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Gentle female hands every day face the negative influence of the environment, they are no less, sometimes even more than the skin of the face, in need of care. Hand creams from cracks and dryness should be in service with every lady. They not only prevent the appearance of these unpleasant painful symptoms of skin lesions, but also heal the existing ones. Today we offer to consider the causes of cracks and dry hands, creams that will help get rid of them. We will get acquainted with the rating of the best, we will learn reviews about them, we will also learn how to prepare the cream on our own.

Causes of dryness and cracks in the hands

Not every person can boast of a lack of skin problems. Not only women, but men and children can suffer from cracks and dry hands, creams may also be useful to them. The fact is that, even without using the means for washing, you can spoil the epidermis. Irritation cause adverse environmental conditions, various diseases. Why do our hands once begin to dry, and cracks appear on them, causing discomfort?

Eczema on hands photo

  1. Household chemicals often cause this disease. A variety of detergents and cleaners make our home comfortable, but adversely affect the skin. The chemical composition is harmful, in addition, the constant use of water and household chemicals dehydrates the epidermis, washes away the protective layer. At first, tightness is felt, but with frequent contact with chemistry, peeling may occur, then severe dryness of the skin and even cracks.
  2. At work or at home skin contact with aggressive chemicals can occur, they cause the development of contact dermatitis. This disease entails many skin problems, including rashes, dryness and cracks in the skin.
  3. Lack of hand care, or it is wrong.
  4. Fungi affect not only our legs, but also our hands. Symptoms: dryness, cracks in the skin, changing the shape and color of the nail plate.
  5. Allergens can cause these symptoms.
  6. Psoriasis, eczema and a number of other diseases cause keratinization of the epidermis, then cracks appear.
  7. Diabetes.
  8. Vitamin deficiencies, unhealthy diet.
  9. Walking in the winter on the street without mittens, being in the summer under the scorching sun without a protective cream.
  10. Bruises, cuts and abrasions can cause dryness of the hands.
  11. Work on the garden plot without protective gloves.

As you can see, there are many reasons. Hand cream for cracks and dryness may not cope with all causes, therefore, if symptoms appear, consult your dermatologist, you may need not only a cream, but also medication. Only the correct diagnosis can help you heal the epidermis.

The composition of a good cream

Hand creams from cracks and dryness in the pharmacy are presented in a huge assortment. You should not be guided by the price, because the most expensive does not mean that the best and most suitable for you. Pay attention to the composition, we suggest to consider the model that meets all the requirements:

  1. Hand cream for cracks and dryness in winter should be the one that contains mineral oil – it is a product of the oil industry, it creates an impermeable protective layer on the epidermis. Eliminate this cream in the warm season.
  2. Dexpanthenol, which is part of, will help to heal cracks faster. In addition, it moisturizes, gives elasticity to the skin, which will prevent the appearance of dryness and cracks.
  3. Epidermis needs vitamins, especially the one on the hands. Choose products that contain vitamins E, A and F.
  4. Hand cream from cracks and dryness with glycerin, urea and hyalurone will help retain moisture in the skin, restore water balance.
  5. Soften hands with lanolin to soften hands, to remove the feeling of tightness. It will prevent dryness and flaking.
  6. The oils that are included in the composition, perfectly soften the skin, prevent the appearance of cracks. Especially useful are carrot, shea (shea), chamomile and calendula oil, olive oil.
  7. Plant extracts help speed up regeneration, trigger metabolic processes. The highest quality creams in this respect are those that contain grape seed extract, chamomile, pine needles, and avocado.
  8. Essential oils can not only give a pleasant aroma, but also significantly improve skin condition. So, choose products with esters of fir, lemon, mint and wheat germ.

We propose to proceed to the rules of hygiene and the use of hand cream for dryness and cracks.

Proper hand hygiene

It seems that there is nothing easier than washing your hands, waiting for drying, and then apply the cream. Far from it, if you want to keep the skin attractive, we recommend using the advice of dermatologists.

Eczema on hands photo

You can not wash your hands with antiseptics too often, they violate the alkaline balance and wash off the natural protection. Use mild detergents, it can be soap containing cream. After the procedure, use a soft towel to remove excess moisture, do not wipe the skin dry, it should be saturated with water.

You must regularly use hand cream for cracks and dryness. If you started the fight, you will not achieve a positive result by using the tool when you remember. Apply the composition according to the instructions, massaging the skin, pay special attention to problem areas and damage.

If you need to use detergents and other chemicals, and in gloves you are uncomfortable, then apply a protective cream, designed specifically for such cases.

Sometimes indulge yourself and your skin with herbal baths with herbs and masks. Do not forget about proper and complete nutrition, it greatly affects the condition of our skin. If you stick to a diet and you have skin problems, discard it.

Next, we propose to consider the rating of hand creams from cracks and dryness. We have prepared a list of those who have a good composition, and positive feedback about them.

This wonderful cream is ideal for care not only for the handles, but also for the legs. It helps to heal faster various injuries, including cracks formed due to excessive dryness. As part of the cream has floralisin, which is saturated with useful elements. When using this tool, microcirculation and metabolic processes are normalized. "Dawn" – cream, endowed with soothing, moisturizing and antiseptic properties. It creates a protective film on the skin, which is not felt, but protects from the harmful effects and loss of moisture.

Reviews of this cream are positive. People like its price and quality.

This hand cream for cracks and dryness has a gel consistency. It is well applied, absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy feeling on the skin. Nutrition and hydration give apricot oil and argan. Orange oil tightens the epidermis, making it more elastic. Among other things, it is able to whiten the skin a little, suitable for people with pigmentation.

All who use this tool were satisfied, recommend this brand.

This tool is rich in vitamins, it does not contain hormones that cause addiction. "Radevit" – hand cream from cracks and dryness, has excellent reviews. They write that it softens, moisturizes, leaves no film effect, absorbs quickly.

This remedy has anti-inflammatory qualities, is suitable for the treatment of certain skin diseases, heals cracks and other injuries quickly.

"Aloe healer"

Aloin, which is part of the cream, makes it really healing. The unique properties of this plant have been used since antiquity, before it was used to treat burns, severe wounds, ulcers, and other rashes on the skin. The cream is suitable even for the driest skin of the hands, prevents the appearance of irritation, cracks, cure them.

Eczema on hands photo

There are a lot of comments to the tool, people write that it is a very good cream and its price is attractive.

"Tenderness" from "Oriflame"

The cream from a well-known brand can deeply moisturize the skin, make women’s hands more attractive and healthy. In addition, it will create a protective layer that will prevent the negative impact of environmental factors.

The composition contains macadamia oil, it has been known for a long time. Perfectly absorbed into the skin, making it more attractive and velvety.

As for the reviews, they are good, but there is not a single comment about the elimination of cracks. It fights perfectly with dryness, moistening the epidermis for a long time.

It is not necessary to buy hand cream for dryness and cracks in the pharmacy. A wonderful tool can be prepared by yourself. So, go to the point where we tell you how to make hand cream from dryness and cracks in the home.

The advantages of homemade cream

Personally prepared hand care product has many advantages as compared to shop care. The cream that you create yourself will be completely safe, you will be sure that you will not get allergies and irritation on the delivery, because you know exactly what ingredients were used. Of course, you will not use parabens for the recipe, other refineries waste.

The second advantage is the price of the finished product, which will be much lower, because most of the components are available at home, and the missing ones can always be purchased for a small amount. In addition, you know the characteristics and needs of your epidermis and will add only the right ingredients in the required quantity.

The only drawback that is found in homemade cream is its shelf life. The finished product is allowed to be stored in the refrigerator for no more than twelve days.

What basis to choose?

Before you share the recipe, I want to escape for one important point – this is the basis of the future cream. We offer to consider the most popular, to learn about their advantages:

  • If you want to use the product as a cream not only for hands, but also for nails, take beeswax.
  • Cosmetic oil is the ideal base. It can be in the form of a butter, that is, solid – this is coconut, shi and cocoa, or liquid – almond, corn, olive and others.
  • Emergency help with obvetrivanii, cracked hands will have pork, interior fat.
  • Soften, eliminate dryness and give elasticity to butter.

Be sure to bring lanolin, vitamins A and E into the main components. We wrote about the benefits of the first one, and everyone knows about the second ones. Just in case, we will write that these vitamins are real anti-aging substances, they are able to eliminate fine wrinkles, slow down the process of the emergence of new ones. Only they can act in such a way together.

Hand cream for cracks and dryness with your hands

This tool is easy and fast to create; any woman can handle it. So, if your hands are too dry, there are cracks on them, take a decoction of a string and St. John’s wort (one spoon), a teaspoon of honey, and a half tablespoons of butter. Stir, get a consistency, reminiscent of sour cream. Lubricate this cream hands every day at night, and the cracks will soon heal.

Eliminate dryness, soften rough skin, speed up the healing process of cracks will help another recipe. You will need one yolk, two spoons (teaspoons) of honey, a tablespoon of olive oil, the same amount of cream and juice of lemon, half a teaspoon of vitamins E and A.

Apply the cream on your hands daily, and soon they will become healthy and attractive again!

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