Easter handicrafts for children

Starting from kindergarten, we every year made greeting cards from March 8, which were given to our mothers and grandmothers. Let’s continue the family tradition and make beautiful cards with the children.

Bulk 3D Card

You’d be surprised, but making such a card is not at all difficult.

  • colored paper for cutting leaves and flowers
  • 2 sheets of thick A4 paper (one sheet should be green)
  • glue (better to take glue stick)
  • scissors

Fold the A4 sheet green in half and make cuts of different lengths from the bend.

The resulting strips are arched. The edges of the sheet are cut off, giving a wavy look. Then glue the sheet with the second A4 sheet (leaving the curved strips not glued).

Cut out leaves and flowers from colored paper. Glue them on curved strips.

That’s all! Postcard is ready!

Postcard using the outline of a child’s hand

To make such a postcard, you will need:

Put the pen of the child to a sheet of green paper, outline with a pencil and cut along the contour.

Cut out colored flowers and a pot from colored paper. Glue all the details on a sheet of white paper. Cut the resulting composition (stepping back a couple of millimeters from the edge so that you can see the white outline).

Fold the A4 sheet in half, glue the flower pot. Last time we cut along the contour (but only on one side).

Postcard for March 8 is ready!

Easter handicrafts for children

Postcard in the technique of Origami

The materials are already familiar to us: this is colored paper, glue and scissors.

We take a square of colored paper and fold it, as shown in the photo: first diagonally, and then bending the edges to the top.

Fold a strip of green paper to make a stalk.

Glue flowers to the stalks.

We make several such flowers, making up a bouquet of them, which can be glued to a card or donated just like that.

According to the materials of the Krototak site

All women, without exception, will like the postcard of March 8 with the dress made in the Origami technique:

To make such a cute dress you need a square of scrap paper that you need to fold according to this scheme:

Card with flowers

And those who like to draw will surely like this version of the postcard: drawn with the help of children’s handprints.

For such a pattern it is better to use special, finger paints.

In the video workshop you can see how to make a postcard in the shape of a cup with flowers:

Coloring card

Another version of postcards for future artists: a postcard that you just need to paint. Download the picture templates, select the appropriate option and print it on the printer. You can paint.

Easter handicrafts for children

Download some more variants of coloring cards.

Card with flowers from plasticine

Even if the child is very small, he will remember with pleasure in his fingers plasticine or salted dough. And the result will be a cute postcard made by the hands of the baby.

The recipe for salt dough and other options for its use can be found in our article “Mucosols”

Or you can make a mimosa twig from plasticine:

Postcard for mother needlewoman

But such postcards on March 8 with their own hands will be able to make older children. They will be a great gift for mom – needlewoman. In the course you can put all that there is in the handmade jewelry box: buttons, lace, even a pair of bobbins with floss threads.

Do you like to knit? Decorate the card with a small crocheted flower (you can use our scheme). And if you do not know how to knit, buy a flower in a handicraft shop.

And finally, a few more ideas for inspiration:

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