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The word “home” I call the anniversary purely conditional, meaning that you are planning to organize a holiday yourself. The participation of a professional presenter is refused for two reasons – for the sake of saving money, or you simply do not want to invite a stranger to a family celebration.

I will say right away that I will not describe any contests from the leading repertoire, since most of them are based on the charisma and artistry of a particular presenter. Often, complex props are required, which you need to buy or make yourself. A special musical or sound selection is needed for the assignments (a prepared DJ includes it at the right moment). An experienced presenter knows how to captivate and stir up guests, quickly finds a way out in an unusual situation and has checked jokes in baggage that he easily inserts during pauses and hitches.

For home jubilee, all this fun is not suitable. And who knows better than you those guests who will come to congratulate you on an important holiday. It is quite possible that no one will like any contests and banal poems at all.

I collected a selection of creative assignments for guests that are easy to organize. In memory will remain funny photos, souvenirs and even art objects made by guests.

All red underlined words and phrases will lead you to articles with details, do not be lazy to open!


I want to remind you that now there are excellent finished products for quick holiday decoration (look in the stores “All for the holiday” and “Merry Mind”). Paper decor can be delicate or very bright – it all depends on the choice of colors.

In just a few minutes, even a large room can be decorated with pompoms, phantoms, paper lanterns, accordions, lanterns, honeycombs, tassels and stars. Open links – there are many examples in pictures.

All this is attached to the walls and ceiling with special clips and hooks of the “commands” – they are easily removed from all surfaces, except paper wallpaper.

Just in case the prices of the main elements of the balls (we work in Moscow), call!

It is very important to pay attention to the design of the apartment or the banquet room for photographing guests. You have enough photos from past anniversaries on the background of curtains, wallpaper and cabinets! Let there be beautiful frames on the background of a special banner or a beautiful wall with flowers, ribbons, phantoms and

Stock up some funny tendon-stick mustaches, interesting photo-shoots (glasses, hats, bright boas). Such pictures are very funny and bright. Ready-made kits are also available at holiday stores.

If you are in Moscow, we can organize an exit photo studio, a reporting or portrait shooting of the hero of the day and all the guests. Here is more.

This is some kind of action about which all guests of the holiday are notified, but for the hero of the occasion until the last moment it remains a mystery.

For example, you can ask everyone to bring a bouquet of flowers only in white. Or, besides the bouquet, ask to take one red balloon with helium with you. Trifle, but the hero of the day all this makes an impression. Some guests came with balls, then others, and others … If there are 5 people in the family, everyone should have the ball! At some point in the middle of the holiday, all go out to make a wish with the launch of the balls.

You can also agree that during the dances all the poppers with rose petals will be distributed to all men, and they will shower the birthday girl from head to toe with silk leaves (on command, you can cover the man with cash bills – there are such poppers).

Lottery with prizes

Everyone loves the lottery. Everything! Come up with nice prizes that you give to some lucky ones during the holiday. To organize a lottery, just take a small round vase (aquarium) and ask for thick cards to write or draw a kind greeting for the hero of the day and write your name. At some point, announce the prize draw. Draw cards, read aloud wishes or comment on pictures, award winners.

If there are children at the party, make a separate vase for them and “accidentally” pull out all the cards. All kinder, otherwise there will be tears)).

Collective gift to the hero of the day

Guests are going to the anniversary gradually, therefore, I recommend captivating the most punctual with one common creative activity. Here are the options (all this can last until the last minute of the celebration during pauses):

The overall picture for the hero of the day

Now sold finished canvases on a stretcher. You only need to ask a person with artistic abilities to come up with a plot of fun coloring about the hero of the occasion. Next to the canvas, put a jar of paint and invite guests to paint areas of the picture. In the end should be a collective masterpiece, which will remain for a long memory.

Hearts Magnets

All is simple too. Wooden blanks for pennies are sold in stores for creativity. Magnetic tapes on double-sided tape – too. Set up a separate table with colors so that guests can create unique greeting magnets for you.

If you do not want guests to use colors, invite them to make a collage about the hero of the day. For this you need a large sheet of drawing paper attached to a wall or some kind of board. And next put a lot of clippings from glossy magazines. Beautiful houses, cars, models, bright accessories (bags, jewelry, gloves, shoes), perfume and

If your guests have a good imagination, a cool collage with a wish “good luck, health, love and wealth” will remain in memory. People themselves sometimes make such “wish cards”, on the Internet you will find many examples.

World map with tags

Also interesting is a gift for a hero of the day. Especially relevant if you invited guests from different countries to the anniversary. For example, someone flew in from America, Israel, or a European country. Hang up a map on which guests will mark their city with special stickers. Great!

However, if all relatives and friends live in the same city, hang a map of the city. Let the guests mark their house or street. Also clearly!


Demonstration of a series of photos with funny comments is always a great success. Yes, you will need to tinker a bit, but the result can be viewed repeatedly and repeated at the next home anniversary after many years.

Historical excursion

Each person has especially valuable photographs that evoke vivid emotions and warm memories. It is from these frames that you can make a presentation for the hero of the day. Walking with mom in a stroller, fishing with dad, in class with friends, on a swing with your girlfriend, wedding shots, birth of a firstborn, family New Year’s meetings and

Especially guests like photos in which they recognize themselves alongside the hero of the occasion.

Old holidays

Make such a presentation in the event that you meet with the same people for many years in a row on different occasions. Imagine you remind guests of warm gatherings 30 years ago! Then a meeting of the New Year 20 years ago, a picnic in nature 10 years ago and

Musical tasks

I throw ideas with thematic blocks. When you compile a script for your home anniversary, alternate between tasks of different types, so that there is no monotony. Now I give several musical ideas at once.

Scenario “With a song for life”

The idea of ​​such a scenario for home jubilee I published here in this article. If the hero of the day loved the program “Song of the Year” and still listens to “Retro fm” with pleasure, feel free to take up the preparation of such a holiday. There will be a bright dance-song marathon of the most deadly hits, selected specifically for the birthday.

Choir “boys” and “girls”

I will say straight away – no modern person knows the words of songs from beginning to end. Therefore, choose two songs that are easy to sing in chorus, print the words in large print and distribute to the choirs.

First, call “on the stage” all the girls from 2 to 82 years. Let them perform something very famous, even though “We wish you happiness.” I do not advise you to include minus one – very few people fall into it without rehearsals. Let Stas Namin sing the whole song together as your guests.

Then invite the boys of all-all. Even babies. Let them sing something manly.

Children’s noise band

Give children the opportunity to congratulate the hero of the day. We have no time for rehearsals, so feel free to organize with them a cheerful racket band with improvised materials. I wrote about what kind of “instruments” and what kind of music to take here.

Unusual concert

There are people who love to speak at such holidays. Sing songs, alterations, read poems, play the guitar, dance and even show tricks. This entire concert can be prepared by you in advance. After all, you know that people still want to perform something, everything will just be without a hitch or pause. Prepare backing tracks or bookmark karaoke sites, check speakers for loud sound, put a guitar next to it, find accessories for children’s performances and

Foot weights

If before each performance you make an original announcement of the number, everything will be generally professional!

Unexpected character

You can persuade one of the guests to appear in an unusual way. The appearance of a bright character always cheers the audience. They take pictures with him, dance and hug.

You can rent a life-size puppets suit. You can wear a funny inflatable costume (they are sold and rented). Even just the unexpected appearance of a character in a mask with a cloud of balls attracts the attention of children and adults.

Let there be a merry jubilee congratulation, a funny dance in a huge costume and a gift of balloons to the guests. Fun!

Moment of poetry

I once was at a birthday party where guests read not primitive poems of congratulations found on the Internet, but beautiful poems by famous poets. How beautiful it was! Of course, everything was “on a piece of paper”, but very, very cool.

We divide long poems into quatrains and distribute to guests. They read with great diligence, wondering what beautiful words can be made up about a woman, about love, about loyalty and happiness. Pushkin, Lenmontov, Yesenin, Tsvetaeva, Shakespeare’s sonnets and

By the way, if you want to have fun, take the “Gariki” Igor Guberman. He has so many spectacular quatrains that it is possible to make an individual selection for each hero of the day.

Dance battle

This happens in the second half of the holiday, when guests have a desire to get up from the table and warm up. The charismatic host of the organization of the dance battle turns out very impressive, but you and I need to do with minimal effort. It is best to divide the guests into 4 groups and invite them to pull out of the “hat” a piece of paper with the name of the dance. There is no need to speak out loud – we just give teams the opportunity to prepare themselves morally and remember the basic movements. We are recording 4 dances, for example: rock and roll, gypsy, latin, hop-hop. Each group dances one dance in the center, and all the other guests make a big circle and support. In the apartment this will not work, so the teams dance just in turn.

It would be nice to distribute some accessories – funny plastic glasses, bandanas, scarves, beads and

A large inflatable figure looks spectacular among the dancers (they are called “walkers”). They are inflated with helium, and weights are in the legs. The figure moves from the air flow, so it seems that this is another dancer on the anniversary.

If such a dance battle is difficult to organize, let your guests even dance around in honor of the birthday man.

Time capsule with promises

Promises of a birthday boy or hero of the day can, of course, be made in words. But if all this is written down on paper and put in a beautiful box, which you will discover and check on your next anniversary, promises take on a special meaning. Especially this kind of entertainment is liked by older people who have many favorite children and grandchildren. Young people hardly find time for good trifles.

We write promises in advance on sheets of paper and give every guest, even the smallest, an opportunity to draw out his “fant.” You can simply pass the hat with the notes around the guests sitting at the table.

What could it be? “Call (here the name of the hero of the day) every Monday” (Tuesday, Wednesday and

Everything should be very specific: “Invite to visit once a month”, “Invite to the theater or to the cinema”, “Come in for tea on the second Sunday of every month”, “Walk around the park in any weather every third Saturday of the month”, “Invite in the cafe “Lakomka”, “Dress up the Christmas tree before the New Year”, “Help to collect apples in the country” and

Master Classes for Guests

Often at events held such workshops, where guests themselves make a gift in memory of the holiday. Some complex products (such as handmade chocolates) do not plot. But the gingerbread painting is quite possible to organize, and not only children like to do it.

To do this, put an additional table and chairs for 4-5 people (gingerbread can be painted alternately). In special stores in almost every city, gingerbread cakes are sold in various shapes (just blanks without decorations) and bags of multicolored glaze. There is also a beautiful topping and packaging.

On how to paint the gingerbread, you can look at the videos

Selfie with a hero of the day

Immediately declare what each guest should do with the hero of the day selfie. It is better to allocate for these purposes a separate smartphone, so that all the frames were together, otherwise you will not interrogate later.

I once organized this, and was grateful to myself for this idea. This is so cool! Then you can make a collage and hang a poster in a frame. You can simply view the footage with the cheerful faces of the guests.

These are all ideas that I wanted to describe today. If I remember something, I will definitely add it. As usual, please write additions in the comments! Let all the people of our country have fun!

Interesting! very cool and plenty of space for your ideas! Thank you I was looking for exactly what I found only here! I will try to translate (husband 50)&# 128079;&# 128079;&# 128079;

Thank. Very interesting. I’m preparing my husband’s anniversary. Ideas come in handy.

Many thanks for interesting ideas! Rarely where on the Internet you can find really valuable tips! On your site this way!

Irina, thank you so much for your ideas! I am preparing my grandfather’s anniversary! Your advice ideas are very useful.

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