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We all know that fashion never stands still. She can imperceptibly rush forward, offering fantastic outfits and images, and can come back, looking for "raisins" the women of the past centuries.

Due to this phenomenon – the fashion cycle – we are obliged to return the brooch to the outfits of modern beauties. Surely many people remember the love with which their grandmothers kept brooches in old caskets and put them on the occasion of the celebration.

Today, wearing a brooch is also considered a sign of good taste, so women of fashion wear them not only for special occasions, but also wear them in everyday life.

The brooch will be a wonderful gift for your mother, grandmother, girlfriend or colleague on March 8 or any other holiday. Today we will tell you about several ways to make brooches with your own hands.

You can make a brooch in almost any technique:

Brooches with embroidery

Felt and Bead Brooches

Lightning brooches

Satin ribbon brooches

Crochet brooches

Compound Fabric Brooches

Learning to do all this beauty is quite possible, the main thing is to know the main stages of creating a brooch.

Brooch with embroidery on the fabric basis

To make such a brooch with your own hands, you will need:

Brooch DIY

  • small embroidered plot
  • cotton or linen fabric for the back
  • piece of cardboard
  • synthetic winterizer or other filler (optional)
  • lace
  • a special lock for the brooches (you can, of course, get along with a regular pin, but it will be quite difficult for her to attach).

Crop circle embroidery. We are trying on a cardboard circle (so that the embroidery does not move aside, it is better to fix it with pins).

Shrink around the edges of the seam "forward needle", tighten the thread and fasten it.

Do not forget to put the filler inside if you want the brooch to be soft and voluminous.

We act in the same way with the rear part, making it slightly larger. In the back of the filler can not invest.

Fasten to the back of the lock for brooches.

Brooch DIY

And now we sew both parts together, putting lace between the details.

The author – Alevtina Smirnova

Brooch DIY

Instead of lace for the decoration of the brooch, you can use satin ribbons:

Brooch with special fittings

Author – Olga Orlova

To make such a brooch, you will need:

  • blank – the basis for brooches (sold in handicraft stores)
  • embroidery on canvas or uniform weave
  • piece of cardboard
  • synthetic winterizer or other filler (optional)
  • hot gun

The process of creating such a brooch is even easier. We stretch the embroidery on the cardboard base (see description to the previous brooch), and then glue the embroidery to the metal base.

The brooch will be very delicate if you pass a satin ribbon through the edges of the blank.

The author: Anyuta – Tulip

A beautiful version of the brooches of ribbons in the video master class:

As you can see, the use of such a production version allows you to get an exclusive decoration in vintage style.

Unfortunately, special accessories for the manufacture of jewelry can be very difficult to find in small towns. And online stores often offer such accessories in a set of 5-10 pieces per pack, which is not very convenient for those who want "just try".

Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to other ways of making brooches with your own hands.

Felt brooch

In order to make such a brooch you will need:

  • two colors felt
  • floss threads in tone of felt
  • beautiful vintage button
  • brooch mount

From the felt on the proposed pattern cut flowers and petals.

Cut round holes in the center of the flowers.

Thread floss thread veins flower.

On the seamy side to sew fasteners for brooches.

Choose a beautiful button and sew it.

Brooch, braided beads

Another way to make a frame for brooches is beading.

See, for example, this video is a master class on cabochon braiding.

A cabochon is a precious or semi-precious stone, treated in a special way. After this treatment, the stone acquires a smooth convex polished surface without edges. And you can braid the embroidered story in a similar way.

There are a lot of ways to decorate your own handmade brooches. You might want to decorate the edges with braid.

Or crochet the edge:

The author – Natalia (Monologia N.)

The back part can be made not only from fabric, but also from felt:

The author – Ulyana Timko

The author – Ekaterina Turkeeva

As you can see, making a brooch with your own hands is quite simple. Choose any technique you like, select materials and create!

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