Divination by hand line of life

If you wish to read the imprint of the mystery of life on your hand, look at all the marks and signs in your palm. However, the biggest value is given to the life line itself. It carries important information about the path of a person in this mortal world, and also contains information about the date of death.

Location Features

Palmistry is engaged in the interpretation of the essence of the line of life: it is believed that the line of life acts as a conductor of energy supplied to man. Therefore, in the normal position and the usual form of this strip, a person lives in the order established in the world. If it is deformed, then this most directly affects the existence of the personality itself.

But on the right will know the present and the future. It is on the right palm that everyone can see what a person has changed in his destiny, what awaits him now. The life line on the right hand is much more important for understanding the features of today, it illustrates everything that will affect the person for a long time. In both men and women, the line of their life on their hand can be interpreted according to the same principles.

Secondly, one must know that the line of life must begin on the hill of Jupiter, under the index finger, or between the index and the thumb. To understand where the line of life is located, it is necessary to consider the base of the thumb and the area adjacent to it. The life line on the hand as if passes in an arc around the finger and ends closer to the base of the palm. Find it easy. This feature often intersects with other marks, all these intersections need to be closely studied.

Features of the direction

Competent decoding of the life line is impossible without studying the direction of its movement. If the life line is connected to another line, this will give additional information. For example, a short lifeline goes to the line of fate. In this case, she talks about the numerous gifts of fate to the owner of the palm.

When the line of life comes into direct contact with the line of fate, this may be a sign of a successful career. The straight line can have the value of frequent travel, numerous journeys, without which a person simply cannot live.

Form value Split line

For many, the line of life forks. First, we must learn to distinguish between where a simple split at the end, and where a sister trait, and then deal with decoding.

“If there is a second parallel trait that is in close proximity, this is a happy omen. Double line of life will block all negative signs, protect from trouble and disease. This line of life in traditional palmistry is considered to be the lucky mark. So a double line is a sign of success and good luck. ”

If there is a truly split line of life in the palm of your hand, it is important to determine where the plug starts. When the bifurcated part is large and clear, this is a sign of a possible change of residence. If the two branches are weak, thin, this is an indicator of weakening health. Usually this picture can be observed in the elderly. When the line forks and reaches the base of the brush, this pattern can be interpreted as a sign of possible dementia in old age.

When branches look calm, evenly diverge in both directions, they talk about extreme fatigue. The owner of the hand on which the dash forks, you need to relax more.

  • A wide fork at the end means a constant need for communication. Such a person is different differences in mood, because she lives for the sake of vivid impressions and a change of scenery.
  • Small fork – mark of dreamers. They are given and the mind, and ability, and imagination. However, palmistry notes that they have no vitality, ability to realize their talents.

Dimensional interpretation

Hand line definition

Length is a significant indicator to help understand the meaning of the lifeline. However, it is wrong to believe that elongation is an indicator of longevity. In fact, the line of life in the palm shows how a person perceives time. With a short line, people perceive time in a special way. They do not feel his move, so they never have time to cope with everything in time.

With a long one, unlike a short one, a person perceives events as slowly flowing. In the opinion of most palmists, the length of the existing lifeline should be considered along with the thickness. For example, long and thin – evidence of poor health. However, it must be remembered that in antiquity, palmists considered people with a short line of current life to be doomed to early death.

It is important to look at the thickness. Over a wide swath, energy goes in a slow, stinging stream. Therefore, the fate of such people develops calmly, measuredly. The rhythm will be normal, the activity will not beat the key. All important events are usually scheduled in advance. Health in such people should be excellent.

On a narrow strip of energy rushing rapidly. Therefore, a person is faced with a rapid change of environment, he has to spin, live on the run, to be active. If there are differences between narrow and wide passages, it means that the owner of the hand is distinguished by the sharpness of the reaction to a change of scenery.

Superficial trait means a lack of energy, which is observed due to the inability to penetrate in sufficient quantities. As a result, a person remains dissatisfied with his fate, irritated. All forces are spent on trifles, the owner of such features on the hand is scattered over trifles.

A deep trait is observed in those who live “to the fullest.” Such energy has too much of it, it literally overflows. The result is activity, good health, vitality. Even defects that appear that have a negative value cannot disturb the normal order of life if the line is deep.

Divination by hand line of life

Additional signs

To get an objective picture, you need to figure out what every sign on the life line says.

Divination by hand line of life

  • A circle. These are vision problems.
  • Square. Such a symbol carries the meaning of a talisman. Square means healing, the successful completion of the current disease.
  • Points are considered the most disturbing sign. Their tragic essence is in possible death. Dots mark death on the line of life if visible on both hands. If one point on the line of life, then to avoid the tragic fate is very simple. It is only necessary to pay attention to their person and better monitor their health.
  • Cross. This is a negative sign. Usually a cross on the life line means an upcoming depression, stressful situations, severe fatigue. But the cross at the end promises a natural death in old age.
  • Grate means state house. The lifeline with a lattice on the arm can show a prison, or maybe simple training. The specific value depends on which grid.
  • The island on the line of life has several meanings, the place of localization is important here. The island in the initial part of the line shows head diseases. The island in the middle speaks of lung disease. The island, which is at the end, can show diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Star. This is a symbol that characterizes the essence of man. If the star is seen from the inside of its line, it is a mark of cowardice or, at least, indecision.
  • Branches allow you to find out some features of human existence. All the lines that go up – an increase in strength and all the best. According to the branches going down, one can judge that you will live this period in vain.

Value Features

When they guess by the hand and watch the life line, they study the state of health of the hand holder. A proper interpretation will help determine the period of fatigue, the time of the development of the disease, and even the approximate time of death can be seen by professional palmists in the palm of your hand. A one-time analysis cannot give an accurate picture. After all, the pattern on the palm is constantly changing. Being influenced by the environment and life circumstances, a person internally changes. Together with changes in health, in character, the drawing on the hand is also transformed.

Traditional palmistry offers for the beginning of life to consider the place where the line begins. It corresponds to the date of birth of the child. So this dating is 0 years. The end of the dash at the base of the palm means approximately 75 to 85 years of age, which is reserved for many people. This does not mean that this point shows the allotted time and corresponds to the date of death. These are just average values.

Consequently, dividing the whole line into equal intervals, you can get a kind of chronograph, which captures the main events related to the state of the body. This allows you to count the years and determine the time when there will be one or another change, imprinted on the palm. The length of the entire line, divided into fragments of 10 years, will show the age at which significant events will occur.

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