DIY toys for cats

As soon as the fluffy baby grows up, the owners often have a question: how to wean the kitten to bite and scratch? And it is interesting that most often the owners are the cause of such aggressive behavior of the pet. How to raise a cat and what to do if your pet has already developed bad habits – you will find answers to these and many other questions in this article.

Reasons why cats scratch (bite)

All reasons can be divided into only three groups:

  1. the animal perceives you as a big toy;
  2. your pet is scared, he is scared, lost (does not have) confidence in others;
  3. and just a disease.

DIY toys for cats

So, let’s examine each cause separately, because depending on the reason, you can give clear advice on how to stop a kitten to scratch.

Problem number 1 – the owner is like a big toy

Very often, the owners of small kittens make the same difficult-to-fix mistake: they start playing with animal hands, lightly kick their toes, and also allow them to climb the leg. Yes, at the age of 1-2 months, all this is found fun and funny, because it is so interesting to watch the kitten bite into the hand with not yet regrown teeth, get angry, try to bite, but it doesn’t really work. And, of course, everyone forgets that this behavior will remain, but infancy will pass very quickly, and safe bites will turn into very painful scratches and wounds.

That is why, if you are still only brought up 2-3 week old child, in any case, do not play with the baby hands. Let it be toys, pieces of paper on strings, balls, rags, but by no means hands. Especially it is not necessary to set fingers, but in general you don’t need to poke a kitten if you don’t want to get problems in the future.

With a very small kitten, do not play with your hands

DIY toys for cats

And what if already bites?

Already accustomed pet clutch for arms and legs, glaring at them? Do not worry, there are exits, and there are quite a lot of them. Below are the options for solving the problem, and all these options are united by one idea: you need to make sure that immediately after the attack of aggression the pet gets some unpleasant resistance. No, you can not beat in any case! If you cause the kitten an unpleasant feeling, then after several times he will understand the causal relationship and will no longer bite and scratch. So, here is what you can try:

  1. Arm yourself with a sprayer for plants filled with ordinary water. And every time, as soon as the pet grabs, an arm or a leg, sprinkle water on his face. The result will see very soon!
  2. The second working method is loud claps, well, or any other sharp sound.
  3. The third method is to try to shout after a bite. But the third method, like the second, will work only when claps, shouts, harsh sounds are heard ONLY after a bite, at no other time. As mentioned above, it is important to develop a relationship “bitten – you get an unpleasant feeling.”
  4. A rather effective solution is that after the aggression, you immediately calmly let go of the cat and just go to another room. So he will understand that after the bites, you become completely not fun. Cats really feel the mood of the owner, so use it.
  5. Trying to groan threateningly is also a good option, because cats hiss show extreme displeasure.
  6. And the last thing to do is in no way remove a hand or a leg. At the instinct level, the kitten perceives your hand / leg as prey, waiting for the prey to start running away. Accordingly, if, instead of “fleeing,” your hand / foot abruptly goes to the pet itself, this will confuse him.

What exactly you can not do!

On the Internet, we found the following advice: try biting a finger in the throat of a kitten with a bite almost to the gag reflex. On another resource, they were generally advised to beat the poor animal, pinch and snap over the ears, beat the paws.

In no case do not listen to such advice, because the sprayer with water perfectly kills in the pet the craving for bites, there is no need to start more radical measures!

Do not beat the animal

Problem number 2 – loss (lack) of trust in a person

This problem is especially relevant for semi-wild cats, picked up on the street. But also completely pets can show aggression. First of all, they will bite strangers – guests whom the kitten sees for the first time. But the owner can also get under the hand, especially if you are used to roughly grabbing a cat to measure the temperature, give a pill, cut the claws, comb and

Trust in this case returns simply enough: you need to dramatically change your approach to the ward. Try to solve conflicts by peaceful means. Yes, let the persuasion to cut the claws take an hour, but if you do it calmly and without coercion, you will receive only advantages. And yes, over time, you will not notice how it will take not an hour, but only five minutes to cut the claws into peaceful persuasion.

Over time, persuasion to cut the claws will take not an hour, but just five minutes

Problem number 3 – your pet is sick

Yes, yes, the reason why the kitten bites, can be a disease. For example, it can be a kidney disease, urinary system, opisthorchiasis and other options. By the way, for the same reason, cats not only begin to bite and scratch, but also do not need a tray, otrygivayut food, etc. So the cat tries to show that it is bad, because it can not just take and tell you about the pain in human language.

Keep your pet safe

As a result, if you treat the kitten as gently as possible, bring it up correctly, but it still starts to bite and scratch for no apparent reason, then it is best to contact the veterinarian, let him examine the pet. Such care will definitely not be superfluous!

What else will help wean bite and scratch?

Buy more toys for animals, ranging from balls to toys, which can be well sharpened claws. And every time the kitten intends to bite the hand, just throw it a toy, switch attention to this subject. Well, kogtetochka is a universal remedy, if your pet began to tear up furniture or wallpaper.

Kogtetochka will appeal to your cat and he will not tear furniture

And also make it a rule not to look at the kitten for a long time. On the animal instinct, a long gaze without a lead is considered a challenge, and all animals do not like this very much. So do not once again provoke a pet, after all, this is a predator, even in miniature.

Walk, walk with her more!

Lack of movement can also be a cause for aggression. In this case, the question of how to wean a kitten bite, there is only one answer: walk with your pet more! Especially if you do not want to let him run into the street. Therefore, we arm ourselves with a laser, a thread with a bow, toys – and go ahead, make your pet exhausted to the fullest, let him run around the room until he collapses, the young predator will only benefit, the instincts need to be splashed somehow!

And also make sure that the cat or the cat was as comfortable as possible in your home. He must have his personal space: a house or a box. Also, a cat can bite and scratch if it hears at home an aggressive smell brought from the street. To eliminate this, there are even special sprays, ask these in the pet store.

As you can see, the reasons for the development of bad habits in kittens can be very much. Most often this is just a wrong upbringing, unfamiliar (uncomfortable) atmosphere or just a rude attitude of the hosts / guests. So we advise you to start by identifying these causes. If everything is good on this front, then start exploring the other options, guided by the reasons described above, and sooner or later you will surely find out why your sweet pet has become such a bully. And then it will be easy to re-educate him, the options for how to do this, we have already written to you!

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