How to decorate the room with their own hands for the new year

What to give the boy 9, 10, 11, 12 years for the New Year 2020

Choosing gifts for children is not an easy task because their tastes and ideas about the usefulness of things and usefulness are very different from adults. If you have no idea what to give the boy for 9, 10, 11, 12 years for the New Year 2020, it is better to ask the parents, his peers or search for an answer on the Internet. We have collected good tips for any boy, taking into account his interests and wishes.

Toys as a gift

At this age, boys try to appear almost adult and very cool, but while they are still children, they dream of toys. Perhaps, at 11-12, they may already be considered adolescents, but when deciding what to give the boy 9-10 years for the New Year 2020, be sure to consider this option. Great toys for boys of this age:

  • Constructor. Just choose not a primitive children’s toy, but something more complicated, for example, an electronic designer or a magnetic one.
  • 3D puzzle, which allows you to create effective models of mechanisms. Such a toy can captivate even an adult.
  • Radio-controlled helicopter. Any boy will be delighted with such a present.
  • Bow with arrows and target for training accuracy. You can also give more sophisticated weapons – crossbow.
  • Board game – economic or strategy.
  • USB friend Tengu. This is a cool interactive toy that will connect to your computer.

At this age, the boy probably loves computer games. If you give a boy a disk with a good licensed version of your favorite toy, he will definitely be happy.

The list of the best gifts to the boy 9, 10, 11, 12 years for the New Year 2020

  1. 3D puzzle
  2. Board game – economic or strategy
  3. Set for chemical experiments
  4. 3D pen
  5. Interesting shape mp3 player
  6. Tickets for New Year’s performance
  7. Skis or snowshoes for nature walks
  8. Fingerboard or skate for fingers
  9. Rat Mug
  10. Chocolate Christmas Tree

Gifts for creativity

This group of gifts is traditionally chosen for girls, but buy a boy for the New Year 2020 a gift that allows you to develop your creative abilities, and he will surely be delighted. A good idea is to give a set to create masterpieces with your own hands, for example:

  • For modeling of clay – real or polymer;
  • To create products from plaster;
  • For the production of soap;
  • To create candles.

If the boy likes to draw, he will like the set for painting on fabric. You can donate several monochromatic T-shirts and special colors to create an exclusive outfit for yourself. Also, the young artist will like the picture for coloring by numbers. The base is applied to the canvas and all the details are numbered. There are also paints in the set, on which numbers have already been applied in order to facilitate coloring.

Another interesting gift for the boy is a burning device. The gift set comes with different nozzles and even examples of pictures. Many boys love working with wood and creating unique paintings and other crafts. You can immediately give and varnish to cover the finished products.

Children’s creativity often develops into a real hobby and may in the future become a profession. Therefore, it is always worth developing the talents of children and helping them to make their dreams come true.

Interesting gifts

All boys are very curious and interested in everything around. Therefore, a wonderful gift for a boy of 11-12 years old for the New Year 2020 is what will give room for fantasy, discoveries and explorations of the world. Good presents will be:

  • Set to create optical illusions. With the help of such a toy, the boy will be able to independently create unexpected optical illusions at home, as the kit contains all the necessary blanks and light filters, as well as detailed instructions.
  • Set for chemical experiments. This is a great toy that will interest even adults. The instructions clearly and simply painted how to create a battery of an apple, a volcano on the kitchen table, invisible ink and other interesting things. The necessary components and tools are included.
  • Set to create crystals. He will allow to create growing and even creeping crystals. Therefore, this toy will entice the boy’s parents.
  • Set for playing magician. Such a simple toy will entice even a fairly adult boy.
  • Miniature drum set for fingers, so that the boy does not miss and beat the rhythm.
  • 3D pen. This is an interesting device for creating three-dimensional drawings.

All children love modern technology, so good and very interesting gifts will be:

  • Wireless speaker, for example, in the form of a can of drink or even a cool dancing robot;
  • Game console;
  • Unusual alarm clock, for example, flying away in order not to spill lessons;
  • MP3 player interesting form.

How to decorate the room with their own hands for the new year

Surely any boy will like a gift in the form of an adventure. It is interesting, exciting and good memories will remain for a long time. Good ideas adventure boy:

  • Hike to the water park;
  • Tickets for New Year’s performance;
  • Participation in the quest;
  • Flying in a wind tunnel;
  • Movie tickets to the premiere of an interesting film.

If the boy has a hobby, a great gift to attend a master class associated with him will be a great gift. It is not only interesting, but also useful for the development of skills and talents.

Any boy interested in gifts for winter fun. You can give him a snow blaster or snow glitter to arrange real battles with friends in the yard. Also a good gift will be a tubing or an inflatable cheesecake for descents from a snow slide. And, having presented a snow scooter, you will definitely become a hero for the boy for a long time.

Useful gifts

When choosing a gift for the new year 2020 for a boy, it is important to consider that it will be useful to the recipient. There are a lot of options. For example, physical activity is beneficial for all children. If a boy loves sports and will be delighted with a sports gift, you can give him:

  • Skis or snowshoes for nature walks;
  • Set for indoor basketball, so as not to stop training, even in winter;
  • Children’s fitness or sports bracelet to track your activity;
  • Darts to train accuracy and attentiveness;
  • Grand Twister for fun with a group of friends;
  • Cool table pear;
  • Table football to play at home, while there is no possibility to do it at the stadium;
  • Compact prefabricated dumbbells;
  • Mat for gymnastics and workouts.

If possible, ask the boy in advance what kind of sporting gift he is dreaming about. Perhaps he wants videos, skate or bicycle and will be happy to receive such a gift for the New Year 2020 and even wait until the summer to use them.

All modern children actively use computers. Although many parents do not welcome this, in terms of overall development and learning, this can be useful. Therefore, gifts related to the PC, can be attributed to practical. Good ideas:

  • Ergonomic keyboard;
  • High-quality headphones, preferably interesting design;
  • Wireless mouse;
  • Flash drive original form.

Do not give the boy school supplies. Surely he has everything he needs to study, so a present may be unnecessary.

Cheap gifts

We do not always have the opportunity to give something expensive. In order not to get upset about this, check out the list of inexpensive presents for the New Year 2020 for a boy of 9, 10, 11, 12 years. They will help to please the boy without large financial expenses. Good ideas:

  • Pillow with a photo of the recipient will be a great decoration for a boy’s room.
  • Fingerboard or skate for fingers. This is a cool toy, useful for developing motility and concentration.
  • Table lamp. It is useful to the boy to do his homework, and is inexpensive.
  • Thermomug, so that the boy always has a warm drink with him.
  • Book. It is better to choose a teen bestseller, which will appeal to most children.
  • Cool t-shirt, for example, with a photo of a boy or another interesting picture.
  • Metal collectible machine. She will like a boy who loves transport or collects such toys.

Themed Gifts

If you want to give not only an interesting gift but also related to the theme of the holiday, you can search for something thematic. This can be traditionally New Year’s or something related to the patron of the year according to the eastern calendar – the White Metal Rat. Choose what the boy likes best. For the year of the White Rat, you can present a boy with such interesting things as:

  • Beautiful piggy bank in the form of a rat;
  • 3D-lamp in the form of a funny rat;
  • Mug in the shape of a rat;
  • New Year’s decor on the wall to decorate the room for the holiday;
  • Chocolate Christmas Tree;
  • Traditional gift sock with a little surprise inside;
  • Santa Claus Christmas hat;
  • Keychain in the form of a rat;
  • Sweater with a festive deer.

Sweets are one of the most versatile gifts, because everyone loves sweets. You can order for the boy a cake with an interesting New Year’s decor or pastry in the form of Christmas trees. You can also order cookies with cool New Year wishes. It will be interesting to the boy to crack the cookies and read the pleasant words in his address.

How to decorate the room with their own hands for the new year

Remember that at 9, 10, 11, 12 years old a boy is not quite a child, but he considers himself a teenager, so avoid too many children’s gifts. Presents can be fun, humorous to lift the mood of the recipient. It is also important to beautifully decorate your gift. Festive packaging will help make any gift thematic and appropriate occasion. And, of course, come up with nice congratulations to please the boy.

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