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The resort “Samotsvet” one of the few in Russia has the status of a resort of federal importance.

This is due to its geographical position, the ecologically clean area of ​​the resort and the proximity of Lake Moltayevo, which is the source of the unique Moltaevsky sapropel.

“Samotsvet” is a sanatorium of the Sverdlovsk region, located in the resort area, on the bank of the Rezh river, not far from the town of Alapayevsk, and is not the MUP Sanatorium “Ural Samotsvety”, which is located in the village of V. Sysert.

The official and correct name is “Samotsvet” Sanatorium.

The official website of the representative of the sanatorium presented to your attention.

You can get to the sanatorium on your own transport along the Rezhevsky Route, following the signs to Alapaevsk, 40 km from Alapayevsk near the village of Aromashevo, according to the sign “

How to get there by public transport: suburban train “Yekaterinburg-Alapaevsk” to the station “Samotsvet”, then by bus to “Samotsvet” (sanatorium).

Address: Sverdlovsk Region, Alapaevsk District, Samotsvet Village, Samotsvet Sanatorium.

Reviews on rest and treatment in the sanatorium “Gem” differ positive emotions, as a rule, this applies to all aspects of stay, but mostly the integrity of the staff and the high quality of medical services provided.

Treatment programs of the sanatorium

Treatment Profiles:

  • musculoskeletal system
  • respiratory diseases
  • urinary system
  • the cardiovascular system
  • program "antistress"
  • maternity program
  • mother and child
  • bracing programs

Capillaries on hand

  • SPA capsule “Alfa” is a unique, ultra-modern apparatus of complex effect based on the balanced simultaneous influence of light, sound, vibration, heat and aromas. 10 specialized programs are used, including – stress relief, slag excretion, weight reduction, immunity enhancement.
  • mud treatments: external (local and general mud baths and applications, mud compresses) and abdominal;
  • extensive range of physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • souls: Charcot, circular, ascending;
  • hydromassage baths with various types of massage;
  • manual massage;
  • physiotherapy.

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Capillaries on hand

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Regional representative of the sanatoriums without extra charges and commissions.

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Balneological resort of federal significance

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The main therapeutic factor “Gem”

The main healing factor of Samotsvet is the sapropelic mud of Lake Moltayevo, a product of the centuries-old labor of nature, combining the most valuable minerals and organic matter. Relic moltaevsky sapropel is unique in its composition. In Russia, there are only four similar sources of mud, but the quality of sapropel of Moltayevo is higher than all the others. In addition to the extraordinary properties, they have virtually no negative side effects. When carrying out mud procedures improves lymph and blood circulation, blood composition, activates the immune system, increases the body’s resistance, it is saturated with macro-and microelements, vitamins and amino acids. The range of application of sapropel of Lake Moltaevo is wide, it includes many hundreds of ailments of all systems and organs of man. Methods of application are easily accomplished, and many are preferred for individual use in the home. The biological activity of sapropel does not require its use in large volumes, the calming effect of the procedures well complements evening hygiene procedures.

Before getting to the consumer, the sapropel of Lake Moltayevo undergoes a high degree of purification, enrichment, and nutrient hygienic control. Ensuring the quality, absence of allergic and toxic reactions, Samotsvet recommends the sapropel of Lake Moltaevo for use for therapeutic and recreational purposes as an integrated therapy of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, gynecological and urological pathology .

Possessing a wide range of physiological effects, causing a complex restructuring of adaptation mechanisms, this therapeutic factor stimulates sanogenesis processes, accelerates the restoration and stabilization of the functional activity of internal organs and systems, and also maintains a high level of compensation. Numerous clinical studies have proven the ability of sapropel to affect metabolism: stimulate tissue respiration, enhance the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins, the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and the activity of enzymes of the antioxidant system of the blood. Sapropel increases the resistance of tissues to damaging effects, reducing the hyperactivity of adrenoreceptors and normalizing the function of immunocompetent organs. The pasty consistency of sapropel simplifies local and general applications, the procedures do not require special equipment, they are simple and pleasant.

Methods are divided into external and abdominal. Outdoor treatments include mud applications (local (including masks) and general applications) and mud compresses. Abdominal procedures are vaginal and rectal.

Outdoor techniques

Appliques – masks

Sapropel is applied to the skin of the face, neck, decollete and other areas of the body with a layer of 2-3 mm for a period of 10 to 20 minutes. It is used in adolescent acne, furunculosis, oily seborrhea, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis in children and adults, photo-and dyshormonal pigmentation. Heated in a water bath to a comfortable temperature of + 37-42 ° C, sapropel is applied to the skin or area of ​​the altered skin, capturing healthy skin by 1.5-2 cm, and left for 10 minutes on the first day, increasing the duration by 2 minutes. with each subsequent procedure and bringing the exposure time of sapropel to 20 minutes. During this time, sapropel will gently cleanse the skin, remove excess fat from the pores, bind toxins, have a stimulating effect on the nerve endings and expand the capillaries of the skin, improving cell nutrition. To obtain the effect of scrub before removing the mask, we recommend holding a light massage of the skin. After completion of the procedure, the mask is washed off with warm water. Mandatory 20-30 minute rest, followed by the application of nourishing cream. Effectively applying sapropel to pockets of baldness during nest alopecia with an exposure of 20 minutes, the temperature of sapropel is + 37-38 ° C. In diseases of the paranasal sinuses, chronic atrophic rhinitis, sapropel in the form of applications (+ 38-40-42 ° C, exposure time 15-20 minutes, every other day) is applied to the forehead, nose, projection of the maxillary sinuses on the face in the form of a butterfly; while the nostrils and the mouth remain free, eyes are covered with a napkin. In chronic tonsillitis, mud is applied to the region of the submandibular fossa in the form of mud collars (+ 38-42 ° C, exposure time 15-20 minutes, every other day); in chronic sub-and atrophic pharyngitis and laryngitis – on the front surface of the neck (+ 38-40 ° C, exposure time 15-20 minutes, every other day).

Application method

Application to the region of the spine, neck area, chest, liver, stomach, pancreas, large joints, hypertrophic scars of the skin after burns, injuries, wounds and surgical interventions. Heated in a water bath to + 38-42 ° C (depending on the portability and severity of the process), sapropel is applied to the skin with a thickness of up to 0.5 cm, covered with a thin plastic wrap. A woolen blanket or blanket is put on top of the film. The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the sapropel is removed, the skin is wiped with a warm, damp cloth. After the procedure, a 30-minute rest or sleep is required. In ophthalmology, it is recommended to apply mud collars in iritis (rheumatic), cyclites and iridocyclitis, counting on the reflex-trophic effect of exposure (+ 38-42 ° C, exposure 15-20 minutes, every other day). Mud applications in the form of lozenges directly on the eyes are shown in cicatricial eyelid reversals, fistulas and scars in the area of ​​lacrimal sacs and canals, deep infiltrates in the eye socket, chronically recurring keratitis, iridocyclitis. Mud application technique: a gauze bandage is applied to the eye area with a temperature of + 38-42 ° C, on top – a towel to prevent its rapid cooling, a small rubber bubble with warm water is placed on it. Exposure of the procedure for 20 minutes, 3-5 applications per week. It is necessary to observe hygienic rules regarding the cleanliness of gauze pads. After completing the procedure, you should wash your face with warm water and rest for 30 minutes with covered eyes.

Mud compresses

Mud compresses are used both from unheated sapropel (+ 12-18 ° C), which are superimposed for 2-4 hours, and sapropel with a temperature of + 43-45 ° C, which is applied to linen fabric (napkin), covered with oilcloth on top, and then a wool blanket with exposure from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Sapropel baths

Probably everyone knows the feeling of aching pain in the arms and legs, especially after working on the beds or a long, heavy walk on a cold, damp, autumn road. This pain does not let go, day or night. When solving such problems, specialists have long been successfully using applications with sapropel of Lake Moltaevo. Hands or feet are immersed in a sapropel heated to + 38-42 ° C in a water bath, the bath is covered with a film over which a woolen blanket is put to maintain the temperature of the sapropel. After 20-30 minutes, pain, stiffness in the joints recede, a feeling of fatigue in the arms or legs disappears. With the regular passage of this procedure after a few weeks, the pain is significantly reduced.

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