Crafts for Easter do-it-yourself from corrugated paper

We have selected 13 ideas for you to decorate any hall, room or class with festive paper flowers.

You can make simple and complex flowers with your own hands, because paper is a versatile material.

1. Giant dahlia

A multi-colored blooming dahlia bud is easy to make from several sheets of paper, twisted into a cone and glued to each other.

These flowers can be mounted on the wall or make of them a garland.

2. Flowers-balls

Paper can make balls or pompons. Light, air, they will decorate any space, but look best in the nursery.

Make them, for example, from corrugated paper.

In the middle we fasten with wire and straighten each petal from different sides.

3. Kraft paper flower

Giant flowers can be made from craft paper. Cut out the shape of the petal. To give more naturalness each paper form roll in different directions. Glue them around, and you get a kind of rose.

To make the flower look more interesting, before putting it together, put a picture on the paper, for example, colored peas.

4. Exotic flowers

From paper you can make not only a popular rose, but also exotic flowers.

The scheme is almost the same, only here we make another center. Cut out the petals, cut it down below and glue the halves, putting a friend on the other.

5. Garlands of carnations

Garlands, fixed to the ceiling, will decorate the wall or will become a kind of curtain zoning the room.

Carnations themselves are made on the same principle as the balls, from point two.

6. Flowers with notes

The music class can be decorated with flowers made from a note book or simply with a print of notes. Cut out the petals with pointed ends. Glue the ends of one of the sides and fasten in the center.

It turns out a simple, but very interesting thematic decoration.

7. Flowers from cupcake baskets

After you have eaten delicious muffins, do not throw out the baskets in which they were packed.

Dry them, paint them and make a wall bouquet with your child.

8. Huge lilies

Giant flower, suitable for decoration of a large hall, a group in a kindergarten or a classroom in a school.

Glue the petals from most to the smaller. At the bottom we glue the circle – the base.

This is a simple but nice idea to decorate the hall.

Then the core of the flower will be “fluffy.” We fold some petals in half and straighten – this will be one type of flower.

For others, glue the sharp ends of the petals together, and you get a different kind of chamomile.

10. Almost peonies

Again, the way to make amazingly natural flowers of corrugated paper using the method of making pompons.

Crafts for Easter do-it-yourself from corrugated paper

We take two sheets of paper. One is bigger, with sharp edges, the other is smaller with rounded edges.

11. Corrugated Paper Studs

Cut out several circles of different shades of pink from larger to smaller. The edges of some circles are wavy, others cut out triangles.

Sew the circles between you and your hands, crushing the flower, making it fluffy.

12. Flower with brooch

We will need a lot of petals of different sizes, three baskets of corrugated paper and a foam ball, which will need to be pasted over with rhinestones, or just an old brooch without a pin.

We impose petals around each other. In the center we glue the baskets and the brooch.

13. Tropical Flowers

To make them, you will need several sheets of corrugated paper with rich bright colors.

Twist each sheet into a tube and put them into each other. We tie up all the paper tubes and straighten it layer by layer.

It has long been no longer just children’s crafts, but an independent direction of decor.

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