Cover the corner sofa do it yourself

The soft corner, inherited, can be transformed beyond recognition. Upgrading product designs is not so difficult. The sofa and chairs can still be used if you sew special covers on them. Some housewives out of the situation with a bedspread, they just cover the furniture. This option is not quite suitable when there are small children in the house. If the kids begin to fidget or indulge, the blanket moves to the floor.

We will consider a more practical design solution. As a cape for a sofa with chairs can serve as divandeki. In fact, these products are covers that reliably protect the upholstery material from mechanical damage or dirt.

Pros that you can not argue

Take a look at the photos of the divandeks to see for yourself their every advantage. Beautiful products perfectly cope with the aesthetic function. They are used in order to update the interior or additions to the existing decor.

Cover the corner sofa do it yourself

For covers use all the richness of the rainbow color palette. Fashionable designs and shades allow you to make the interior stylish. The room will be more comfortable and more comfortable. For sewing Divandek you can take natural materials or synthetic fabrics.

According to professional stylists, furniture covers give individuality to the interior, uniting the atmosphere of the room. Fur models look gorgeous in a wooden house. For a city apartment, a more presentable option is satin divandeks. They are durable and practically do not get dirty.

You can sew several sets of dividends to change them. Each such replacement ensures the creation of a new look. Items can often be removed and put on.

If you want to change the situation, wear divandeki on the sofa and chairs from the material of the same tone as the curtains. Multi-colored covers are more suitable for friendly gatherings.

Harmonious addition serve ottomans, cushions and small rugs. Several accessories, made of textile, will help to equip a presentable apartment without expensive repairs.

How to make the right choice?

There are many offers on the market, manufacturers produce more and more new models every day. Even scrupulous buyers will be able to find options that will suit them in all respects. It is important not only the color solution, but also the shape of the products.

However, the main criteria are the quality and durability of the material. The optimal solution is to take heavy textiles for sewing. A good choice is velor, tapestry or blended fabric, based on cotton with synthetic. These non-mark fabrics have a good density.

We sew divandek for soft corner by ourselves

On the corner model is more difficult to find ready-made covers. The search ended in vain – do not despair. Sew divandeki on the corner sofa themselves.

You will need to immediately find out whether the product is solid or in two parts, and whether you need a rubber band.

Corner models of upholstered furniture, as a rule, have large dimensions, so it is easier to cut one separate cover for each part of the sofa.

In order for the two components to look like one product, it is necessary to stitch them together at an angle equal to 45 degrees. An elastic band sewn to the hem from the bottom is a guarantee that the case will not slip.

Take measurements sofa

It is important to make measurements accurately, so the piece of furniture should be divided into two components in the form of rectangles.

Cover the corner sofa do it yourself

The sofa is measured along the wall behind the length of the main part and the corner. Measure the width of the seats, its indicator in the two parts may be different. For allowances add 3 or 5 cm to each measure.

If you decide to make frills, then remove another measure. You will need to measure the distance from the sofa seat to the floor. The frills themselves should not come into contact with the floor surface. Better when they hang at a distance of 5 or 6 cm from the floor covering. In this case, the edges will not quickly become dirty.

After you have done all the necessary calculations, add a little more in reserve to be sure that there will be enough material.

Making a pattern

Measure the furniture transfer to the millimeter paper, taking into account the scale and direction of cut. Cut out the parts that turned out. Take a piece of cloth and place it on the floor with the front side. On the other side circle the patterns with a chalk or a remnant.

Cover the corner sofa do it yourself

Cutting the material, do not forget to leave at least 3 cm for the allowances. The fabric from the machine stitch will taper.

It is not recommended that divandeki fit the furniture tightly. More beautiful product looks when it is free.

Practical advice

Novice seamstress is not recommended to sew covers from expensive materials such as eco-leather. Need practice, and you can begin to improve the situation in the country, where there is an old sofa.

To work, take a strong thread, otherwise the product will soon “crawl”, and you will have to sew it again.

If the covers turned out to be butt, then sew the seams twice to give them extra strength.

Too small a stitch can damage the structure of the material, so it should not be set on a typewriter.

Divandek must be quilted, and swept over the edges. The frills are sewn on the bottom of the boot. Of the strips of material with the same width form the folds.

For sewing covers can not be used elastic, and a zipper. It is more convenient to use divandek on a lightning: it is easily removed from furniture.

If in some places the design came out imperfect, mask the defects with decorative ribbons or bows.

Divandeki on the chair sewn on the same principle, just in size, they are smaller than covers on the sofa.

Washing rules

Before you load the divandex in the washing machine, make sure that you know which mode of operation to choose so that the product does not lose the attractiveness of its appearance. Washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

If divandek is very large and does not fit in a washing machine, it is washed by hand or at a car wash. In the second case, you will get an effective result quickly, and in the first you will have to work hard – you will need to wash it in several waters.

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