Finger twitches

For some time, as I was about twelve years old, I began to like my own cock. Well, do not fuck, rather a fuck. In a standing position the size of an adult’s finger. And yet I liked him. Before, I somehow did not pay much attention to him. Well, there is. All the boys and men have. He pulled out, piss and hid. What else is it for?

For some time, when he got up, the shukrka, which was previously tight-fitting to the head, began to move backwards. A red head appeared from under it, and the harder the dick became, pouring in blood, the redder it became. At that time, touching him was given by a discharge of electricity in the body and some aching lump in his throat. From these touches a drop of clear liquid appeared on the end. And my main pride – red hair began to break through on the pubis. Yet rare and small, but sufficient for pride. Sometimes at night he began to surprise me in the form of soiled pants.

I liked being alone to undress and admire my new toy. I could consider it for a long time, although what was there to consider? He could stroke for a long time, pulling the skin on the head and again releasing it. Touch, stroke. I didn’t jerk off and even didn’t connect my night wet dreams with this case. If only once I had finished, caressing myself. It’s not meant to be. Rather, the opposite effect. Dick lost a significant amount of sensitivity and then, in adulthood, I surprised my wife and other women with the duration of sexual intercourse.

Waiting until the younger sister, with whom we shared a single room for two, zapit, habitually threw back the blanket, pulled off his pants and gave himself up to his hobby. I got carried away and therefore the voice of my sister came out of the clear sky

– What are you doing?

Frightened by throwing a blanket over himself, the panties were no longer tight, hissed

– Nothing. Sleep come on!

She is a ghost in a huge nightie, glasses from the bed and came up to me.

And she demanded a blanket from me.

– Leave me alone I won’t show you anything.

– Should I call my mother?

This youngster, a year younger than me, openly engaged in blackmail. Mentally wishing her every kind "blessings"vowing revenge on occasion, allowed me to pull the blanket off me. Having created indecency, this bitch climbed onto my bed and bent over my pride.

– Pussy stroking? And the folder has more.

– How do you know?

– I saw when he wrote. I went to the toilet at night, and he wrote there. That saw.

– And what have you seen?

– I saw earrings.

– Which Earrings?

– Aunt Grunin.

– From where Did he show you?

– Irke showed. I’ll tell you what.

This artist took a pause, waiting for the interest of the listener and his questions.

– Only you to anyone. Beware

My sister crawled under my blanket, pressed her lips to her ear and began to tell. We almost covered our heads, but my underpants were so crumpled somewhere in the area below the legs, because I lay naked.

– We played in the barn at Aunt Grunya. Do you know the barn?

I would not know the place of our regular games. Grunya’s aunt was not against it, only promised that if we try to make a fire and burn its structure, it will open our ears, heads and arms and legs.

– Do you know the side of the canopy?

And I knew the canopy. There, after the bath, Aunt Grunya and her friend took five drops.

– Here Irka and Earring hid there. They thought that nobody sees them, and we saw.

Finger twitches

– Further, then what happened?

– Irka took off her panties and Shackle touched her pussy. Then he says: Er, there are bumps on the floor! Irka says it will hurt. And he says: I will anoint.

Finger twitches

– And what’s next?

– Can I puss your pussy?

– Sly. Press and that’s it.

– No, I want to touch.

It was very interesting, what did Seryozhka do with Irka and what kind of floor was it. To hell with him, let him touch

– Okay, touch it. And tell me.

The sister in a businesslike manner took the dick in her hand, hugged him tightly and continued.

– Irka got up not all fours .. Oh! She is growing!

– Your pussy grows. I took, and she grows.

– Doura, she gets up. Men always have that.

I boldly counted myself among the peasants. The warmth and gentleness of her sister’s hand did the trick. Dick responded to affection and stood up.

– And you can touch when you get up?

– You can. Tell me.

I was complacent. Waiting for the continuation of the story made me agreeable. And there was another reason: I suddenly liked the touch of my sister. It was much nicer than when I touched myself. Sister continued

– Irka got up on all fours, and Seryozhka drool in her ass starts up. Then he pulled out his pussy and spat on it.

I hurried sister

– Further, then what?

– And then in the ass she stuck his pussy and began to twitch. Irka yells, and he twitches.

– Nothing. Then he says: I finished. I pulled out my pussy and put on my pants. And Irka put on panties. And he gave her fifty kopecks.

– And where is the floor of the bump?

– I do not know. He said so.

– Okay, go to sleep.

– I’m with you, okay?

My sister turned her back on me, twisted, settling herself comfortably, pressed her always cold ass to my stomach and puffed. I hugged her and pulled her closer to me. It was a pleasant feeling naked cock, rested in the ass sister. She, while tossing and turning, hit the chemise and the priest became bare. Here to her now I tried to squeeze my dick. So fell asleep.

In the morning the parents went to work. On the table, the mother left a note indicating what to do, what to eat. Everything as usual. I woke up before my sister. Not finding a coward, recalled yesterday. It would be necessary for boys to find out what the floor is nipples. Found panties and got dressed. The sister stretched out, dropped the blanket. He sat down next to and looked, thinking, how can you push your pussy in the ass? I have always been interested in the crease of my sister’s pussy. I wanted to push her and see what was hiding there. Patted his sister on the pope. She only kicked angrily. And then I, under the impression of her yesterday’s story, carefully parted the fold. The legs were pressed to each other and because the fold opened a little, showed something pink. Well, when she asks me to show my pussy, I’ll need to show her in return. And touch it. After all, last night, in the dark, she did not really consider anything. Knowing her curiosity, I did not doubt that I would soon hear her request.

We played at home before dinner, then went into the yard. The kids got lost somewhere, and then it started to rain and we returned. And the minute of my celebration came. With an innocent face, my sister complained that yesterday she told me everything, and in return, she didn’t even consider my pussy.

– It does not count. I wanted to see.

– Well, why did not you watch?

– And how to look in the dark?

– Well, show it now.

– I run and stumble.

– okay. Only you also show me yours.

My sister cheered up and began to pull off her panties.

– Let’s get undressed.

And we undressed. We sat down on the bed and began to look and touch the pussy. Soon we were already lying. Moreover, by experience, we quickly found that "Valet"which 69 is now called the most suitable for our purposes. I, having parted the leathery fold on my sister’s piss, studied its internal structure. He even thrust a finger in there. He rested against a partition and his sister twitched

And then I, after having flipped my finger, began to push him in the ass of my sister. She raised in surprise, but I pushed her back and continued my research. The finger went with difficulty, my sister frowned. It dawned on us that you can lubricate not only saliva, but also something more substantial. While I was thinking what to use, my sister brought the cream, which her mother used to spread her hands. Fat, it turned out to be just right for our purposes. Anoint finger input, tried to push a finger in the ass. now he went very easily.

Setra, grunting, stood on all fours, and I hooted my finger in her anus. The finger slid easily. Apparently Setra liked it, because she began to move her booty, trying to sit on her finger herself. Nozzles. The fold on her pussy spread out, a pink something appeared, some petals of a revealing flower. This pink something began to blush, pouring blood. She pushed backwards faster, groaned.

And her butt suddenly suddenly began to contract, tightly covering my finger during the contraction. My sister leaned back to me, trying to cling to the hand. Then she fell on the bed. My finger still remained in her pope.

We sit, discuss what happened. I’m still trying to find out what she has experienced. And we decided that she just finished. Oh, we heard about this more than once from the conversations of adults.

– I am now an adult, once finished?

– And let you so. Maybe you cum.

Standing on all fours, I took the sister’s finger in the ass. It was nice. The finger is small, strokes inside, tickles. Only here I did not feel the rapture like a sister.

– This is because you are not a woman. – sister sighed.

– And what, only women finish?

– No, but you can’t

I felt sorry for the fact that I can not finish.

– And do me another way.

My sister stroked my prick.

– Look, here is a knob.

And she pushed the skin off her head. And really shishechka.

– And if you push half, here is the floor of the bump. Joyful from the discovery made, began to discuss whether it is possible to stick the floor of the cone to the sister. Agreed on what is possible. Once again, they thoroughly lubricated the anus and the sister took the floor of the bump. It was cramped. But the small size of the dick, the hole that had just been designed with a finger, allowed a painless penetration. And when the pubis rested on the buttocks, nature prompted what to do. Clutching my sister’s ass as a drowning man clutching at a life buoy, he slapped his belly over her still skinny ass. And she squirmed. Asking every minute whether she likes it and whether it hurts, I found out that I like it very much. And it does not hurt a bit. And then I felt the approach of some new sensation in the prick. I moved faster and soon a wave of orgasm covered me. first in life in reality, and not in a dream. And I shot in the ass sister.

– Why did I write in the ass?

My sister leaned menacingly over me.

– It is not written, It is for men, when they end up so it turns out.

Showed awareness sister.

– So you finished?

– So now we are adults.

– Nurse will find out such adults.

Sister, like all women, was reasonable

– And we will not talk. And we will finish when they are not at home. Do you know what it’s called?

I knew something, only my sister didn’t speak, let her show awareness

Like this. No more and no less.

Finger twitches

We went to bed together. Mother did not prevent us from going to bed. Long since I told my sister a fairy tale and she fell asleep near me. Sometimes the mother took her asleep to her bed. But my sister grew up and it became hard to carry such a baby. That is why we often slept together. Yes, and warmer. My sister, without asking, pulled off my pants almost to my knees, took the dick in her hand with the master’s movement.

Hugged, pulled me close.

– Pussy press. And pat.

Spreading the folds, put his finger inside her pussy. So fell asleep.

Over time, our classes have become more meaningful. We enjoyed this process. Sister grew up. I grew up and I. I already had a decent size cock, but there were no troubles with fucking. She became accustomed to these changes gradually.

While I was doing military service, my sister got married and even had a baby. Coming out on the demob, I went to visit all my relatives. Including a sister. They lived well. My sister was on maternity leave, her husband worked. I lived with them for several days. Time and honor

We sit in the kitchen with my sister, talking. She has changed. Not outwardly. The behavior has become different. And they started talking about our past, about our sexual experiences.

– But you never fucked me!

– And what did we do?

– Children’s pranks. Do you remember how I asked you to show?

– Remember how you forget?

I do not understand what she wants

– Don’t you understand? Show me

– I want to see how he grew up. Show me

And I did not interfere with my sister when she unbuttoned my pants, took the dick to the light. as in the old days, he responded to the pleasant touch of the female hands.

– Wow! I want him. I want to really. Not in the ass, but as expected.

– Do you want to fuck with me?

Holding my end like a little dog by the leash, my sister pulled me into the bedroom.

Itself already naked lying on the bed. The old one flashed in my soul and I did not resist either myself or her desire.

I need a lot of time to finish. The officers’ wives really appreciated this quality of mine and took care of the soldier from the burden and hardships of military service, trying to get me to my needs. And the sister appreciated. Lying on her back, parted her sponge pussy, tried something there to consider.

– What are you looking for there?

– See what could change there.

– And what can change there?

– I cum once out of twenty, and even less. And you lost count. Fucked so fucked.

Laughing, we, two relatives, two lovers, began to dress. sSkoro to the station.

– Have you ever come to please your sister. Fuck her properly. In the ass, I now will not give you. it’s overgrown there. Yes, and now you have such that will not get through.

She touched my dignity through the pants.

– Any luck bitch.

– I already hate her

– For that! She would get such a man.

– Come on. Will share – love.

Sister drove often. And I went to them. And they became friends with my wife.

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