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Green flowerbed around the cozy patio of a country house

Notable harvests in greenhouses and garden beds do not detract from the value of summer cottages, as a place to rest. Leaving the countryside you want not only to weed and water, but also to enjoy nature. It is doubly pleasant to contemplate the beauty created with your own hands. It is unlikely that it will be possible to break the landscape park into 6 acres, but it is quite within the power of each villa owner to arrange a small flower garden on their own. Where to start and how not to make a mistake – let’s figure it out together.

Decorative flowerbeds around the patio with outdoor stove

Flower bed of perennial flowers and succulents in an abandoned fountain

Modern flower bed in the country of stones and round shrubs

Spring flower bed of colorful tulips

Alpine hill of smooth stones and small annuals

Flowerbed at the cottage: the choice of location

The first step to success – well-chosen place for the future flower bed.

In a small courtyard under a flower bed, you can select a small corner for the patio.

Flower garden should have good lighting. Arrange a flower bed at the main entrance or at the gazebo, provide free access, make a path to it from sand or gravel. If you plan to plant shade plants, you can break a flower garden under the canopy of trees or near the fence.

The landscape design of the backyard in the Greek style

Flowerbed in the form of a small island in the spacious courtyard

Varieties of flower beds

Professionals are divided into regular flower gardens and with a free landscape planning.

Children's Kitchen DIY

Regular include:

  • garden borders, narrow (up to 50 cm) strips running along the paths and serving as a floral border;

Gentle tulips are planted around the seating area along the walkway.

  • beds, geometrically regular, with clear borders, round, oval, square, rectangular or triangular flower beds;
  • rabatki, long and wide, up to 3 meters, the strip, are good for location along the building sites of the cottage;

Children's Kitchen DIY

  • parterres are freestanding floral arrangements formed from sculptures, sand or gravel mounds and plants.

A separate small flower garden on the plot

  • mixborders can have any shape and a wide range of plants in them (free ideas of the owners on any topic);
  • rock gardens connect flowers, trees and stones to a small garden, the so-called alpine slide;
  • groups – flowers arranged in random order, without defining borders.

For large orderly flowerbeds are selected plants that bloom long and at the same time

Which of the presented species to give preference, decide on the basis of the size allocated for the flower bed area.

Narrow flowerbed along a small elegant fence

Seasonal distribution

Creating a flower garden, I want him to please the eye throughout the summer season, and this is May – September. For a temperate climate, the list of seasonal flowers will look like this:

May – June: primrose, tulip, crocus, narcissus, saxifrage, pansies;

June – July: cornflowers, peonies, irises, carnations, delphinium, weigela;

July – August: phloxes, chamomile garden, petunia, nasturtium, marigolds, kosmeya;

“Delicious” shades of petunias will decorate your home garden

Children's Kitchen DIY

In addition, there are plants that bloom all season. Among them, fragrant, garden geranium and purslane are the most popular.

If, during the formation of the flower bed, you plant in seasonal areas, you are guaranteed to get a garden that blooms from May to September.

A small bed of roses will please the eye and cheer up

Important! When purchasing seedlings or seeds in a store or on the market, take several bags of plants of the same species at once. So you can create the desired pattern of the flowerbeds and protect yourself from losses, if suddenly not all the seeds come up.

Thick colorful flower bed will cheer up

Handy materials for flower beds

Creative fantasies of summer residents amaze with their originality. In the course are the most unexpected items. Often for this choose automobile tires. They are used also for separate beds, and create real floral terraces. Tires are painted in different colors, giving the finished composition a simple charm.

With the help of unnecessary things you can build an original and exclusive flower bed.

Amazing flower beds are made of old wooden furniture. Grandma’s chair, twined with ivy and framed by geraniums and marigolds, looks fabulous.

Abandoned wooden car can turn into a compact flowerbed

No less beautiful is the triangular coffee table, which served as the basis for the pyramid flower bed. An old chest of drawers is a finished frame for a multi-level flower garden. It is enough to push the boxes to different depths, fill with soil and a miniature fantasy about the gardens of Semiramis is ready.

Half a barrel in the form of a large flowerpot for flower beds

Having served its kitchen utensils also organically fit into the country landscape. A leaky kettle, a beautiful vase with a broken edge, a cracked salad bowl will find a new life in a man-made flowerbed.

Old clay pot with delicate small flowers

Tip! Look at the things lying in the barn, maybe your imagination will go further, and you will have an unusual, exclusive floral arrangement made from a loosening wheelbarrow or from a hopelessly broken wicker laundry box.

Color solution

In order not to be mistaken in the selection of colors, draw your future flower bed. In the center, place the brightest and largest flower, then select plants according to height and color. However, with respect to the palette, each has its own ideas. Combine the shades as you like, as long as the side plants do not slaughter the central plants in brightness.

Beautifully decorated flower bed in a classic style.

Tip! Use succulents in a flower bed. Silver plaque on the fleshy leaves of these plants and a variety of inflorescences make it possible to create amazing patterns from them.

Collecting perennials in a flower bed at the fence

Excellent material for the formation of a flower bed in a natural style – all sorts of herbs and

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