Candlestick for the new year do it yourself

New year do it yourself

Christmas crafts. Ideas. Templates Master classes with step by step photos

Christmas crafts in kindergarten

Santa Claus workshop for making gifts, decorations on the Christmas tree.

New Year’s interior decor. Step by step instructions with photos

DIY decorations for the Christmas tree

Winter crafts with their own hands

Gifts for the New Year do it yourself. Step by step instructions with photos

Best gift. What it is? Dearest? The most fashionable? The most necessary? Gifts are different. Traditional: flowers and chocolates – to the wife, cologne – to the husband. Practical: home appliances, clothes, books, finally. Anticipated: say, the golden ring promised by parents.

You, probably, remember, how in childhood they waited for the New Year, Santa Claus and, of course, New Year’s gifts. Now imagine how your children are waiting for gifts! When choosing gifts for them, forget about the practical and necessary things: clothes, shoes, school supplies. You still buy them at another time.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a special holiday and to some extent new for our people, although religious people, of course, always celebrated it as the bright day of the Nativity of Christ. Therefore, a certain form of congratulations has not yet developed, as is typical for secular holidays, such as the New Year, March 8, etc. Christmas is a spiritual holiday. Therefore, congratulations and wishes should sound special: to be strong in spirit, to strive to become highly moral, spiritually developed people, etc.

New Year crafts with children and for children

Christmas crafts for kindergarten. Christmas crafts for students.

The New Year is the brightest, most beautiful and most joyous holiday. The New Year is an elegant green tree, an elegantly decorated interior of a house, kindergarten, school, and shops. The New Year is a lot of gifts and an elegant New Year’s table. You can create much of what we have listed above with your own hands, and we promise to help you with this.

Christmas crafts with their own hands. Master class with step by step photos

Christmas tale do it yourself. Master class with step by step photos

Theme on “New Year”

Master class “New Year bustle”

Required materials: double-sided tape, cloth – mesh, synthetic fiber, green beads, wire, sequins, beads, glue, yarn.

Preparing for the New Year is troublesome, who goes shopping in search of gifts and Christmas decorations, someone makes souvenirs, cards and sews costumes for the holiday. And how are our smaller brothers preparing for the holiday, how is the forest preparing for the New Year? It has its own life and its New Year’s fairy tale.

Christmas gifts with their own hands. Master class with step by step photos

Christmas gifts for children do it yourself

The master class consists of 3 parts:

1. Soft toy is a souvenir.

Candlestick for the new year do it yourself

2. Spruce twigs of satin ribbons.

In this master class, I want to show how you can make various toys, souvenirs, using a pattern, and beautifully decorate a gift for a child for the New Year.

We cut out the fur: 2 parts of the body, the back of the head and the upper front part of the head. We cut out of white fleece: ears 4 parts, the lower part of the head 1 detail, lining on the face 1 detail, handles 4 details.

Christmas toy Santa Claus with his own hands

Master Class. Christmas toy “Santa Claus – Red Nose”.

Purpose: New Year’s toy can be used as a decoration for spruce, as a gift for the New Year holiday.

Santa Claus – the main character of the New Year holiday. And who is this Santa Claus? One of the versions is a fairy-tale character, who came from Russian folk tales (Frost, Frost Red Nose). Initially, his name was Grandfather Treskun. It was a wicked little old man with a long beard. But over time, Grandfather Treskun turned into a kind Grandfather Frost, who is expected for the holiday by both adults and children.

New Year’s applique. Master class with step by step photos

“Cocktail Horse”. Master class with step by step photos

Dear teachers! I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year 2014. This year’s talisman is the BLUE HORSE. I suggest that you make this wonderful symbol with me at the master class from a very interesting, modern, simple material – cocktail tubes.

You will need the following materials:

DIY candlestick made of beads with your own hands

Master class on beadwork – candlestick “New Year’s souvenir”.

The purpose of the master class: making a gift of beads for the New Year.

The master class is designed for children of middle and senior school age.

Purpose: to form practical skills and abilities to work with the main techniques of beadwork in the process of making the candlestick “New Year’s souvenir”.

Herringbone DIY application

Application of thread and candy wrappers from candies “Herringbone-beauty”

Work description: we offer you a master class on the execution of applications from woolen threads and candy wrappers from the sweets “Fir-tree – beauty”

The master class is designed for children of senior preschool age, teachers and parents. The application is aimed at the development of creativity, small muscles of the hands.

Purpose: This crafts can serve as a decoration of the New Year’s interior in kindergarten, a gift for parents and children, as well as a New Year card.

Objective: To cultivate children’s patience, perseverance and the desire to create, to develop artistic and creative abilities.

Master class on testoplasty. Handicraft “New Year’s clock”

The master class is designed for children of senior preschool age, teachers, parents.

Purpose: This crafts made of salt dough can be used as a New Year’s gift or a decoration of a kindergarten group for the New Year’s holiday.

Objective: to develop the aesthetic feelings of children, emotionally – value orientations, to involve children in artistic culture.

– Develop children’s autonomy and initiative, friendships and collaboration with peers and adults.

– Develop spatial and imaginative thinking.

Snowflake do it yourself. Master class with step by step photos

For this you will need:

1. Double-sided colored paper, scissors, PVA glue (pencil), Moment glue, stapler, cardboard sheet and compasses, shiny paints.

2. Put a sheet of colored paper.

3. Bend in half.

Mobile do it yourself. Master class with step by step photos

Master Class. Mobile “New Year in the Arctic”

I offer this master class for primary school children.

Purpose: I would like to give everyone a fairy tale, and children will show the way to it.

And what is it – mobili. These are mobile structures consisting of a system of almost weightless “rocker arms”, to the ends of which light, “floating” models are attached. I suggest you to make such a construction, because both children and adults will be delighted with this.

Now I will tell you how I did it, for everyone it will turn out a little bit in my own way, a little bit fabulous. I wish you all good luck and joy!

Embroidery ribbons. Master class with step by step photos

Christmas tree. Embroidery ribbons

We stretch the white fabric on the frame with the buttons.

Using paints on the fabric, paint the base, (from dark blue to light), let it dry.

With the help of a pencil put the contour of the tree.

Christmas crafts with their own hands for kindergarten

Christmas toys with their own hands. Master class with step by step photos

This work is available for children from 4 years

Purpose: creation of conditions for the child’s self-realization in the works

Objectives: to form a figurative, spatial thinking and the ability to express one’s thought with the help of three-dimensional forms. Develop ingenuity, ingenuity and sustained interest in creativity. To cultivate accuracy in working with natural material.

DIY snowflakes. Master class with step by step photos

Candlestick for the new year do it yourself

Master class “Making snowflakes”

1. Decoration on the Christmas tree. Master class “Snowflakes-fluffs”

Cotton swab snowflake

Age: This master class is designed for children 3-5 years old, teachers and parents.

Appointment data crafts: decoration on the Christmas tree, a gift for the New Year and Christmas.

– develop children’s artistic and creative abilities;

– contribute to the improvement of fine finger motor;

– nurture children’s patience, autonomy and accuracy.

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