Girls’ hair

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Girls' hair

The essence of the master class

Schoolchildren try different variants and styles, experimenting with models of shawls and stoles. Working with different colors is not only interesting, but also contributes to the development of a sense of taste. This master class provides girls with the opportunity to try on the image of the “Oriental beauty”, and boys, the opportunity to turn into “desert kings”, dressed in arafatka (men’s headdress, popular in Arab countries).

Description of the master class

Mirror. Crystal overflows, cold marble and bright oriental pattern. Girl conjures at the mirror. Hair hiding under the silk cover, in the hands of the master the handkerchief comes to life, takes on exquisite forms. And before us Scheherazade!

Girls' hair

Eastern culture and traditions attract so many people who want to touch the antiquity, to find in it something original and wise. Many modern Muslim girls would like to learn how to properly tie a scarf, and in several ways, to be able to wear it, while always remaining beautiful and attractive. To master this art, it is best to attend the master class “The Art of Wearing a Scarf”, which is held at the Museum of Islamic Culture, located inside the Kazan Kremlin complex.

It should be noted that every true Muslim woman is obliged to wear a headdress in the form of a special headscarf, which confirms her belief in Islam. In addition to the religious purpose of the headscarf, he also performs a practical role, covering the woman’s head from the hot sun, protecting it from wind and dust, so traditionally girls wore such hats. It is interesting to note that there are dozens of ways to tie a scarf, and these skills have traditionally been passed down from generation to generation.

Taking into account the active development of fashion and progress, today often this chain of continuity is lost, and not all Muslim women are able to do this. That is why in the museum systematically began to conduct workshops, the main task of which is not only to show the beauty of women’s hats, but also the desire to teach many women this work. For many, this is extremely interesting, therefore, as a rule, many people want to come and look at this kind of work, not only tourists, but also native residents of Kazan.

Under the skillful guidance of a master, each woman can master the art of tying a headscarf, which has an amazing variety. Regardless of the type of headgear and the method of tying it, it is very important that hair is not visible from under it, and this is not easy to achieve. Fortunately, with diligence, every girl, girl or woman may well master this art.

The terms of participation

  • By appointment
  • From 6 years old
  • Duration: 45 minutes

Ticket price: 500 rubles (group up to 10 people), 1000 rubles (group from 11 to 20 people)

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