Beautiful Christmas toys do it yourself

We continue to prepare for the New Year. What else is good to do in advance? Of course, postcards, because in order for your family and friends to receive them on time, letters must be sent in advance. We offer you 15 ideas of New Year’s cards, which you can easily make with your own hands. Last year, as part of the New Year’s train, we visited the station of Postcardino, where the subject articles of previous years awaited us.

How to make Christmas cards do it yourself

Christmas card “Snowman”

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From white paper cut a wide strip with a figured edge. It will be a snow hill. Glue it to the bottom of the postcard. Attach white acrylic letters to the center of pre-made snowmen.

Postcard “Christmas holly”

Decorate the folded sheet of thick beige paper with buttons, cut out of green paper leaves and sewing stitching along the edge. Sign the card by hand. To make the leaves glisten, cover the green paper with glue, let it dry and then cut out the leaves.

Postcard “Multicolored Christmas tree”

Create this cute Christmas composition on your card using paper for scapbooking. Fold in half a sheet of white paper measuring 24 cm by 14 cm. Cut a strip with a wavy edge 6 cm wide from scrapbooking paper of blue or turquoise color. Stick it to the top of the card. Cut out 4-6 triangles from green and blue paper (see photo).

Attach the triangles to the card in three rows. Leave free space on the right in the second row for a large tree. On a free place, glue a small knot with hot glue. This will be the trunk of the tree. Cut a large triangle out of paper with a pattern. Glue it to the postcard with a foam pad. So you get a three-dimensional Christmas tree.

Decorate the tree with rhinestones. Attach a shiny star to the top.

Postcard “Congratulations to Santa Claus”

The basis for this postcard will be paper with a pattern. Cut out the elements of Santa Claus’s face from paper of different colors. Glue them. Pink chalk tint Santa’s cheeks. Glue the face to the postcard of thick paper. Stick the card on the folded paper with a larger pattern, so that the picture looks like a border in the right and bottom of the card. Write a greeting.

Postcard “Christmas tree in the style of” retro “”

Sew through the edges of a thick paper Christmas tree on the sewing machine. Decorate the Christmas tree with snowflakes. For a simpler version of the postcard, glue the Christmas tree with an extra layer of thick paper to get a three-dimensional image.

Christmas card “Birdie”

These lovely holiday birds will surely bring you good luck in the coming 2015. Cut out the outline of the bird from thick red and green paper. Using a hole punch, make pom-poms for a cap of white paper and an eye of black paper. Cut out the caps of red and green paper, a strip of “fur” of white paper and the wings of paper with a pattern. Fold in half a sheet of thick white paper.

Pencil draw paws on the front of each postcard. Circle the legs with a black pen. Cut the beak out of black paper. Attach the beak with the wide end to the back of the bird’s body. Glue the bird to the postcard. Glue the fur and pompon to the cap. Temporarily set the cap aside. Attach the wing to the body of the bird. Sew the bird to the postcard and glue the cap.

Postcard “Christmas deer”

Please your friends and loved ones with this bright and fun postcard. Roll the patterned paper in half along the long side. Using the stencil machine, cut out the necessary figures. Stick them on the card. Decorate a postcard with three-dimensional stickers or make a short greeting out of the cut out letters.

Beautiful Christmas toys do it yourself

How to make a postcard with a Christmas ball

Simple, but stylish postcard. Fold in half a sheet of paper of pink (or any other) color. On the line, draw a black line in the upper half of the postcard (see photo). Cut out a Christmas ball from bright paper with a pattern. Stick it in the lower right corner of the postcard. Cut a small trapezium from the white cardboard — the ball mount — and glue it to the top of the ball.

Decorate the “thread” of the ball with rhinestones. Put the postcard in an envelope with a funny pattern.

Postcard “Christmas Tree”

Create a three-dimensional Christmas tree from corrugated paper with a pattern. Fold in half a sheet of thick brown paper. Sew a slightly smaller cream-colored rectangle against the front of the postcard. It turned out harvesting postcards. Overlay five strips of paper with different patterns.

Make a decorative edge on the long side of each strip. Fold the stripe stripe so that between the folds you get the same distance. Stick the stripes under each other in the form of a Christmas tree. Cut the star and attach it to the top of the tree. Decorate with sequins.

Christmas card “Santa Claus”

Your loved ones will be happy to receive a card with a surprise in the New Year. Roll up a sheet of red paper so that you have a pocket. Attach to the postcard strips of white paper with a figured edge (see photo). To make a belt, glue a strip of black paper to the bottom of the postcard and cut a square out of shiny paper. Fix the square on the black stripe.

Beautiful Christmas toys do it yourself

Put a surprise inside the postcard. Twist the stern thread around the top valve twice, securing it with a drop of glue on the back of the valve. Thread through the label “From Santa Claus” and tie a thread with a bow.

Postcard “Christmas Greetings”

This card is very simple in execution. In addition, it is easy to make in large numbers. Using a stencil cut snowflakes of different shapes. Sign the card, decorate with a ribbon. At the bottom of the postcard, glue a piece of paper with a curved edge and a strip of paper with a pattern. Create a unique design for each card will help you snowflakes of different shapes and paper with a different pattern.

Postcard “Christmas tree with buttons”

Decorate a simple postcard in minutes. Cut out of paper with a pattern of half of the Christmas tree. “Hang up” on the tree of toys-buttons of a suitable color, putting them on a drop of glue. Attach a star-shaped sticker to the top of the tree.

Beautiful Christmas toys do it yourself

Postcard “the warmest Christmas wishes”

Bright mittens in a row – the main decoration of this New Year card. At the bottom of the postcard, attach a strip of patterned paper and a ribbon. Write your warmest Christmas wishes. In the two extreme mittens, make holes, thread the string and tie with bows. Glue the rest of the mittens to the card with glue.

Tip: To bows held securely, they need to fix a drop of glue, causing it in the middle of the lace.

Postcard “Felt Santa Claus”

This funny felt Santa Claus is a great way to congratulate your close ones on the New Year. Cut out the beard and hat from strips of felt red, green, dark gray and white. Cut a circle with a diameter of 13 cm from cream-colored paper and glue to a circle of the same size cut from white paper. On the back of the white circle you will write congratulations.

Starting with the beard, glue the felt blanks to the white circle. Glue the mustache, mouth, cheeks and eyes. Cut strips of 13 cm in length from red, green, and pink felt. Weave strips into braids and attach to the hat of Santa Claus. Attach a sprig of Christmas holly cut from felt to the top of the cap.

Postcard “Red-Nosed Deer”

This simple and elegant postcard depicts a popular Christmas character – the reindeer Rudolph. Cut it out on stencil from dark green paper. Fold in half a sheet of light green paper measuring 24 by 14 cm. Apply glue to the middle of three round openwork napkins and glue them to the card. Cut a circle from the “book” paper and stick it in the center of the top napkin.

Attach the figure of Rudolph to the card, make him a red nose – a circle of red paper. Give the postcard envelope a vintage look: insert a paper insert for scrapbooking with a “semi-antique” pattern inside the envelope.

Tip: To get the white napkins look “antique”, rub them with wet tea bags.

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We hope that these ideas inspired you to be creative, and in the near future you will be able to make New Year cards with your own hands, the creation process of which will entice both you and your children, and the end result will delight those who receive the New Year cards you have made.

Translation of the article Homemade Christmas Cards from English prepared by Elena Sukha

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