Christmas crafts with their own hands with children

Scenario entertainment “In the country of magic music”

  • To teach children to feel and understand the beauty of music, to transmit it in movements, playing musical instruments, corresponding to the nature of music.

Developmental tasks:

  • Develop in children emotional responsiveness to music, and its images.
  • Develop creative imagination, imagination.
  • Develop a sense of rhythm, auditory attention.
  • Develop a creative imagination through musical rhythmic movements and playing musical-noise instruments.
  • Develop speech, auditory attention, musical memory.

Christmas crafts with their own hands with children

Educational tasks:

  • Raise love for music, for musical instruments
  • Improve the ability to feel your body and own it.
  • Enrich the emotional impressions of children from exploring music.
  • Equipment: hats of animals (donkey, goat, bear, monkey, goat goat wolf) hats for notes (do re mifa la la si) wooden spoons, metallophone, tambourine cards with the image of instruments
  • Lead – adult
  • Queen of Music – Adult
  • Goat – adult
  • Wolf – adult

Presenter (music sounds) Hello, dear guys! Today we will set off on an unusual, magical journey – to the country of music. We hope that this trip will give you a smile, joy and good mood. Today, children from the music school came to our holiday, they brought their musical instruments, and prepared a small concert.

Without music, without music It is impossible to live for nothing. Do not dance without music Nor polka or gopak.

And in the dance you will not spin, And you will not march by the march, And you will not sing a song merry on a holiday!

I’ll tell you a secret: No mood without a song!

Sounds a song “Chudenka song” (music. Birnova).

Host: Today, we are waiting for an exciting journey to the magical land of music!

Hear music sounds?

(Go out to the forest glade, Donkey, goat, bear, and monkey)

Scene “Quartet” Krylov’s fable (performance with children)


Mischievous-Monkey, Donkey, Goat, Yes, clumsy Mishka. They demanded to play the Quartet.

We got the notes, bass, viola, two violins. And they sat on the meadow under the sticky, “To light the art with their art. They hit the bows, tear, but there’s no sense.”

“Stop, brothers, stop! – shouts Monkey. “Wait! How can the music go?” After all, you are not so sit.You are with the bass, Misha, sit down against the viola,

I, prima, will sit down against the second; Then the music will not be the same: We will begin to dance in the woods and mountains! ”Settled, began the Quartet;

He still doesn’t work well. “Wait, did I find a secret? “The Donkey is shouting, – we will surely get along, Kohl will sit next to him”

We listened to Oslo: sat down grandly in a row; But nevertheless, the Quartet will fit well.

To whom and how to sit. It was Nightingale who was about to fly to the noise. They all asked him to resolve their doubts. “Perhaps, they say, take patience for an hour,

To put the Quartet in order, our lead: And we have the notes, and we have the instruments, Tell me just how we can sit down! ”-“ In order to be a musician, so need skill

And your ears are more gentle, “The Nightingale answers,“ And you, friends, no matter how you sit down; Everything is not fit for the musicians ”(animals are sad) who will teach us how to sing and dance)


We will go to the country of magic Music for a holiday. And if you want, we will take you with you. The Queen of Music lives in that country, and to her today awaits all of us.

animals: we sing songs and play instruments, we are not able!


Nothing, because the Music loves us all, Songs to play and play instruments, she will teach everyone. Host: Well, then, get together, forest people, the music is waiting for us! Don’t feel sorry for your feet,

Go quickly.

Composition (children imitate train movement) “Song – friends” (We are going, going, going to distant lands, good neighbors, happy friends …).

Host: Here we are with you in the country of magic Music.

(The music queen comes to the music.)


My name is music, my friends! And now I’ll get to know you. Take a look at my outfit –– the dress has a whole scale.

There are various icons, Even a treble clef. I want to invite you friends, In the world of music and happiness.

Queen: In the world of music live my helpers, My helpers run notes and tell your children about yourself (children read poetry)

At the note Before the cares are complete, She has an important business given. She is the basis of the scale, She always needs to be in place.

The joy of everyone around you carries the daisies for the girlfriends. Like a stream, it rings, And everyone can hear it from afar.

Mi loves the world, peace, the golden month of magic. She dreams of beauty and devotes her tunes.

The Fa is a dreamer and a poet, She has a bicycle Winged with a bright lantern, The Fa rushes on it across the sky.

Salt loves the sun a bright light, Light and pure notes are not. In the garden, it grows beans, you will certainly be treated.

House notes A la from petals, She is a great connoisseur of flowers Forests, garden, meadow, She herself looks like La on them.

And note C is modest for us, The last one in the series is she.Si loves dreams and tales, And blue kids eyes.

Each note has its own life, But together they are all family. It has seven magic “I” live and ringing songs sing.

Host: The queen of music, your notes helpers will help our animal friends learn how to sing and dance correctly. And then they have nothing.

Queen: Of course, I will help! Listen to how our orchestra plays.

Orchestra “Funny spoons” (boys play)

Queen: It is very interesting. To learn songs to sing, and dance, and even more interesting, the voice of the flute to hear, (the child plays the flute)

Queen: I have for you, my friends, musical riddles.

Who will guess the riddle, He gets the answer! (postcards with the image of the tool)

Riddles: this is known in Russia, Though anyone ask about it! She has only three strings, But she is the love of the country.

Vanya will come out for play "trail" Yes "bullshit". (Balalaika)

Six-string stranger, This resounding instrument Love a bard, a soldier, a student, And an honored artist, And a loaded tourist. (Guitar)

Very ancient and simple Instrument, inside is empty. The sticks are elastically beaten, The rhythm of the ensemble is set. It is always happy. (Drum)

Christmas crafts with their own hands with children

This performer is a young man with a musical note and a sign. It is by gentle delicate strings. It leads with a small bow. (Violinist)

A three-row is poured in, And the people are squatting! And the three-row is not bad – there are buttons and furs. And merry old women, They sing chastooshas under it! (Harmony, harmonica)


We have tools,

We will play on it now. A game “Guess the tool” (the child behind the screen plays the instruments, the metallophone, the spoons of the tambourine) the children guess.

The game is repeated 2-3 times at the request of the children.

A surprise moment (the role of a goat and a wolf is played by adults, kids are kids)

A goat with kids comes in. Hello, friends, I am a goat dereza, and these are my kids, we live in the forest, you haven’t met a forest wolf, it can be very angry, and it hurts to offend my kids, we are afraid we will.

Queen: Do not be afraid of the goat wolf’s wolf, we won’t give your kids offense, and we will win the wolf, have fun at our party, have fun.

A wolf runs in, oh, here you are where kids are kids, I looked for you in all fairy tales, ran to three little pigs, they didn’t open the door for me, knocked to the bast in the bast hut, and there was silence, Mishka looked into the thicket and there was not anyone where forest dwellers disappeared

Queen: They do not want to be friends with you, you can not run a wolf goat kids and goats, and all the neighbors of fairy tales, stay on our holiday and listen to beautiful music and dance with the guys, (a fragment of the musical sounds “Mama” wolf dancing with children)

Wolf: now I will also be friends with kids and listen to beautiful music, and learn to sing and dance beautifully.

Queen: What is a song? This is a true friend. Song is joy, sonorous laughter around,

A thousand melodies, voices of the surf … There is nothing in the world. Music is more wonderful, Because music is always with you!

And now, kids, I have to say goodbye! See you in music and dance classes. (The queen of music leaves.)

Host: This is the end of our journey to the country of wonderful magical music, let’s smile to each other, and we will never be bored once, when such cheerful music sounds, I want to sing and dance. (Sounds a song “Smile”)


  • V. Semernin “Music lives everywhere”,
  • “Musical riddles”(internet source).
  • Fable Krylov
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