Halloween decorations do it yourself

The original decorated showcase against the background of a bright yellow wall will not leave indifferent any buyer.

A showcase is the face of every store; this is what the buyer sees first. That is why any self-respecting brand is so careful about window dressing. Large international companies have a whole staff of professional merchandisers for window dressing – window dressers. These people develop the concept of each shop window, focusing on many factors, analyze sales, demand, and customer needs. The storefronts of the clothing, colors and bedding stores look different, however, they all follow the general rules of style and sales.


  • Clothing store shelves
  • Showcases of children’s stores
  • Showcase of bedding shops
  • Flower shop windows
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The showcase captures the process of creating a wedding image

Bright catchy showcase

Unusual interesting showcase attracts the attention of buyers

Elegantly decorated showcase clothing store

Original advertising store sneakers

The brighter and extraordinary the showcase will be – the more chances to attract buyers

Three mannequins under a huge hat – in the window of the men’s clothing store

Showcase for men’s shoes

Halloween decorations do it yourself

“Perevyrtysh” – marketing piece clothing store

Flower shop window always looks fresh and elegant

Creative unusual storefront

Mustache mannequins in jackets on the shop window of men’s clothing store

“Sweet” and seductive storefront

On the shop window you can create a whole separate world.

Bright background and creative plot – the key to successful display advertising

Gentle and elegant greeting card store design

Fabulous story on the showcase of a clothing store

Layout of goods and window dressing are engaged in merchandisers

Bright supply of handbags in the window

Clothing store shelves

Making the window of a clothing store is a whole science. Everyone understands that the face of the institution should be beautiful and stylishly decorated. But this is not enough. The buyer should want to go to this store and purchase this particular item from the dummy. With a properly designed storefront design, things dressed in mannequins are sold out the fastest.

Mannequins with pineapples instead of heads – a bright chip to attract customers

Gentle window dressing

Unusual showcase clothing store

Bright and stylish showcase clothing store and perfume

There are two main types of window dressing for a clothing store:

  1. Product clearance. This is a simple and elegant option to arrange a shop window. It should be presented dummies (or hangers) with well thought out images. Buyers are attracted by the total look – the mannequin should represent a ready-made outfit from clothes and shoes to the smallest accessories. Then the buyer will want to buy this kit completely. This means that the outfit on the mannequin should be not only ultrafashionable, but also “wearable”, applicable in real life in a particular city. What is at the height of fashion in the capital may not always be appropriate in a small provincial town. Therefore, window wizard dresser should take into account the geography of their work.

It is desirable that the mannequins in the window had a thoughtful, complete image.

Shop bags and shoes with the original showcase

Shoes “flows out of the crane” – defiantly and courageously

  1. Subject design. A real mastery is considered if the merchandiser creates a real life scene in the window, gives his characters characters and fills them with real history. Story windows are more emotional, with the help of them it is much easier to find a response from the buyer. For example, New Year’s showcases of clothing stores – this is a real fairy tale. You can simply wear a mannequin in a beautiful evening dress, and you can create a real scene from a Christmas movie. Much more interesting are the groups of mannequins with decorations. In clothing stores for children and adults it is more appropriate to use male, female and children’s mannequins in one window. Beautiful scenery will help complement the story.

On the shop window you can “beat” the plot or recreate a frame from the movie

Magic winter tale on the shop window

Scuba Diver Story – fun window dressing

Incredibly beautifully designed showcase

Sale windows are different from those that decorate stores in the season. They should be more catchy, bright, eye catching. To attract attention, use bright banners and ribbons with price tags. As a rule, the maximum percentage of the current discount is put on the shop window.

Usually information about the sale of emit on the shop window in red

Halloween decorations do it yourself

There are other rules for window dressing for clothing stores:

  1. Mannequins, all decorations and clothing must be in perfect condition. Crystal purity is necessary on the showcase; dust from the dummies should be regularly cleaned. All things must be stripped. Since the dummy is not a living person, there is no guarantee that the clothes fit him perfectly. In inconspicuous places clothes pin up pins.

The clothes on the mannequin can be fastened with pins.

Using the inverted figures in the window – take care of their secure attachment

  1. The light must be set correctly and directed to the central part of the dummy (on the chest). If there are other important elements in the window (banners, posters with prices), the light should be directed to them.

Creative display light

On such a showcase, you can use the imitation of moonlight

  1. Storefront can not litter. A sense of measure, style and elegance – the most important for shop windows. So a positive opinion will be made about the store, and the showcase will not look like a “flea market”.

Halloween decorations do it yourself

Gentle decorated showcase

Bright creative minimalism

  1. The overall concept is important. Showcase – only part of the store. It must fully support the overall style and level of the whole brand.

As a rule, a shop window and shop are made in the same style.

Lingerie store window

  1. Do not be afraid of bold decisions. Often, things that are not taken by customers get a new life if they are dressed on a mannequin. Original combinations can look fashionable and stylish, if you are not afraid to mix clothes with each other.

Creative design in window dressing – mannequins in cups with ice cream

Boldly and extravagantly – mannequins in “clothes” with a flag pattern

Showcases of children’s stores

Making a showcase for a baby shop should meet the same requirements as a storefront with adult clothes – to attract attention and stimulate the desire to purchase.

Additional objects and decorations can be added to the mannequins in the shop window.

Children’s stores have brighter and more colorful storefronts, subject design is more often used, because children are much more interested in watching dummies in a fairytale scene.

Creatively decorated showcase of a children’s store

Many global brands for the production of children’s clothing decorate windows in the same style and manner as adult stores: strictly, discreetly and elegantly. Such showcases are more aimed at parents, they are pleased to see their small copies, children who are dressed “in an adult way”. Another type of children’s display cases is a celebration of colors and accessories, they are aimed at attracting children’s attention.

“As an adult”, the window of a children’s clothing store is strictly and elegantly decorated.

The choice of window style depends only on the concept of the brand. There are some general rules calling for a golden mean:

  • To showcase did not look too colorful, you do not need to use more than three primary colors.

Creative idea – baby clothes floating in the air

  • Do not overload the window with goods, accessories and decorations.
  • The use of bright price tags is welcome.
  • Children’s mannequins should be neatly dressed. It is better to use live, mobile poses, so that mannequins do not look static and look more like living children.

Interesting storefront display of school supplies

The showcase should attract attention, fascinate at first glance.

  • Dolls and stuffed toys are better placed on shelves or pedestals, no need to hang them up. Large toys can be placed directly on the floor.

On the shop window of a Barbie brand shop – huge mannequin dolls

  • Imagine toys fully assembled, all goods must be removed from the boxes. Beautiful branded packaging can be placed next to the goods.
  • In the children’s clothing store windows should be made out by age (babies, toddlers, schoolchildren), it is undesirable to mix age with each other.

An original fun showcase with a cow inviting a peek into the store.

The watch shop is presented in the showcase of “clockwork girls”

  • As in any store, children’s display cases should change several times a season.

It is not necessary to use a dummy in the window – you can replace it with something more original and unusual.

“Flying” multicolored bikes will surely attract the attention of children and their parents

Showcase of bedding shops

The design of the front of the bedding shop is not similar to the design of clothing stores. Of course, the showcase should catch the eye and encourage the buyer to purchase, but in the case of bedding and household goods, this is done by other methods.

Window dressing should be extraordinary and exciting.

Shops with household utensils and linens are designed primarily for women. They should evoke thoughts of home comfort and peace. In the window dressing, soft pastel colors are used: pink, powdery, beige, cream, milky, caramel and

Lingerie store window

You can also offer other household goods at the textile store.

Almost always, the exposure of bedding is right on the bed. It is difficult to sell bedding, showing it to the buyer when folded in a box. The color scheme for the shop window is selected based on the color of the main set presented. Making a showcase with bedding is a real creative process for any merchandiser. You can feel like an interior designer and create a small unique bedroom.

Bed linen in the store should be placed directly on the bed.

Flower shop windows

Window dressing of a flower shop is an opportunity to create a holiday mood. Flower shops should please their customers regardless of the season and the weather outside the window. This is a small piece of warm summer in the center of the metropolis. Flower shop windows should be as bright and cheerful as possible. But do not forget about style.

The purpose of the storefront – to “cling”, to attract the attention of the buyer

The window dressing of the flower shop has its own small nuances:

  1. If real flowers are used for decoration, the showcase should have a special temperature regime and sufficient lighting, otherwise the exposure will have to be changed every day.

Original flower arrangement in the shop window

  1. All racks, shelves and fixtures must be stable to withstand heavy flower arrangements, pots of soil or vases of water.
  2. Tanks for storing flowers (pots, pots and vases) must be made in the same style and have a perfect appearance. The old pot has no place in the window of a stylish store.

Beautiful, delicate window decoration flower shop

  1. The glass elements and accessories look beautiful in a flower showcase – shelves, flasks, vases, they make the composition weightless and light. Watch the appearance of the glass – it must be perfectly clean and transparent

Winter composition on the shop window of a flower shop

5. In addition to the colors, the storefront should be complemented with accessories – artificial flowers, branches, cones and other decorative elements.

6. In the showcase may be additional goods: cards, beautiful paper, ribbons, toys and

Themed and holiday windows with flowers look most impressive: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, March 8, and even Halloween – this is a great opportunity to make a bright story window display. The abundance of accessories will look very interesting: animal figurines, angels, hearts, pumpkins, bows and ribbons, candy boxes, Christmas decorations and much more. Flower shop windows always give people a sense of celebration.

The entrance to the store is decorated with bright fresh flowers.

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