DIY Cowboy Costume

Soon the New Year will come, and behind it are many other wonderful holidays. Everyone is busy with New Year’s Eve preparation: buying gifts, decorating the rooms, composing a script for the New Year. Postcards have always been one of the universal gifts. You can buy them or do it yourself.

In one of the articles I looked at how you can create an online postcard, and today I want to talk about creating video postcards, Yes, and with your participation or the person of the person for whom it is made. Such cool videos can be an unexpected and great gift. Agree that few people on a holiday expect to get a video with themselves in the role of some wild west cowboy or spiderman.

On all services, the principle of creating video postcards is very similar: you need to select a template, upload your photo, cut and paste a face, edit the size and position in the frame, add different effects, save. A link to a ready postcard can be sent to an e-mail to a friend, published on a social network, or inserted into the code for display on your blog.

DIY Cowboy Costume

An overview of online services where you can create video cards with your face

Free congratulatory service, with a large selection of interesting happy birthday video cards or on any other holiday, in Russian. I already wrote about this site in the article “How to make a postcard online,” and now let’s take a detailed look at the postcard video postcard “Postcards with you”.

Choose the template you like, view it and if it suits you, go to insert your face by clicking the button “Designer Cards”.

In the first step, you need to select a photo with your face on your computer and upload it to the service. Try to choose a photo in which the person looks as straight as possible.

In the second step, select the area with the face in the photo and click “Go to editor”.

The third step is to accurately trace the contours of your face using control points. To do this, place the face in the frame, place it with a mouse around the point and click the “Close curve” button, and then “Cut”.

In the next step, place the face on the oval and click “On the template” and give the name to your face. Now look at the finished result. If something does not suit you, you can go back and edit the face stroke, for this, use the picture-tips above the video.

Under the video is the code to insert postcards on your site and a direct link that can be put on social networks. Here is my postcard: http: //

You can also arrange a postcard and send it to a friend. Click the button and fill in the required fields: your data, friend’s data, text greeting, date of sending. The recipient will receive a letter with the name of the sender and the offer to look at the card.

Simple and easy to use service for creating and sending video postcards with your participation, without registration and payment.

Templates are designed for a different number of characters, different sexes, all this changes when creating a video. When inserting a face, the width and height of the photo change separately, it is possible to rotate the image, many videos offer different backgrounds.

You can insert any greeting text to send a postcard to your friends, post it on social networks, and also provide a direct link to your page. http: //

An English-language free online resource where you can create both video and photo cards with your face. There are some interesting patterns. There is no exact selection of the contours of the face, and the rest of the principle of creating a movie is similar. A video postcard can be sent to a friend via the built-in form. The accompanying text must be written in English.

Free service. Go to the E-Cards section, choose a template, load and place a face in a frame, save. The functions of sending cards from the service there, you can publish in the social. networks and a link to the page with your video. http: //

Another English-language free resource where you can use your photos to put yourself in a Flash animation, a Windows screensaver or on a mobile phone. To start, select the category on the left, load and adjust the position of the face. You can choose music for the clip from the proposed and movement of the character. Result to send to mail to a friend.

Here are more similar services for creating postcards online, only simpler.

1. http: //

DIY Cowboy Costume

2. http: //

3. http: //

In addition to free and there are paid resources.

Here I want to mention the site http: //

http: //

http: //

DIY Cowboy Costume

On the main page scrolls video explaining how to create a card. Select the desired section and template (templates with face inserts are marked with a camera icon).

To insert a face, click on the top right above the “send this ecard” roller, load the photo, cut the face and adjust its position in the template.

In the next step, you need to write a message to the recipient – we write in English, because the service does not accept Russian letters, instead of them there will be question marks in the letter. Also enter the address and date of dispatch. Here you can watch the video with your participation and try to make a video with the program for recording video from the screen.

After that, you will be prompted to create an account on the site and redirect to the payment page. 30 days for free, and then removed

With this, I will finish the review of online services, where you can create video postcards with your face for any holiday or just to cheer yourself and others around you for a long time.

I hope my article will help you to make a nice and unusual gift for your loved ones.

If you have any questions or you know similar interesting video card making services, write in the comments, all will be useful.

Dear readers of the Family Leisure blog! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! It smells like spruce, cake, Carries warmth in the heart, Angel comes to the house from the sky … He will bring hope and relieve from adversity, Joy, peace, goodness and faith, Grace from heaven will send! Sincerely, Elena and Yury Bredyuk

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