Chocolate bouquets with their own hands

From admin · May 27, 2015

Today we will tell you two options for creating bouquets of tulips.

Both master classes are not complicated enough, but proven and effective. Such bouquets will be able to please relatives and relatives for a very long time. So let’s get started:

Option number 1. How to make tulips from corrugated paper.

In the first master class, we will look at how to create a fairly simple bouquet of tulips.

To make tulips of corrugated paper will require:

  • Red corrugated paper for a bud (or you can choose any other color or make a multicolored bouquet);
  • Green corrugated paper for a stalk and leaflets;
  • Wire;
  • Glue gun for needlework (one rod);
  • Scissors.

one . Take a corrugated colored paper and cut a rectangular strip, an approximate size of 5 to 26 centimeters.

2 The strip that we have turned out, we fold it neatly in half, iron it with our own hands, then in half again – we should have a rectangle 5 by 7 centimeters.

3 From the resulting rectangle, we cut out the shape of the petal, draw a shape in advance and cut along the contour. In the lower part of the petal there should be two little corners for fastening (look at the photo).

four . Now, spread the petals separately, and each twist the tip with the corners.

five . Then we give a realistic shape to the petals. To do this, stretch the edges of the petals with your fingers. We do this very carefully and give them a cup shape, as in the photo.

6 Placing in a circle, with the concave side up, we begin to form the tulip bud itself. Holding the petals at the bottom, where we twisted, fix it with a glue gun for needlework.

7 Now we will make a tulip stem. Take the wire and attach the bud to the end of the wire.

eight . Then again we take green corrugated paper, cut off a strip of 1 – 2 centimeters wide and a leaflet for the stem. Next, carefully and carefully from the base of the bud, wrap the wire with your own hands to the middle. At the end of the stem we glue the paper with a glue gun. Then we take a leaf, in the middle we will twist it and glue it to the stalk.

Chocolate bouquets with their own hands

In the middle of each tulip you can make the stamens: take a thin wire, wrap yellow corrugated paper on the tips and fix it in the center of each flower. Looks like a photo.

9 . Congratulations! Your excellent bouquet is ready! Thanks for attention! Delight your family and friends with delicate and lovely hand-made bouquets. Such gifts are especially pleasant!

If you have any difficulties or questions on the creation of flowers. Then you can familiarize yourself with the master class algorithm on video. Which is presented below.

Option number 2. A delicious bouquet of tulips with candy.

The second master class is the creation of a beautiful bouquet of tulips with a delicious surprise in every flower!

For this master class, how to make corrugated paper tulips, with a surprise, you will need the following materials (estimated number of tulips – 9 pieces):

  • 9 candies (preferably chocolate);
  • Corrugated paper (your choice of any color suitable for tulips and combined with the packaging of chocolates: pink, yellow, red, white and

one . For starters, take candy and wooden sticks. Glue with the help of scotch candy to skewers. We fix the candies with scotch tape – carefully and carefully wrapping the candy wrapper and sticks at the base. We look at the photo.

2 Now we take corrugated paper (color) and cut off 24 rectangles, 6 by 17 centimeters in size. For one tulip three rectangles will be involved – a petal.

3 In turn, all the rectangles are folded so that we have one side of the tail in one centimeter.

four . Then we fold each petal like a wrapper around the fold and put a shorter part inside. Spread the petals along the line of the coup. Look at the photo, as it should.

five . Take a finger at the edges of the petal and still stretch the corrugated paper. Petal looks like in the photo.

6 We make the same algorithm of actions with all the petals – we have 24 of them.

7 Now we are going to create the buds of a bouquet of tulips. Each of the 9 buds needs three petals. In a circle to the candy attach and fix with scotch tape on three petals.

eight . Then proceed to the creation of leaves for tulips. Take a green corrugated paper and cut 18 rectangles measuring 4 by 26 centimeters. For each tulip on two leaves.

9 . The rectangles are in turn folded in half.

Chocolate bouquets with their own hands

ten . And by analogy with p. No. 4 we fold on the fold as a candy wrapper and slightly stretch the corrugation. We look at the photo.

eleven . We should have 18 leaves.

Chocolate bouquets with their own hands

12 . The corrugated green paper along the entire length of the roll is cut into strips – about 1.5 centimeters wide. With these strips we wrap the stems of tulips.

13 . We take the glue gun for needlework and on the basis of the bud of the tulip gently put a few drops. Press firmly against the edge of the green strip and begin to wind the stem. At the end of the skewer put another couple of drops of glue and fix the end of the stem.

14 . By analogy, the same actions must be carried out with all the flowers to make tulips of beautiful corrugated paper.

15 . To complete the creation of tulips, we need to attach two pieces of paper to the tulips, which we have prepared from green corrugated paper. We drip on the stems with a glue gun twice at different distances from the flower. Winding leaves, fasten on the stalk.

sixteen . Congratulations! You have created a sweet and gorgeous bouquet of tulips with a surprise!

17 For the greatest effect of the gift beautifully arrange our bouquet of tulips. We will feel like florists and wrap tulips in felt, artificial or jute mesh or sisal.

18 . The resulting bouquet is bandaged. Forming a large bow, silk or other ribbon for decoration, which you prepared in advance.

Your bouquet – a gift is now just waiting for the solemn presentation to the lady for whom we tried so hard!

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