Crafts from the cones do-it-yourself video

It would seem – how can you use empty plastic bottles that we constantly encounter in everyday life? Yes, they are very different – big and small, from soda and drinking water, from ketchup, sauces, mustard, shampoo, cream …

Most of us throw plastic bottles into the rubbish bin without regret. But it turns out, completely in vain! Even so, at first glance, useless things can be found very good use:

  • Crafts from plastic bottles for the garden, cottage and garden;
  • Ideas for the balcony;
  • Children’s crafts and toys from plastic bottles;

So, consider all the items and find out what crafts from plastic bottles can be made using a little imagination.

Children’s crafts and toys from plastic bottles

Of course! Toys and toys again. Pigs, cows, cats, lions, penguins. Just look carefully at the bottle: what reminds you of its shape? Hold on to paint, brushes and spend time with joy and pleasure!

Here you have for inspiration examples of what toys can be made from plastic bottles of various shapes:

Creative French have created a whole world of robots from plastic bottles and caps!

The best children’s books

A whole detailed step by step instructions on how to make a plane from a plastic bottle

Show me at least one boy who will refuse such a jet pack of plastic bottles!

But a great toy for the bathroom – ships from the bottles of shampoo.

Such a colorful and cheerful elephant will help to add variety to the interior of the children’s room and will simply delight your children:

Source of the idea: La casa park

If children are afraid of the dark – make for them and with them a funny night light.

Source of the idea: Fab

Or such “fireflies”.

Also plastic can make bright and funny rattles for the little ones.

Source of the idea: Pink pistachio

And such “foam blowers” ​​for older children – in the summer on the street they will enjoy great success with children.

Source of the idea: Spoonful

It turns out that plastic bottles can be made not only toys, but even the whole game! For example, how do you like such a bowling alley?

Source of the idea: Cool craft sites

And, of course, you can make a traditional piggy-pig very simply! True, it will be difficult to break it. &# 128578;

Source of the idea: Martha stewart

Animals from plastic bottles, birds

The main thing is to guess the animal hiding there in each bottle shape!

Source of ideas: Home dzine

See what a cute jellyfish from a plastic bottle for the decor of the room desks!

Magic video Master class on making a turtle

Funny birds from plastic bottles.

Charming Princess Frog

Hedgehog from cones and a plastic bottle. Who would have thought that the cap would serve as a nose!

Christmas crafts from plastic bottles

Christmas tree from plastic bottles

It turns out that you can make a Christmas tree from plastic bottles (for example, a tabletop), and even a Christmas tree. Links to workshops are under each Christmas tree.

And in this video, the girl makes a tall New Year tree with a star on top!

And one more video Master Class on making New Year’s beauty

Christmas toys from plastic bottles

We need Christmas toys on holidays to decorate the Christmas tree or the whole room. Here are a few ideas that will help to make unexpected and fun Christmas toys and decorations from almost nothing – out of plastic bottles and a minimum of available tools.

A Christmas tree can be decorated with the help of such original balls (these balls are based on rings cut from a plastic bottle, and any decor can be invented):

A source:

You can make simple Christmas decorations with your own hands – and depending on how you decorate them or what you fill with, you can get many options:

If you have a big Christmas tree, you can make golden bells for it:

A source:

And you can – cones of plastic bottles of brown:

Christmas decorations for the house of plastic bottles

Snowflakes of various kinds look especially good if you have the opportunity to paint them with gold paint:

A source: cutoutandkeep

Such a ball can decorate a room, and several balls hanging at the entrance to the house will create an unforgettable festive atmosphere:

A source:

Christmas candlesticks from plastic bottles to make very, very simple:

Useful crafts from plastic bottles for the home

Comfortable ottoman for the living room

Step-by-step instructions for making charming pots

We all know how tasty cupcakes are and how difficult it is sometimes to bring them to visit without spoiling all the beauty. Ordinary cake boxes are too large for them, but for some reason nobody has invented mini boxes. So make them yourself! All you need is nothing: a plastic bottle, cardboard and colored tape.

By the way, in the same way you can pack macaroons!

Details here: Paper plate and plane

Here are some more ideas for creating various containers from plastic bottles for storing various items:

Source of the idea: apartment therapy

Crafts from the cones do-it-yourself video

Source of the idea: Home designing

Source of the idea: Home dzine

Source of the idea: EPBOT

Source of the idea: Craft

Source of ideas and MK: duitang

Source of the idea: Ocean whispers

We do not know how for you, but for us it is always a big problem to find a place for a charging phone. With the help of a bottle of shower gel, you can easily resolve this issue. Just cut from it the holder, which will fit both the phone itself and the wire from charging. And you can decorate it with fabric or napkins using decoupage technique.

Source of the idea: Savvy housekeeping

Crafts from the cones do-it-yourself video

Plastic bottles will help even for an unusual design of napkin rings. We offer step by step instructions for manufacturing.

Bird feeders from plastic bottles

Maybe the bird feeder is not the most creative work of art, but very useful for our smaller brothers, and it also deserves attention, especially with the approach of spring.

In the bottle, make two through holes, insert a wooden cooking spatula. And, of course, do not forget to pour the seeds!

Source of the idea: Spoonful

Source of the idea: Birds&Blooms

Source of the idea: Design sponge

Drinkers from plastic bottles

Excellent selection of 15 homemade drinkers theselfsufficientliving

Crafts from plastic bottles for the garden, garden and cottages

Now let’s see how plastic bottles can help us grow flowers and other plants.

This idea will save a lot of space, because a wall that was previously empty was used to place these bottles-pots.

Source of the idea: treehugger

With the help of such transparent covers your seedlings will not be afraid of any wind or bad weather.

Source of the idea: Spoonful

Source of the idea: Blomsterverkstad

Source of the idea: apartment therapy

Source of the idea:

Perhaps the simplest, but such an important work is a watering can for home or garden plants! It is not so important whether you are preparing to grow seedlings for the garden at home, or if you just grow fragrant herbs in pots – such a watering can can be very useful.

And you can only make it with a bottle, a match and a thick needle!

Master Class: A Journey to a Dream

Entertainment with water as a whole system of iridescent vessels is ideal for summer spending time with children in the garden and in the country.

Source of the idea: Playing by the book

And who are the fly agarics from plastic bottles?

Or a whole bunch of daisies!

Jewelry from plastic bottles

The imagination of designers is amazing! You look and do not believe your eyes that such beautiful things are made from ordinary plastic bottles!

You can create jewelry for girls:

Source of the idea: Spoonful

Step by step instructions on how to make a very delicate bracelet

A source:postila

Rings, brooches and hairpins from plastic bottles!

Such a necklace you definitely will not find anyone

The next series of crafts – just for the soul. She will tell you how to decorate a room for a holiday party or just decorate your home. You will need very little effort and materials, and the result will surely please your household and friends.

Flowers from plastic bottles with their own hands

Interesting Master Class on making flowers + lifehacks

These decorative flowers can be made by hand from plastic bottles of different colors. Great for co-creation with children.

Source of the idea: Oh happy day

Bright flowers from plastic bottles will help to decorate your party or just add variety to the interior of the house or cottage.

Source of the idea: KROKOTAK

And another video MK on making flowers

Cacti from plastic bottles

Plastic bottle flashlights

How to make flashlights with your own hands from the most various materials we have already written. Let’s add to the list of unusual options for flashlights from plastic bottles.

Source of the idea: Inhabitat

And here you will find a detailed step by step MK flashlights

Flashlights for fairies

Clicking on the link below the following photo you will find the Master Class video of this fantastic fairy house flashlight. I can not believe that it is made of plastic bottles!

Ideas for the balcony of plastic bottles

Elegant flowerpots for decorating the balcony

A huge number of ideas for the balcony and garden balconygardenweb !

But how to make a palm tree from plastic bottles

Want to hang flowers on the balcony?

Cute Flowerpots Teddy Bear and Bunny

And one more detailed video Master Class manufacturing palm trees from plastic bottles

The best books for parents

What can be made of caps and caps from plastic bottles

Creative approach to the design of the facade

A source: boredpanda

Still? Among the many homemade trees you will find and Christmas trees with their own hands from plastic bottles! &# 128578;

All these unusual, original and useful crafts can be created from plastic bottles! If you have examples of such works on your blog, we will be glad if you share them in the comments.

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