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Arthrade cream for joints is not only an aid in combating pain in the knees, elbows and back. It is also a drug for the treatment of pathologies of cartilage tissue, which leads to various diseases (arthrosis, osteochondrosis). Many patients have already managed to use Artrade and have avoided the difficult operation of replacing the knee joint with an endoprosthesis. What are you waiting for?

Arthrade – Joint Health Cream

What is Artrade?

This is the development of Russian scientists, who derived a formula of an almost perfect combination of natural components. None of the domestic and European drug with a natural composition has not yet shown such amazing results as Artraid. This is not just a temporary anesthetic of external action: it is also a unique method for the treatment of joint diseases at home.

Artrade was subjected to a variety of clinical and practical trials, during which the main properties of the cream were determined:

  • eliminates hyperemia and swelling in the affected joint;
  • eliminates pain and a characteristic crunch when bending and unbending a joint;
  • eliminates the affected tissue (contributes to its resorption) and restores partially damaged articular cartilage tissue;
  • improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the joints, due to which damaged areas are better supplied with oxygen and micronutrients;
  • improves healing of tissues and bones with injuries;
  • promotes the production of synovial fluid, which serves as a kind of lubricant for better joint mobility;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes, eliminating the main symptoms of their manifestation;
  • prevents the destruction of cartilage tissue and the deposition of salts;
  • returns mobility to joints, and joy to life and the ability to actively move to a person.

Instructions for use

Cream Artreyd is available in tubes of 30 ml. The consistency is thick enough, but not greasy, so it leaves no traces. The cream has a light honey aroma, its main active ingredient is beeswax. You can store the package for a year, but after opening the tube it is advisable to use the product within 2 months, otherwise its natural components may lose their properties.

Applying Artrade is very simple:

Wash your hands after applying the cream Artraid is not necessary. After all, this is an additional prevention for the joints of the hand (fingers, hands). The tool leaves a thin, almost imperceptible film that creates a greenhouse effect and allows active substances to penetrate deep into the tissue, reaching the joints.

The composition of the drug Artreyd

What makes this cream so effective? The unique formula concerning the proportions of the components and the type in which they are contained in the tool, the manufacturer LLC “Zdorov” does not disclose. But the list of natural ingredients is not a secret.

Indications for use

When should you apply Artraid cream? After all, not every person has in his hands the conclusion about the diagnosis associated with inflammation of the joints.


Also Artrade can be used by people who are actively involved in sports. The tool will serve as an excellent prevention of wear of cartilage and the acquisition of diseases in old age.

Contraindications and side effects

It is worth mentioning the contraindications of Arthrade cream. It should not be used by people who are allergic to bee products or to other components of the composition. Otherwise, the tool is absolutely safe and available for adults and children from 7 years. From side effects, only allergic reactions are emitted: reddening of the area of ​​influence, angioedema, watery eyes and other manifestations of allergy to honey and its components.

Hand Allergy Ointment

If you are intolerant of the components of the cream may be allergic to the skin.

Where to buy Artrade?

Today, in the age of information technology, people have long since dropped the question of where to buy this or that medicine or product that is not in pharmacies or stores. Almighty Internet! But in the case of Artrade there is one nuance: it is recommended to order it only on the official website of the manufacturer. Why?

  1. This is a guarantee that you will come a real cream, and not fake.
  2. The site has all the necessary information, contacts, as well as certificates of product quality.
  3. The operator answers your questions around the clock.
  4. You can arrange delivery directly to your home.
  5. Regular promotions and discounts make the purchase of Artraid even nicer and more profitable.

Price – how much is it?

The original price of the manufacturer was 1980 rubles. But today you can easily buy Arthrade cream twice cheaper: 990 rubles each. For Kazakhstan, the cost is 5960 tenge, for Ukraine – 450 hryvnia.

Arthrade – effective cream for the treatment of joints

Such a price tag will seem to someone too high, but you pay for the restoration of your health and, possibly, for the prevention of disability. After all, it is not known how the affected joints will behave in old age. There is a possibility that they will wear out a lot, and you will have to have surgery to install the prosthesis. Or buy crutches. Therefore, Artrade is worth its money.

Questions and answers

Anticipating your questions, we will immediately answer the most popular ones. It is their most often asked operators and forums.

Hand Allergy Ointment

Where are the negative reviews?

There is not a single product in the world that would please everyone. Negative reviews about Artrade are subjective opinions of people, who, by the way, are not always true. Sometimes it is the machinations of competitors, sometimes – the comment of a person who misused the tool or bought it not on the official website.

Are there any analogues in Artraid?

There are no more such effective products with natural composition. But in the pharmacy you can always find an anesthetic rubbing ointment that contains synthetic ingredients. Such external means are not cheap, and the sense of them is zero. Only a temporary effect, which passes as soon as you stop using the drug.

Why not buy this ointment in pharmacies?

First, so that Artrade doesn’t get lost among other creams. Secondly, so that buyers have the opportunity to save money. After all, if Artraid gets into the pharmacy, it will rise in price. And this is of no interest to the manufacturer or the consumer.

Can I buy for 1 ruble?

Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Therefore, it would be strange if such an excellent tool cost the ruble. But if this is an action, but everything is quite possible. Then you get the first package at full price, and the second as a gift at a symbolic cost of 1 ruble.

Sore joints cause disability

Today on the streets you can often see people with crutches, walking sticks or walkers. And this is not only older people. The problem of pathologies of cartilage joints is very relevant, so young people also often receive a third or even second disability group due to disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

More and more young people face diseases of the joints.

What does this mean? The fact that you need to take care of your joints in your youth, consuming jelly and curd, as well as additionally using some external means. And it’s good if Arderade natural cream becomes “somehow”. It is useful at any stage of the development of joint diseases.

Artrade reviews

“I did not think that the joints would start failing me at that age. But the hard work gave the result: the knees began to hurt wildly. The doctor said that it is too early to perform the operation, but it cannot be avoided. And what was his surprise when after 3 months he saw improvements. And Arderade with beeswax helped me to restore my knees. Ordered on the Internet, enjoyed a month, then another month. I advise everyone”.

“The son pulled his leg on the street and was upset that he could not go to the tourist camp. It was necessary to urgently restore the joints, and I decided to try Artrade. Smeared his son twice a day, did massage. In 2 weeks my boy was completely strong and went to the camp. ”

Nina Mikhailovna, pensioner:

“The good news is that Arthrade cream is produced in Russia. And I trust only domestic drugs. Artrade is my favorite. I wear it almost completely, because everything hurts: my legs, back, and fingers. I can not say that I feel for 18 years, but I took off my godkov 10 for sure. ”

Opinion of doctors

It is always interesting what the doctors say about this or that drug. How do they speak about Arthrade cream?


“Artraid cream for joint repair is a reliable assistant in the fight against cartilage pathologies. It really helps to improve the function of articular joints, by improving the quality of synovial fluid and relieving inflammation. Allergy sufferers should note that the composition contains bee production products. ”


“About the drug Artrade learned recently. There are no synthetic components in its composition, but natural substances quite successfully cope with their main function: removal of pain and elimination of crunch. I haven’t seen any natural analogues of Artraid, so the tool can be called unique. ”

In the treatment of joint diseases, you need to use the tool that helps and does not cripple and does not provoke new sores. There is such a tool for today – this is Artraid. And everyone who has arthritis, arthritis and other similar illnesses should definitely try this cream. It certainly won’t be worse, but then you will tell about your improvements in the comments. The main thing is to purchase the original, and for this you need to go to the official site.

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