Fairy costume do it yourself

Traditionally, thematic events dedicated to this golden season are held in schools and kindergartens every autumn. This holiday is often called the autumn ball. Original and unique will be the outfit, created specifically for this event. Active mother offers her readers a selection of ideas for creating dresses and costumes for the autumn ball with their own hands.

Dresses on an autumn ball with their own hands

Dress tree

To create such a dress does not need a special pattern, it does not require special sewing skills. Just circle the silhouette of the child on the fabric so that the future dress sits on the girl freely. Use a dense fabric with a pattern imitating the bark of the trunk (or just a light brown fabric). Sew the details: front and back, sleeves; sew the sleeves to the dress, sew the elastic on the collar.

Fairy costume do it yourself

On the dress, you can sew an appliqué fabric in the form of a hollow and squirrels with nuts. Decorate the dress cut out of paper or dried oak leaves. Complement the costume with a kind of hat – a “nest” hoop with birds. Pantyhose and shoes to match the tone.

Dress Autumn or Autumn Fairies

The basis of the dress is a popular and almost indispensable at any thematic celebration skirt made of tulle. It is very simple to make it – for this you do not need to be able to sew, you will not need a needle and thread or a sewing machine. It is enough to cut the tulle into strips of the desired length and a width of 10-15 cm and tie each stripe in a wide (2-3 cm) elastic band, knotted at the back of the chair. More details and clearer about how to sew a skirt of tulle, tell this video:

To create such a dress for the autumn ball, use tulle of the corresponding colors: yellow, brown, orange. The more colors you use, the richer and richer the skirt will look. You can decorate it with bows of the same tulle, dried (or artificial) autumn leaves.

The top for the dress can be arbitrary, it can be tied or sewn, and you can use a T-shirt or a golf of the appropriate color as the top.

For an image of the Autumn Fairies, wings of a suitable color will be useful (you can buy them separately or create them yourself by pulling nylon on a wire bent in the form of wings — old tights will fit perfectly for this) and a magic wand.

Come up with a decoration on the head, suitable for the dress. This may be a hat made from autumn leaves and fruits of a mountain ash, decorated with hoop leaves or elastic bands for tails.

Dress Owls

A variation of a dress with a chiffon skirt can be such an outfit of the Owl:

Fairy costume do it yourself

Costumes for the autumn ball do it yourself

Tree suit

From an inexpensive thick fabric (it may be burlap) cut the “trunk” – something like a long apron on both sides of the child’s body. Draw or draw circles with darker circles or stripes. Decorate the tree with fabric applique and leaves.

Think over the appropriate decoration alongside the head: a hat with leaves or with empty branches, the leaves of which have almost been carried away by the autumn wind.

And here is a very simple version of the fruit tree (apple) costume. To create it you need a green sweatshirt and a few small red balloons. Inflate balls, sweep them to the “trunk”, decorate with leaves of cardboard or felt.

Scarecrow Costume

Who discourages the voracious birds from the autumn harvest in the garden? Of course, Scarecrow! Cute and fun outfit for the autumn ball, which is so easy to do with your own hands.

For a girl, it is enough to make a dress of tulle (similar to the skirt, only the length of the tulle strips should be longer) or the skirt of chopped multicolored fabric strips fixed on the elastic band on the principle of tulle. Wear a scarecrow hat made of cardboard or cloth on your head. On the nose to draw a “patch”.

A variant of the Scarecrow suit for the boy will be a denim jumpsuit with patches sewn onto it, complete with a plaid shirt and a straw hat. All this – in bright yellow-orange colors.

Rain suit

A very simple, but very unusual version of the costume for the autumn ball, for which only rubber boots and an unusual headdress in the form of a cloud with rain are required.

How to make such a hat-cloud? Cover the hat with wide brim evenly with cotton balls. Wool will need a lot! From the inside, sew strings with cardboard “drops” suspended on them.

Owl costume

The outfit is a cape consisting of “wings” and a hood in the shape of an owl’s head. Of course, to create such a suit, you need to have sewing skills and have a sewing machine. But the result will amaze others. The suit is suitable for both boys and girls.

Acorn costume

If you complement the Autumn dress with an original hat in the shape of an acorn hat, you will get a new unusual outfit! You can make such a hat with the help of paper that has a wood texture, and the basis can be a papier-mâché hat.

Have you already decided which dress or costume your child will attend at the autumn ball in the garden or school? Use our ideas or come up with something of their own? Share with us in the comments!

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