How to make a ship with your own hands

Are you a man and want to please your beloved woman on March 8 with an original gift? If flowers and candy seem trivial to you, then you can combine all this and make an original bouquet of chocolates with your own hands. After all, on such a day you can indulge your sweetheart sweet, and she will certainly appreciate it.

Use the same and you interesting ideas, how to make a bouquet of chocolates with your own hands, step by step on March 8!

How to make a bouquet of sweets step by step with a photo

Candy bouquet: Tulips

This small bouquet of candy is made using ordinary cotton fabric and wire. To make such a bouquet will require patience and, of course, fantasy.

To do this you will need:

  • pieces of cloth and candy,
  • also need a piece of green felt,
  • scissors and green tape,
  • skewers.

one. Wrap the candy so that you get a tulip. If you use candy with a flat base, then they are used in the work of 2 pieces.

2 Bottom stick skewer and tie up the bud with scotch tape. Wind skewer to the end.

3 Cut out the green felt.

four. Make flowers and collect them in a bouquet.

Sweet bouquet of roses

Sweet bouquets of candy with their own hands on March 8 may look bright. The following gift confirms this. Just study this step by step photo and try to cope with this work yourself.

From a large number of such buds you get a beautiful bouquet of pretty roses.

Tartlet for March 8 from candies

To create such a bouquet of candy with your own hands, you need:

  • colored cardboard
  • scissors,
  • piece of foam,
  • corrugated paper
  • polysilkom and candy.

one. It is necessary to cut a circle out of cardboard, which will be the size of a saucer. Then this circle is covered with polysilk on both sides.

2 Polysilkom need to wrap as candy. But if their wrapper matches the color, then it is not necessary.

3 Cut a strip of corrugated paper, which will be 1.5 cm wide. The length of the strip at the same time should be leveled by the circumference of the cardboard circle. Glue this strip in a circle and bend its edge on the other side.

four. Next, glue the candy around. In the middle stick a piece of foam. To decorate the composition of corrugated paper, make petals.

five. Then protect the leg and fix everything in the center of the foam.

How to make a ship with your own hands

6 Organza make fattiki. Sets them in between the colors. You can add any decor to your taste.

Your tartlet is ready!

How to make a ship with your own hands

Candy bouquet: Carnations

To create such a bouquet of sweets with your own hands, all the necessary materials are in the picture.

How to make a ship with your own hands

one. First make the flower buds. In them, you can hide candy. For the creation of bouquets need corrugated paper. From it, cut out rectangles measuring 18-112 cm. From this rectangle it is worth cutting off a piece.

2 Fold the pieces of paper and lay the sweetness on top of them. Then wrap the candy in this paper and the result is a bud. This bud is attached to the stalk and tied with a ribbon.

3 Spread all the petals to make it look beautiful.

four. Then fix all the flowers near one leg. Be sure to wrap the stalks in green.

five. Now it remains to decorate the bouquet with ribbons or other accessories.

Bouquet of sweets: Ship

The candy ship is also very easy to make.

You will need:

  • candies,
  • toothpicks or skewers,
  • flower wrapping paper
  • basket,
  • a piece of foam the size of a basket,
  • thick thread
  • glue.

one. For work you will need an elongated basket of small size. For her, it is worth cutting out a piece of foam. Secure it with glue in the basket.

2 Then you need to make blanks of toothpicks or short skewers. Blanks should be made from multicolored paper and candy. Skewers with candy are stuck in the foam. Make sure that the base is not visible. Behind and in front make elongated paper cones.

3 Now it is time to make the masts of the ship. For them are used long skewers, rectangular pieces of paper (they will be sails). The top of the mast is decorated with paper flags.

four. Thread is held together by the nose of the mast and the ship.

Give a woman a spring holiday happiness! Try to please your women on March 8 with something original and pleasant. All you need is a little time, patience and a drop of fantasy.

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