Gifts for February 23 with their own hands photo

February holidays are an excellent opportunity to try cardmaking and make themed postcards by February 23 with your own hands for men (guys, husbands, dads, grandfathers, brothers, work colleagues, etc.)

If earlier the card was a mandatory attribute when presenting a more worthwhile gift, then at present the handmade card may well act as the main gift. Cardmaking (the art of making cards) is very popular these days. Many needlewomen with interest take up the creation of postcards, because the materials and tools are available to almost everyone, and the ideas and step-by-step master classes help to make beautiful postcards even for beginners.

Cards for February 23 in the technique of cutting

Cards in the technique of cutting are good because they do not require a large amount of materials and tools, like Scrapbooking. At least 2 things are needed here: the paper from which the postcard will be made, and the stationery knife with a new, sharp blade.

To get started, print out the template for the postcard below:

Then put it on decorative paper (not very thick textured cardboard is fine) and transfer the picture, drawing a outline on the template, pressing the pencil a little harder than when writing.

Then use a stationery knife to cut through all the solid lines from which the pattern is formed. There is no need to cut along the dotted line – this is a fold line!

At the end, fold the postcard along the fold line and decorate with a tag with the cherished date “February 23”.

Postcard in the Scrapbooking technique with a homemade camouflage background

You can not ignore the Scrapbooking, because it gives such a room for creativity! In addition, if you have the necessary minimum of materials, then you definitely want to make postcards by February 23 with a camouflage background, as Svetlana Moskaleva did!

She also shares her experience in creating a homemade camouflage background. For this you need:

  • paper for drawing or drawing paper
  • ink for tinting (beige, brown, gray, green and black)

If you have ink in other colors, use them. You can even pick them up depending on the type of troops, for example, in blue.

  • ink pad
  • stationery knife
  • pencil

It is necessary to begin to tint a sheet from the lightest shade of ink (in this case it is beige) and gradually move to a darker one. The ink pad is applied with light circular motions or motions resembling the infinity sign.

Then a shade of darker (brown) exactly the same movements apply the second layer of ink, while trying to fill the white space, so that as a result of the entire background was toned.

Green ink is the third color. Apply it over the previous colors, while giving the green areas a slightly elongated shape.

The intervals between the green color is tinted with gray ink:

And then brown, brighter:

The background is almost ready, it remains to add a few black spots.

Let’s start creating stencils that will be needed in the work. To do this, on paper, draw a few shapes that look like regular blots and cut them with a knife or scissors. Do not throw away the “blots” after cutting!

Randomly apply the prepared stencils to the previously tinted background, and using the same pad, apply ink of the same colors, starting from light ones and gradually turning to dark ones.

Gifts for February 23 with their own hands photo

As a result, get something like this background:

Very camouflage, right? :) Using it as a basis for a card, as well as for cutting out individual elements, you can make a very stylish, and most importantly thematic card by February 23!

This background can be used to create labels that are attached to the gift box.

How do you like the idea to use a real camouflage fabric in a scrap card? Decorative paper as a base, 2-3 thematic pictures, a pair of camouflage patches, splits and … a fancy greeting card is ready! “Cross” guarantees: any man will like this one, even someone who has never sat in a tank (they all play computer games!)))

The author – Korzhik, made a postcard for a brother who is just keen on computer games)

Well, another postcard in the Scrapbooking technique, which will appeal to those who are just starting to master this type of needlework. Buy beautiful paper, a few brads and buttons, cut and glue a postcard according to this template.

The author – Berta, made a postcard for his son

Postcard in the technique of Quilling

We will not bypass Quilling. Strips of colored paper can, if desired, be formed into very interesting postcards!

In this case, the numbers are pasted on top of the pattern laid out in the Quilling technique. But according to the author’s advice, if the numbers are a white paper frame, you first need to glue them, and then fill them inside with the basic elements of Quilling.

For wallpaper, use items such as roll, open heart, horns, s-roll, v-roll, and chain.

Photo of Quilling elements from the site

For lovers of travel or men serving in the fleet, you can make just such an interesting postcard:

Instead of the usual decorative paper here is very well used card! You can find a fragment of the map, which shows the place of service of your man or just a country or city significant for him.

And the elements of quilling here are the following: “eye” – for the sails and the base of the ship, “triangle” – for the flag.

Postcards for “not military”

There are already few people who are surprised by postcards in the form of men’s shirts and jackets, this idea has become too widespread, although it is certainly interesting. And if you like it, then most likely you will appreciate this postcard option:

It is done very simply: in fact, you only need to pick up the paper in the same style and cut out rectangles from it, and then paste it onto the basis for the postcard. The “tie” is tied with a satin ribbon, the tip is fused above the candle so that the ribbon does not crumble.

But such a postcard with a pocket is ideal if, in addition to the postcard, a man is scheduled to present a certificate in the form of a plastic card. In this case, it fits perfectly in the pocket.

Cool postcards for February 23

And finally, 4 postcards for lovers of humor) They are really very funny, see for yourself))

Gifts for February 23 with their own hands photo

The author – Irina (Iren)

There are a lot of ideas for postcards, so enough for all your relatives, friends and the closest representatives of the opposite sex) Good luck in your work!

The author of the article is Anna Ganzhina (Anna-Maria)

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