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This article contains information on how to send a letter by regular mail (Russian Post), while guaranteeing and expediting the delivery of written postal correspondence. In addition, the article contains postal data and details relevant to the city of Tula.

How to guarantee delivery

When sending a standard letter in a regular envelope (dropping it into the blue box of the Russian Post), it should be remembered that if the letter is lost, the mail will not be responsible for this. It is worth saying that the probability of losing a letter in the sorting process in post offices and sorting centers and during transportation is almost zero. However, in the case of an incorrect filling of the addressee’s address or index, the probability that the letter will be lost is much higher. Since letters are often lost outside the postal department’s area of ​​responsibility (for example, in a mailbox at the recipient’s entrance), the mail does not accept the claim. For guaranteed delivery of correspondence, there are registered items: registered and valuable letters. The cost of their delivery is higher, but each item is assigned a unique number, which is indicated in the receipt issued to the sender, by which you can track the passage of the letter along the delivery route. This, you see, is very convenient and, most importantly, reliable.

What type of shipment to choose

Simple letters are postal items that are accepted without issuing receipts to senders and are delivered to recipients without a receipt. These items include private correspondence, greeting cards, various kinds of notices, etc. A standard letter should weigh no more than 20 g (as many as 6 photo cards of 10×15 weigh). If the letter turns out to be harder, then it will be returned to the sender, who will have to pay every 20 grams of excess weight. If the return address is not specified, the letter is sent to the addressee in any case, but he will receive it only in case of additional payment for the excess weight. For simple letters, standard envelopes are provided: 114 x 162 mm and 110 x 220 mm. Envelope thickness – no more than 5 mm. According to the rules, there should not be any money, plastic cards, or valuable documents in the envelope. Multiple photo cards are allowed.

Handwritten letter

Forms, documents, receipts, reports requiring guaranteed delivery are sent by registered mail. Valuable documents (diplomas, certificates, journals, securities, etc.) are sent with valuable letters (declared value letters). The registered written correspondence is accepted from the sender with the issuance of a receipt to him and is delivered to the addressee with a receipt of receipt.

Registered letters (custom or declared value) are sent in envelopes, the maximum dimensions of which are from 110×220 mm or 114×162 mm (standard envelopes) to 229 x 324 mm (large envelopes for A4 format). The maximum weight of such written correspondence should not exceed 100 g. In the event of excess weight, the postal item will be classified as a package (ordered or declared value, respectively).

Registered mail items can be sent with return receipt (simple or customized) and with an attachment list. Registered correspondence before dispatch is presented to the post office operator, the operator weighs the envelope (parcel post) and issues a check with the tracking number of the item. In some cases, a number of additional services are provided, such as filling in an address and drawing up an inventory of investments.

How to speed up delivery

Rule number 1 – always indicate the addressee’s postal code. Letters are sorted automatically using automatic machines that read the index. In the absence of an index, the letter is postponed and sorted manually, and it takes a lot of time.

Handwritten letter

In the information section of our site you can find the indexes of recipients in the city of Tula (by street name).

Rule number 2 – It is also advisable to send simple letters from the post office, rather than from remote street mailboxes. Removal of correspondence from the boxes can be carried out 1-2 times a day. That is, it is likely that the letter will lie there until the next day.

Handwritten letter

Rule number 3. It is always more profitable to send letters from the main post office (according to the delivery time), since in any case all letters from the district post offices go to the main post office for subsequent sorting (with the exception of forwarding within the separation zone).

Address of Tula Post Office: 300000,

Rule number 4. There are so-called first class expedited shipments. Delivery speed is reduced by sorting directly in post offices, bypassing the sorting nodes. For long distances, such items are delivered only by air.

How to track shipments

Upon presentation of a registered item for shipment, a receipt is issued (in the form of a check). In the check, issued when receiving mailing, there is a number of the form: 3000002201115 5, where 300000 is the post office index, 22 is the service number, 01115 is the number of the receipt, 5 is the control number. On the tracking page of shipments on the Russian Post website, you need to enter the entire code without a space,

Rules and the cost of sending letters can be found on the Russian Post website.

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