs plus the spring season in the garden, supposedly overstretched the joint, you need to relax, unload your hand as much as possible, anoint and everything just passes.

Probably many dear readers in their cases argued the same way. But from such thoughts and ointments it did not become easier, pain in the shoulder was added to the pain in the elbow joint, it reached the point that he lifted a cup of tea from the table to the mouth with his right hand, cursing in pain. The daily dose of the painkiller is two tablets minimum.

Security reflexes gradually formed, the hand was automatically pressed to the stomach in a semi-bent state, everything was accustomed to do with the left hand, something that is possible of course, and perhaps not all. In short, the situation from a little trouble confidently and quickly turned into a big life problem.

No matter how you twist, you had to go to the doctor. The therapist sent me to a rheumatologist, whom I managed to get to in a little more than a month later, however, I’m not the only one toiling my joints, there were many of us. A very elderly doctor met me, saying nothing sent me for x-rays and blood / urine tests. At the second admission, in a couple of minutes I diagnosed me with some kind of arthrosis, primary or secondary now I don’t remember exactly, and it doesn’t matter.

Well, the diagnosis is okay, I’m not interested in what it is called, but how to get rid of this disaster quickly and so that there will be no recurrences later? And here unpleasant discoveries awaited me, the cause of this scourge was my grandmother-doctor who announced my age! She said: “This is your age.” What age?! I’m only forty five! My daughter is three years old, I am a young father, and not an old rheumatic, that is, an art arthrosnik! But even more I was “pleased” because there were recommendations for treatment, there were three of them:

The first is to remove all physical exertion from your hand, and they are already long gone, the pain quickly disaccustomed to grasping gravity.

Secondly, it is necessary to smear with a warming ointment, which is advertised on TV every day from morning to evening. I envy sometimes people inspired, tell them, they say, smear and pass, they smear and pass, but I need to understand everything, as an ointment with minimal activity can penetrate the skin, all sorts of soft and connective tissues, wade inside the joint and something cure, so who will explain to me the physics of this wonderful process? Yes, and I have been smearing for a long time, I have smeared not one tube, all to no avail.

Well, the third recommendation to drink some pills that contribute to the restoration of cartilage tissue, read carefully – do not restore, but only contribute. And that’s it! Go, bear, the money will be – go.

Coming out of the “medicine”, I realized that they were ready to treat me there, they did not refuse, but there was no cure. And it seemed to me that they themselves do not understand what is the cause of my illness, and if the reason is unknown, then how to eliminate the illness? If the pills (not cheap by the way) only help, that is, help, what do they help? What should restore my fabric, with pills or without? And why did it do it before, but now it has ceased? Solid questions.

Of course, there is another option to take your money to paid clinics, but something suggested that the result would be the same, only more expensive. Well, I do not believe in paid medicine or in paid education. After all, the problem is not in the doctor, she is a pensioner in the district clinic or a younger lady in a fashionable medical center, but in the very approach to the problem. How can you treat something without even trying to understand the cause of the disease? It’s like catching a gray cat in a dark room, maybe you can, or maybe not. But it hurts me, I need a true and 100% cure.

If you want not to be treated, but to heal, then you need to be cured as in the old Soviet film “sama-sama-sama”!

It is impossible to engage in self-treatment, this is the law, but self-curing – only you can. I began to think and guess how to cope with the illness, I thought of something and decided to carry out experiments on myself, realizing the whole inhumanity of this act. And he began with self-education.

Of course, the Internet is a great thing, in a very short time you can get acquainted with the ancient traditions of deep and listen in real time to the lecture of the professor from overseas. To find out what about the joints is written in the Chinese “treatise of the yellow emperor,” and what do yogis, adherents of Ayurveda or Vedanta think about this, and how the bones ruled in Mother Russia.

Having spent 1.5 months studying all available information about the treatment and restoration of joints, I compiled a list of five natural “diamonds” that were used at various times for treatment by the Emperors, Kings, General Secretaries, Yogis, Tibetan monks, Old Believers and many more by whom.

The first place is occupied by “Gum cedar”, or simply coniferous resin. Resin extract is a pure concentrate of molecules that make up cartilage and which restore this cartilaginous tissue with surprising speed.

“Burdock”. This plant was first used in the Caucasus. Chip “Burdock” in its unique ability to thin and remove salt deposits. It instantly makes salt “deposits” in the joints more loose, and after 15-19 days of regular use it completely dissolves salts in the joints and spine. Agree, a very useful property.

“Thyme” or, as it is also called “Thyme”. It belongs to the genus of the family Lamiaceae, one of the largest and taxonomically complex genera of this family.

Thyme is the fastest natural anti-inflammatory “drug”. Thyme Extract quickly destroys any inflammatory process. Since time immemorial, Thyme has been used to treat radiculitis, rheumatism, polyarthritis, gout, and varicose veins.

“Sabelnik”. He is also called the Pyatilnik, Ognevets, Arrantis, Russian Ginseng. It acts as an immunostimulant, stops the autoimmune process in the body, which is the starting point for joint diseases and cartilage degradation. Extract of Sabelnik has been used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, arthritis and rheumatism at different times. He was especially popular in the royal pharmacy of Peter the Great, who had chronic joint problems.

I can not raise my hand up

“Hop”. The well-known plant is the strongest natural anesthetic that is absolutely safe and non-addictive. It was used by the ancient Slavs for quick relief from pain. The pure extract of “Hop” is 11 times stronger than the now popular Ibuprofen, but unlike it does not affect the nervous system.

“Beeswax”. I specifically wrote about the five healing ingredients, the sixth – Pechelny wax, does not quite heal the joints, but it is no less important. Beeswax has the property of enhancing the effect of medicinal components, times. And two: provides protection for bone and cartilage tissue. In other words, the first five plants joints and cartilage TREAT, and wax retains the result achieved for decades.

Having dealt with the “ingredients” of treatment, I wondered – how could all these wonderful natural remedies get into my sore joint? After all, whatever the manufacturers say, ordinary plant extras are not able to quickly penetrate the skin and tissues into the joint. Only their microscopic number reaches the diseased joint and you need to use them for YEARS to get the desired effect. And my shoulder hurts here and now, and I need to treat it urgently! It is desirable yesterday.

In 1983, a group of Soviet scientists was tasked with: developing a technology for producing extracts of medicinal plants at low (room) temperature, without using chemical catalysts (titanium dioxide, chlorine oxide, acetone) of at least 99.3% purity.

5 years of research and experiments have been crowned with success. In 1988, the state commission was presented technology CO2-nanoextracts. This technology marked the beginning of a new science – Phytochemistry.

The essence of the technology was to obtain medicinal extracts by the “explosion” of carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is injected into the chamber with raw materials to a pressure of 7,000 atmospheres. Then the pressure is abruptly dropped, CO2-gas instantaneously changes from a liquefied state to a gaseous state, increasing in volume hundreds of times. At the same time, he literally breaks the molecules of the raw materials, thereby isolating medicinal extracts. In addition, the “explosion” of CO2 not only releases the purest plant extract, but also disinfects it, because bacteria molecules also break as a result of a sharp expansion. In total, a sterile medicinal extract is obtained with a purity of 99.93%. Incredible figure for ordinary extracts. Conventional have a purity of at most 75%, and the remaining 25% are residues of the original chemistry – catalysts (titanium, chlorine, acetone).

But the main “magic” of technology is not even in the 99% purity of the obtained extracts. The main achievement is the PARTICLE SIZE of the CO2 extract. It is a breathtaking 94 nanometers (.). We are dealing with nanoscale particles, and this, as you know, activates the properties of any substances that have been ground to such limits.

CO2-extracts in their action exceed the usual extracts of the same plants hundreds or thousands of times!

And, most importantly in my case, CO2-nanoextracts, because of their nano-size, freely penetrate through the skin and tissues into the joint! And this process takes NOT YEARS, but MINUTES!

Eureka! That’s what I need! And I began to look for some drug on CO2-extracts.

What was my disappointment when I realized that finding something with CO2-extracts was not as easy as it seemed to me. The technology was completed in 1988, already at the end of the USSR, and after the collapse of the Union, it was safely forgotten. However, as well as about hundreds of miracle technologies from other areas of science.

I spent another month looking for anything. He even talked to the 84-year-old, still living, Boris Mikhailovich Tkachev, one of the developers of the technology of CO2-nanoextracts. But it was all in vain. The technology is there, the documentation is there, the results of clinical studies are there, but there are no factories.

Already almost desperate, I accidentally stumbled upon an article in Popular Mechanics, which described CO2-extraction technology with an example, oh miracle, a small plant in the Tver region! Quickly I found the contacts of the company, the company “Slavia” turned out to it, without losing a minute, I called the factory directly and asked what they were producing.

That was what I needed! In addition to CO2-drugs for the treatment of gastritis and ulcers, varicose veins and blood vessels, they produce the cream “Artraid” for the treatment of joints and cartilage! The art-recipe recipe completely coincides with mine, it is immediately obvious that the professionals were involved in the formulation development! There and CO2 extract Resin, and Sabelnik, Burdock, Hop, in general, the whole set of the best CO2 extracts for joints.

I can not raise my hand up

But here I was waited by another bird “Obomingingo.” Their factory, although it is equipped with the latest and is on the edge of phyto-technology, is very small. Therefore, the production of drugs almost “piece”, people have been waiting for months for Artorade to be on sale. And as soon as it appears in a matter of days, it is bought up by pre-orders via the Internet.

2 weeks, as a job, I visited the Artraid website every day and checked whether it was not on sale. And finally, I see the cherished “Available”. Immediately make out an order, because well, it nafig – they do not have time to blink out! After 10 minutes a nice girl calls, she began to talk in detail about the preparation, but I interrupted her, saying:

– Girl, do not be offended, but I know more about this drug of yours, so do not try. Make it better for me to deliver 7 stuff to Artrade.

– Sorry, but 7 pieces can not be ordered. Due to the increased demand, we sell a maximum of 5 pieces in one hand.

– Well, it is that! I waited 2 weeks, I wanted to take it immediately with a reserve. Well, make out 5.

It should be said that Artrade acts almost instantly, already on the 2nd day the joint mobility returns, and the pain passes in general after 8-12 hours. But for treatment and securing the result, a course is needed for many years – 20-27 days. This is about 3-4 tubes of cream. I wanted to order immediately 7, just in case. Still, a rare drug that figs get it. In the end, I would give it to someone, but the company’s policy is cruel – No more than 5 pieces in one hand.

In general, I was allowed to order only 5 tubes of Artraid, they confirmed the order, they said – wait, your order will arrive by mail. I must say that by mail I haven’t received anything for quite a while, so I was a little tense. After all, who knows her, this Mail, will lose even my Artreyd, and then I will wait another 2 months for it to be available again.

Fortunately, everything was ok. Surprisingly quickly, in just 5 days, my order was already at the post office. Jumping with impatience and howling from pain in my shoulder, I sailed to the post office for my salvation. Having received the package quickly, the Mail again surprised me, I rushed home at a gallop, to quickly test the product of high Soviet technologies.

My tubes were packed very securely, in vain I was worried that the postmen could break or crush them or what else they do there with the parcels. Beautiful box, pokrugu lined with foam and the top is still wrapped with foam rubber. You want such – you will not break and you will not remember!

Of course, I understood that the treatment will be relatively fast, the course is only 20-25 days. But what effect I feel SO SO quickly became a surprise for me!

Having anointed my shoulder and elbow before bedtime, I lay down to sleep on my left side, for I had lost the habit of sleeping on the right side — it hurts. I woke up on the right side, on the sore shoulder, and there was no pain! I gently began to raise my long-suffering hand, stifling, and all the pain was not there! Over 8 hours of sleep with Artrade pain disappeared! I jumped out of bed and tried to pick something up. I got a dusty weight on my eyes, carefully taking it with a sore hand, and I began to lift it slowly. A click-click responded to a sore shoulder, and I felt a slight pain. So, okay, let’s wait until weights with weights, after all, only 8 hours of treatment has passed, I thought.

The manual was written: Apply on sore joints 2-3 times a day. I immediately began to smear 3 times, so that the process went faster. No wonder I bought the cream with a reserve!

Healing Diary

In general, these my experiments on myself, gave wonderful results, one hundred percent healing, now I will try to restore my feelings by the day.

8 hours of treatment: the pain disappeared at rest. Minor pain remained in motion.

1 day: the pain completely disappeared. Edemas slept. I can move my hand, but the joints still click.

7 day: finally clicks in joints disappeared. I move my hand easily, I can calmly wallow at her. To lift, until I risk.

Day 14: I feel completely healthy! Pulled up 5 times on the crossbar. 16 kg weight – no discomfort!

Day 20: I was tested and X-rayed my shoulder and elbow. No sign of arthrosis! Cartilage in the joints like a 20 year old boy. Dokursha said that the previous X-ray most likely had a defect, so the diagnosis of Osteoarthritis was erroneous.

It took me six months to find her, and I give you her in 5 minutes of reading =) Share your successes in the comments. If you know more drugs on CO2-extracts, be sure to write!

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