For children with their own hands

Gnome costume – It is an essential attribute of childhood for almost every boy. About this we are reminded of different family photos. In kindergartens, children are dressed in different characters, but the gnome’s costume will always remain universal. And if you were able to buy or sew this outfit, then deliver the child a lot of joy.

After all, you can not take off your own suit all day long, it’s waiting under the Christmas tree for gifts and being photographed with all the relatives.

We offer you, dear readers, gnome costume design tips: • It is advisable to approach the dwarf suit more thoroughly. To do this, read the fairy tale about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and watch cartoons (Soviet and Disney). Discuss the nature of the characters and their costumes. If the child likes one of the characters, then you can add to the image a distinctive element of the selected gnome.

For children with their own hands

• Suit top. You can choose a color plain shirt. Vest cut and sew with an old checkered rug.

• Be sure to belt with a big buckle. You can take a grandmother’s brooch, and you can make yourself out of cardboard and foil. Then decorate with beads or buttons.

• The cap can be sewn with a long lapel, and put cotton into it. For the versatility of the headdress, a rubber band can be inserted into the edge. Fabric to choose at home: from a t-shirt, knitted sweater. The main thing in the cap – color. You can decorate with artificial curls of thread and a beard with an elastic band.

• Nose from a piece of foam rubber on a thin elastic band.

• Bottom suit. You can not sew, and take any ready-made pants. Even a small size will look better if you decorate the bottom with ribbon and bow.

• Shoes. Any shoes, and fasten the cardboard buckles from above, into which to insert bows of tapes or jammed paper.

• Striped stockings are a must-have gnome attribute.

• Grim. Allowing the little gnome to improve the costume by tinting the cheeks and nose with rouge.

For children with their own hands

• In the hands of the gnomes wore a stick with a bundle. It can also be done by yourself. To clean a stick previously, and to make a small bundle from fabric and newspapers (cotton wool) in the middle.

Our son’s first suit was this one and he consciously wore it already in 2 years. And since the pattern was universal, the outfit was useful for 3 years. When the son grew up, we created other costumes that helped him play different characters.

How we made a gnome costume

1. Pattern gnome costume (for children 2-4 years) drawn according to this drawing.

2. Calculated fabric consumption. This is the length of the pants + 8cm (allowance) + vest length + 2cm (allowance) = 45 + 8 + 30 + 2 = 85cm. You can round up to a meter with a cloth width of 1.5m. To decorate the edges of the vest and cap, we chose strips of fur 4cm wide (together with an allowance) and a length of 0.36 + 0.50 + 0.05 + 0.36 + 0.36 + 1.45 = 3.08m

3.2 m If the width of the fur blade is 1.5 m, then 12 cm is required. It’s better to buy a little more right away.

3. Chose the material: stretch velvet blue, synthetic white fur. I also needed a thin ribbon (0.5m) for tying a vest and an elastic band.

4. When cutting, the direction of the warp thread was taken into account. It runs along the edge. In the drawing marked double-sided arrow. Allowances along the contour of parts 1cm. Only on the top and bottom of the pants – 4 cm (for the elastic).

5. We sewed pants (a) Lay each piece individually with the face and swept the trouser legs. Stitched, removed the mark and processed edges. (b) Laying the details of the face with the face, putting one leg in another. Swept along the lines of the seat, stitched, took out the draft and processed sections. (c) To cut the top and bottom of the pants with a seam in the hem, leaving a 1.5-2 cm wide “passage” for the elastic.

(d) Insert the gum.

By the way, the pants were useful to us in the future when creating a musketeer costume.

6. We sewed a vest (a) Put the front parts of the vest on the back, aligning the shoulder and side seams. Swept, stitched, took out a clue and processed sections. (b) Sewed strings. (c) Sheathed along the contour of the vest and along the armhole line with fur stripes.

7. Sewing a cap (a) Sew a tail from a small piece of fur on the edge of the cap. (b) Fold the face in the middle along the side seam. Sweep, stitch, take a clue and process cuts. (c) Treat the edge of the cap with a strip of fur (see sewing a vest).

8. Sewing mittens (a) Fold the parts on the finger face with the face. Sheathe the contour. Unscrew. (b) Insert a finger between two parts: the top and bottom. Sew along the connection line, but not in the place of the finger (the finger will not fit if you sew). You can manually sew parts of your finger to one part and to another. (c) Fold the face of the mitten with the face and sheathe it around the contour. Process slices. (d) Cut the edges of the mittens with strips of fur. There is also the option of processing the edge with a rubber band or oblique bake, as in mittens from a telepub costume.

For children with their own hands

The idea of ​​our costume is taken from the purchase sets. He dressed for a holiday with white tights and turtleneck. In this ensemble gnome costume looks more elegant.

A simpler version of the production of a gnome attire can be found in our article “Carnival costumes from square flaps”.

If you do not have time to make a costume with your own hands, then there is always the opportunity to look after and buy ready-made outfit in online stores.

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