How to make a Christmas tree toy with your own hands

Hello, dear readers! On New Year’s Eve, an incredible amount of various Christmas decorations appears on the store shelves: Christmas tree decorations, tinsel, rain, bright garlands, firecrackers, artificial and living Christmas trees and

Christmas trees do it yourself.

For the manufacture of decorative Christmas trees, you can safely use almost any material: rhinestones, Christmas balls, threads, beads, wine corks, coffee and other grains, paper, buttons, wire, cones, tree leaves, feathers, pieces of cloth, ribbons, pasta and much more!

We decided on the materials, but how to form the basis of the future Christmas tree? You can do the following ways:

  1. Choose a conical bottle on which to subsequently glue the necessary parts.

2. Purchase a ready foam cone – sold in the “Everything for creativity and handicraft” departments.

3. Make from a sheet of paper.

Consider the last point a little more …

The first way: we take a sheet of drawing paper, draw a circle, cut it, then on this circle mark the pencil sector in the form of a triangle, cut it off, and form a cone from the remaining part, gluing the side part with adhesive tape or glue.

The second way: take the draw paper, draw a circle, measure the fourth part of the circle – a triangle (see photo), cut out this part and form a cone.

So, picking up or making the most suitable cone, we proceed directly to the decorative part …

Ideas Christmas trees do it yourself.

Paper Christmas trees.

We select the paper of a suitable shade, cut out and form a cone (described above), decorate with rhinestones, asterisks made of foil, beads, beads or ribbons.

Christmas trees do it yourself photo

Coffee Christmas trees.

Prepare a cone from thick paper, after which, using super-glue, we successively fill all the gaps on the cone, as a supplement you can use rice grains, seeds, acorns, rhinestones, beads or beads.

Christmas trees do it yourself photo

Decorative Christmas trees do it yourself from pasta.

We select figural macaroni, for example – bows, paint them in a suitable color from the puller pulley, and after drying the paint, we fix it on a cone (better than a dense foam) with the glue of the moment. At the final stage, the Christmas tree can be supplemented with macaroni in the form of asterisks or small decorative bows.

Fir-trees from threads.

We form a cone out of paper, we take tight, woolen threads suitable for shade, cover the surface of the cone with PVA glue, and tightly wrap it with threads. These Christmas trees can be supplemented with bows, beads or rhinestones.

Fir-trees from wine stoppers.

We form a Christmas tree from wine corks, sticking corks to each other on super glue.

Christmas trees do it yourself photo

Christmas trees do it yourself with buttons.

We harvest a large number of buttons, if you want the buttons to be the same in tone, pre-paint them using a puller spray. We form a cone from thick paper, and completely glue it over with buttons, buttons can be glued in several layers.

Herringbone cones.

We form the fir-tree completely from the cones … starting to glue the cones to each other from the inner circle, in the end we install the resulting tree into the pot or fasten it on the improvised decorative leg of the branches.

Christmas tree decorated with sparkles.

We form a cone out of paper, cut a fine rain and tinsel, mix it thoroughly, cover the cone with PVA glue and sprinkle it completely with sliced ​​glitter. At the top we cover the Christmas tree with white glue to prevent the shiny elements from falling off.

Christmas tree from the wire.

We take a cone made of foam and from top to bottom in the form of a spiral, cover it with a dense wire. The result is a very stylish Christmas tree spring.

Herringbone of feathers.

We purchase small feathers in the “Everything for Creativity” departments, we make a paper cone, and we start from the bottom up, tightly joining weightless feathers to the transparent glue “Moment”.

Herringbone dry leaves.

We take dry leaves harvested from autumn or bay leaves, and glue them to the previously created paper cone, it is better to form a “crown” from top to bottom, sticking the leaves under each other.

How to make a Christmas tree toy with your own hands

Christmas tree of ribbon.

We form a cone out of thick paper, cut the ribbon into identical short lengths, glue each piece in the form of a droplet (see photo), and glue the resulting “droplets” onto a paper cone.

Herringbone tinsel (video):

Herringbone thread (video):

And here are the toys on the Christmas tree with their own hands (video):

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