Divination on the line arm

World of magic

The combination of DHI DHI symbols you have cast means the Victory Banner. This combination of characters.

In all likelihood, a luckier person than you is difficult to find in the world. When was the last time you.

You are entering a fabulous strip of your life. The combination of DHI TsA – White symbols that have fallen to you.

Coins will help to achieve the desired

Man can not live without desires. And these are not necessarily desires for a rich life, a generous lover or a magic wand. Most often, even such prosaic desires, such as finding a good job, are difficult to fulfill. If your desires are not beyond fiction, then this simple ritual, which even a child is able to hold, will bring you closer.

Car charms

All car drivers are trying to protect their vehicle and themselves from trouble. Some choose anti-theft devices, others use amulets, talismans and amulets together with these protection systems. When choosing such things in the auto salon, it should be remembered that they should harmoniously fit into its design and not reduce visibility and visibility. For many drivers, a car is a second home,.

Why do you need to get rid of trash

I used to have a house full of unnecessary things. I couldn’t throw anything away. I felt sorry for both the old raincoat, and worn-out shoes, and a pair of boots with one broken zipper. What if it comes in handy? Once the godfather, Oksana, saw my rubble on the mezzanine, in the closets and the closet, and said that it was impossible to live on top of this dump. She advised everyone.

Divination on the line arm

Charm – Reliable Energy Protector

Warm clothing, reliable buildings, powerful weapons are indispensable attributes of protecting people from the external environment. But only on the physical level. At the spiritual, energetic level, we remain absolutely defenseless, like children. The achievements of modern science are not able to save us from internal fear, spiritual weakness, unreasonable indisposition. The best means of protection from such a disease knew.

The need to study both hands

Earlier, we have already considered some aspects that are worth paying attention to when analyzing hands, these are, of course, the main lines, the shape of the fingers, some areas of the hand. Indeed, the hand is a very accurate indicator of our psychophysical state. However, which hand should you look at? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about palmistry. Essentially, both hands are equal.

Divination on the line arm

The lifeline is one of the main marks on any hand. It surrounds the hill of Venus, which is located under the thumb, in a semicircle. A good lifeline is quite deep, clear, has no gaps. But how many hands – so many different lines! And each difference carries new information.

A very interesting sign that can sometimes be found on the line of life is the triangle. Usually triangles are arranged so that part of the line of life becomes one of the sides of the triangle. The other two sides of the triangle form an angle, which can look at the top of the thumb, or, on the contrary – on the edge of the palm in the direction of the little finger.

If the top of the triangle is directed to the big toe and on the hill of Venus, it means that a person is waiting for easy money: an inheritance, an unexpected large material reward at work and

If the triangle is located on the life line outside the hill of Venus, this is a sign that it is time to respond to karmic debts. This may be a period of prolonged illness, a chronic shortage of money, big troubles in the service or in personal life.

How to determine the time of occurrence of events

The presence of triangles on the line encircling the hill of Venus does not mean at all that all human life will pass under the sign of easy money or the karmic debts. The life line starts from the edge of the palm between the thumb and forefinger. From here begins the countdown of years. Reaching the base of the palm, the line indicates the age of 65-70 years. If it continues and goes around the hill of Venus from below, this indicates a life expectancy far beyond 70 years. Pay attention to where in a line a particular triangle begins, roughly calculate how many years a person will be when this or that event indicated by a triangle occurs. The practice of karmic debt will begin at the top of the triangle. And it will end at the lowest point, where the inner triangle ends. The smaller this triangle, the less time you will need to work out the debt. Conversely, the larger the triangle, the longer the trouble will be. Having carefully considered the life line and the location of the triangle on it, it is possible to calculate, with an accuracy of 2–3 years, when the “black line” associated with the working out of karma ends.

Divination on the line arm

But the triangle of easy money is usually small. After all, such gifts of fate are always unexpected and short. You can find out when unexpected wealth falls on you, or just some unplanned profit, by also calculating years in the life line. If you have several triangles of easy money – you are lucky!

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