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Free online course on site

Our site is an interactive course of interior design. You can get the necessary knowledge directly on the site, and if something remains unclear, you can always leave your question in the comments after each article, or discuss on our support forum with other users, students and teachers of the school.

As the site develops, an interactive course on independent interior design will be supplemented with the most necessary lessons based on the wishes of users.

Interior design (design courses, do-it-yourself interior design training, interior design programs)

In connection with globalization and the advent of the Internet into our lives, modern people in the post-Soviet space have increasingly begun to think about interior design your home (room, apartment or house).

Of course, due to a certain financial situation, not everyone can afford to hire a designer and professionally decorate their interior. Therefore, people are increasingly choosing an independent approach to interior design.

This is a relatively cheap way and does not require any material costs for the development of a design project. But, unfortunately, the result is, at best, at the amateur level – in the form "good" repair or as it is now fashionable to say “eurorepair”. Therefore, some people consult with their friends, watch various TV shows and magazines about interior design, and some sign up for various design courses, and all in order to become on one level with professionals in the design of their home or apartment, and learn independent interior design.

Interior design training

Education interior design is now happening in several directions. The most thorough approach to training is various higher education institutions that train professionals. However, such training lasts as much as 5 years and requires a certain training, level of knowledge and skills necessary for admission.

But not everyone who wants to master the profession of an interior designer has 5 free years to study. Therefore, an alternative to higher education are increasingly becoming different design courses.

Design Courses

Today there is a huge choice of various educational courses, and no exception is interior design courses. Basically, courses are full-time and last from 3 to 18 months depending on the curriculum. Design courses provide the minimum necessary knowledge of the rules of interior design in the shortest possible time. However, any courses will still require you to have free time to study, depending on the length of study (travel to the place of study, time, directly for lessons conducted outside the home). As a result, lately various remote design courses have come to replace full-time courses. And just recently – video courses and online schools.

Training in distance learning courses in an online school of interior design has several advantages compared with other forms of training. Firstly, you do not need to travel to the place of study, because online courses interior design will now be at your home, on your computer or laptop. Secondly, learning takes place individually: one on one with a teacher, which can only be partially implemented in high school, and even then not fully.

In the online school of interior design and training through video courses fully realized the idea of ​​design and interior design with their own hands.

Do-it-yourself interior design

You study the theoretical and parse practical materials from video courses of the online school of interior design while sitting at home on the couch with a cup of tea. Tempting, isn’t it?

You create the interior design of your apartment (or the apartment of the customer) do it yourself and independently, based on the knowledge obtained from the teaching materials of the school of design. And if something goes wrong with you or you doubt the choice of a solution, then an experienced teacher (professional designer) can always help you, since you always have a connection with it online.

In addition, do-it-yourself interior design will not require any special knowledge or training from you, since studying in an online school takes place according to modern methods: with the help of modern interior design programs.

Interior design software

The program of study of independent design and interior design includes the study and analysis of the main programs for interior design. Among them are such wonderful programs as: ArchiCAD, 3dsMax + Vray, SweetHome 3D. These programs are originally designed to facilitate and automate the work of the designer. They allow you to avoid the monotonous work of drawing out the floor plans, 3D projections and preparing the initial data, and more attention should be paid directly to the interior design itself (choice of color, selection of finishing materials and

DIY kitchen interior

In the basic course “Do-it-yourself Interior Design”, both commercial and free programs for interior design have been disassembled, especially so that you can choose the most suitable program for yourself.

Pleasant and fruitful learning in our school.

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