Beautiful crafts for the new year with their own hands

Nowadays, hand-made things and toys are gaining much popularity. And what could be a better souvenir or souvenir than ours national toy Matryoshka. This bright charming girl with a snub-nosed nose is known to the whole world as a symbol of Russia, and you can buy it in almost any souvenir shop in our country.

Initially, the Matryoshka was carved out of wood, decorated with bright colors and giving each individuality. But now stitched soft Matryoshka gaining popularity. In addition, you can make it yourself out of paper or paper mache.

Matryoshka – the most popular Russian toy

Such a bright toy can become a worthy decoration any interior and bring it new colors and originality of Russian culture.

Beautiful crafts for the new year with their own hands

Textile Matryoshka: sew your own hands

So how do you make a matryoshka cloth with your own hands? For such sewing it is enough to have time, patches of fabric and imagination. The more varied the patterns on the patches used for sewing, the more interesting and original our Matryoshka will turn out.

  1. Cut out the pattern of our future toys. Please note – the smaller the parts in size and the greater their number, the brighter and more elegant our toy will turn out. It is enough for every detail of the pattern. use different patches by texture and color. For the head of the toy, it is better to take a monochromatic fabric of a light color, and for the bottom part – patches of motley colors.
  2. We sew our parts, turning them on the wrong side. We start assembling the parts from the top, gradually stitching patches, torso toys. Stitches should be tight and even. If it is possible, it is better to do this part of the work on the sewing machine. The bottom of the product is not sewn up.
  3. Turning the resulting product on the front side. Carefully we straighten all the corners bent inwards and fill our Matryoshka with a synthetic winterizer or other material prepared for imparting internal volume.
  4. After the toy is firmly and evenly packed, carefully sew the lower seam with small invisible stitches. Our handmade doll is ready.

You can decorate the Matryoshka to your liking, stitching or gluing beautiful ribbons and beads, drawing large eyes, nose and mouth with multicolored acrylic paints or pencils on her face.

In addition, you can sew a few toys of different sizes and, stitching a pocket to the largest Matryoshka, fold them there. Such here family of toys, made with their own hands, will be very original look as a gift.

There are many ways and tips on the Internet – how to make a Matryoshka out of fabric and you can choose the one that suits you.

Beautiful crafts for the new year with their own hands

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Master the Matryoshka themselves

In addition to the sewn toy, it can be made from papier-mâché, plasticine or paper.

  1. For the manufacture of toys from clay absolutely sculptural clay is completely optional. Just a few pieces of different colors of ordinary modeling clay and a knife for cutting it. Need to roll a few balls of different sizes. On the top ball, use a teaspoon to make a notch and fill it with light-colored clay – this is the doll’s face. Then, using matches, fasten the parts of the toy together and tackle it painted with acrylic paints. Make sure you draw beautiful eyes, a nose and a smiling mouth on your face so that your doll looks funnier.
  2. By the New Year, you can make the Matryoshka with children as an amusing Christmas-tree decoration made of colored paper. And nothing that such a toy will be flat and not voluminous – it will surely decorate your Christmas tree!
  3. Since ancient times, papier-mâché has been used by people to make all kinds of voluminous toys. So why shouldn’t we resort to this material to make our Matryoshka. For the manufacture of this type of toy is required to do the following:

      Beautiful crafts for the new year with their own hands

    • Pre-prepared soft paper (such as newspapers, for example) must be torn into small pieces.
    • We take a glass or another dish, which is shaped like a Matryoshka and, dipping pieces of paper into the PVA glue, we begin to paste over our form with them.
    • After the form is glued and the glue is completely dry, cut it into two halves and carefully remove from the workpiece.
    • Gently glue our workpiece together, we coat it with a primer. After that, we remove the irregularities with sandpaper and begin to paint our Matryoshka.

    You can purchase a blank for painting the Matryoshka in a specialized shop for needlework and creativity. This toy is also can be painted and decorated on their own. Acrylic paints are usually used for painting – they are more resistant and do not fade. In addition, to preserve the color of the product, the toy can be covered with transparent varnish on top.

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