Christmas toys do it yourself

Immediately after the autumn holidays in kindergarten and school, we begin to actively prepare for the main holiday of the year. Create original Christmas crafts for the kindergarten with your own hands, you can even with the smallest children from the material at hand. It is easy, fast and cheap. Active mother offers a selection of ideas for joint work with preschoolers on the eve of the New Year.

Paper trees

The immutable main symbol of the New Year will certainly take a special place among the many handicrafts you create with your baby.

You can make a simple but spectacular Christmas tree by cutting circles of different shades of green color out of paper and pasting them onto a foam-cone. Even a three-year-old child will cope with this task.

To create the next Christmas tree from paper, you will need the same foam cone and cut strips of colored paper for scrapbooking of the same length and width. After twisting the strips in half, they can be pasted on the Christmas tree in rows, but it is easier to attach each strip with a decorative pin. Decorate the Christmas tree with small plastic snowflakes. A bright, positive, made by the hands of a child, such a Christmas tree made of paper will become a real decoration of the game room in the kindergarten.

Alternatively, a similar Christmas tree can be made of tapes:

The following New Year tree is quite simple in execution. To make it, you will need a cardboard blank in the form of the same cone and small round napkins with a lace pattern on the edges. Cover the cone with napkins in rows, starting at the bottom. Stylish, gentle, dazzling snow-white Christmas tree is ready.

Another very simple version of making a paper Christmas tree with your own hands. Cut a triangle out of colored scrapbook, fold it with an accordion and “plant” the Christmas tree on the trunk – a wooden skewer. Set on the base, decorate with a foil star. Simple and tasteful!

Christmas crafts for kindergarten on the Christmas tree

Decorations on the Christmas tree – the very first thing that comes to mind when it comes to crafts for the New Year.

Christmas toys made of blown light bulbs are simple and fun. To turn an ordinary light bulb into a snowman, Santa Claus, a penguin or a gnome, you need to prime it (with a special primer or PVA glue), apply a layer of base paint and drawing (use acrylic paint or gouache – you will have to varnish the last). lace, eyes for toys, decorative flowers and

From scrap materials: remnants of yarn and felt, wire, beads – you can make such a funny snowman on the Christmas tree. The whole process is shown in detail in the illustrations:

On the branches of spruce, you can hang bright white and red Christmas “candy”. It is not difficult to make them: you need to alternately string white and red beads on the chenille and bend it.

Foam balls are very popular as blanks for Christmas crafts in kindergarten. Buy such a ball – and the basis for the future Christmas-tree toys is ready. Pins to such a ball, you can attach beads, sequins, buttons, flowers.

If you cut a triangle out of cardboard and wrap it with acrylic threads, you get a bright Christmas tree that can be hung on a Christmas tree. In the same way you can make stars and balls.

It is very easy to make a Christmas tree toy in the shape of a Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks. Glue sticks into a triangle, paint it, glue the leg-trunk, decorate it with bright decor and attach the pendant. What could be easier?

Christmas toys do it yourself

The Christmas tree for the decoration of a New Year’s tree can be cut out of thick felt and decorated with buttons.

It’s very easy to make a Christmas tree from colored lace (or ribbon) and large beads:

Balls and shapes based on them from PVA-treated threads are always popular. Woolen threads need to roll in the glue, wrap them with an inflated balloon, and after the glue hardens and the threads harden, pull the ball down. The resulting ball can be decorated with sparkles, sequins, beads and hang on the Christmas tree.

And you can make such a funny snowman for room decor.

New Year crafts for kindergarten from cones

Cones – a popular natural material for the manufacture of handicrafts, including the New Year.

It is enough to paint the cone and install it on the stand – and now the little Christmas tree is ready for the decor of the table or the shelf.

The pin can be decorated with small pom-poms and hung on the Christmas tree – you get a great alternative to traditional balls.

And, of course, all kinds of figurines of animals and fantastic creatures can be made from the cones. For example, gnomes:

Christmas wreaths

A wreath on the door or on the wall is a traditional decoration for many holidays. New-year-old wreaths made of natural fir branches, decorated with golden cones, look gorgeous. And with preschoolers, you can make New Year crafts for kindergarten easier.

For example, take a sheet of double-sided colored paper, fold it in half and make cuts, not reaching the end of about 2 cm. Fold the sheet first with a straw and then with a ring, securing the ends with a stapler. Decorate with a bow of paper.

A bright and simple wreath can be made from a disposable plastic plate and pompons. Cut the bottom of the plate, paint the plate with acrylic or gouache paint, decorate it with pompoms and bows.

About the Christmas tree of the hands Active mom has already written, in the same way you can make a wreath at the door.

The original, stylish and simple wreath can be made of clothespins. You can buy plastic green clothespins or paint green wooden clothespins. On the wire alternately strung clothespins and large red beads, form a circle from the wire, decorate with a ribbon bow.

Analogous to a wall wreath or a wall wreath can be hand-made watches from disposable plates. Numbers and arrows can be cut out of cardboard, paper or felt, or molded from stiffening clay. Decorate your watch with ribbons, chenille, a star indicating the coming year.

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