A gift for the new year with their own hands girlfriend

New Year for many people is the main holiday of the year. Perhaps the whole thing is that this event is accustomed to associate with the beginning of a new life, the coming changes. Failures, adversities and all bad things are left in the outgoing year, hoping for a new life with the best turns. Everyone dreams of entering the New Year with new plans, goals, thoughts and dreams.

For some, this holiday is the main thing afterwards, that as children, we all were waiting for him very much. Remember the joy with which we dressed up a Christmas tree, taught a poem for Santa Claus and waited for New Year’s gifts!

It is likely that these childhood feelings are not lost in us now. And no matter how much time has passed, we still look at the Christmas tree with a sinking heart in anticipation of a pleasant surprise.

And not for nothing, because getting presents is so nice! But it is even more pleasant for many to be themselves, like Santa Claus, who brings presents.

How to find out what you need to give a guy for the New Year 2019?

We were all in the role of donor and recipient of gifts. Our topic today is in direct contact with giving a guy for the New Year. This is a serious and responsible question!

Therefore, I think we should consider it carefully. In order to make it convenient to choose a suitable gift, read our article.

And oddly enough, the closer a person is to you, the more difficult it is to choose a gift, because you are constantly afraid not to please. Sometimes, it is so difficult to decide what to puzzle over such a question it takes more than a day or two, because you want so much that the gift be both useful and pleasant.

But today we will talk about how to choose an original gift for your favorite guy who is insanely expensive for you. Many will agree that it is very responsible, and for good reason.

  • First, your gift will express your attitude to it.
  • Secondly, so you can show how much you know each other and understand dreams, desires.
  • And thirdly, so you will show a sign of attention, which in general will show how close and attentive you were to each other.

All this must be taken into account when choosing a gift for the guy for the New Year. For this reason, try not to postpone this matter indefinitely, and in advance, before the New Year, think – “what gift to the guy for the New Year will be the best?”.

In order not to miscalculate, be attentive to the words and, possibly, hints of your beloved. As the muse of his heart, you must know what he likes and what doesn’t; occupation, his hobbies (

Before the holiday it is worth going shopping together and paying attention to what products he is interested in. Keep a casual conversation, ask what exactly like this or that thing. If something is not clear, ask, and by chance you can ask – would he like this thing or not.

Due to the fact that the “survey” will take place long before the main holiday of the year, the young man will not connect this conversation with the upcoming holiday. So you can find out what to give a guy for the New Year.

If you are really attentive, you will not be difficult to choose the best gift, and in addition, such a gift will be appreciated.

Original and budget gifts for the guy for the New Year

You know, having conducted a survey among young people and older men, I was pleasantly surprised to see how men have a diverse range of horizons and a wide range of interests. Men openly talked about what they wanted, and it was at that moment that their eyes lit up, because it was about their dream!

But most of all surprised that the gifts were, say, budget. 80% of respondents had different desires, but the amount of the gift that each of them wanted ranged from 500 to 2000 rubles.

Agree, it is not so expensive, and every girl even for a few months will be able to postpone so much money to the gift of her beloved! It is not such a big amount.

A gift for the new year with their own hands girlfriend

But the truth, depending on what kind of gift we are talking about – if the conversation turned to a new smartphone, then the price should obviously not be up to two thousand.

To make it easier to choose a gift, let’s consider them by category, or preferences. The first item you want to consider sports gifts.

Many young guys are now happy to play sports – someone is crazy about tourism, someone from the commercials, and someone is fan of bicycles and strength exercises.

Sports gifts

  • Smart watches for athletes who measure heart rate. Very useful device for those who are engaged in jogging. They are sold in a box, so that it will already be perceived as a gift. Cheap, but a good quality watch can be bought from 850 rubles and above.
  • Glasses athlete with interchangeable lenses. Will become a chic gift for cyclists. They are sold in beautiful and neat cases with five interchangeable lenses, a wipe cloth and a rag bag for the glasses themselves. Excellent, and most importantly – an inexpensive gift for a guy for the New Year, will be well received by those who have not had it before. Price from 650 rubles and above.
  • Bike mini pc. This interesting electronic device is designed to measure the speed / mileage of the bike, as well as to measure the average speed, time spent on the road, pulse transmission. The thing is very useful and interesting, especially when you consider that even the most inexpensive representatives of such bicycle computers cost only from 450 rubles.
  • Sportsman’s helmet. Smart, and very useful gift for scooters, climbers, cyclists and climbers. The price starts from 850 rubles.
  • Socks. A gift without a drop of banalism, as there are special sports socks. For cycling, tourism, roller sports socks cost from 300 rubles per pair. And if you want more expensive and with no less benefit – give the guy for the New Year socks with heating. (especially important in the coldest regions of the country).
  • Balaclava / bandana. There are winter models that cost from 300 rubles.
  • T-shirt. This thing is necessary for all and always. If you take care in advance. You can present a T-shirt with a unique design or with the symbolism / image that your young man likes.
  • Fleece sweatshirt, gloves, sports hats. This is all a list of things that are very warm, useful, and inexpensive. Even if there are any, believe me, the hat, which the girl presented, the guy will wear, without removing, with special love. A hat and gloves can be purchased from 450 rubles, and sweatshirts from 700.
  • Headlight, Taillight, Tools, Bag and Horn will never be redundant for a cyclist guy. If you take the budget options, all these four things will come to you no more than 2500 rubles.
  • Other sports equipment.

And that’s not all sports gift ideas. Choose what you need, you can, when you talk with a consultant in a specialized store. You only need to tell what kind of sport a guy is interested in and say the amount you are willing to spend on a gift.

Done! Now it remains to choose something from the proposed seller.

If you choose a gift for a guy for the New Year in advance, you can view the assortment in online stores where goods are a little cheaper than in regular stores. Find what you need, and then make an order and do not forget to receive an order in time!

You can give sports gifts and intangible nature, such as:

  • Ticket for a sporting event that a guy will definitely like. This will make him very happy, believe me!
  • Video training course not everyone can afford to buy, but as a gift it will be a great purchase.
  • A subscription to the simulator – the guy will be crazy about such a gift.

Gifts for innate hunters and fishermen

About this kind of gift, not all girls realize until they communicate with men. But as a “savvy” lover of making pleasant gifts to a man, you should take note of such gifts:

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  • Electronic compass – An excellent digital device for travelers and tourists. The price is certainly higher, from 2,900 rubles, but the gift is truly gorgeous for a man. The guy will be pleasantly surprised that the girl guessed this to give, and his gift.
  • Navigator (GPS) – an electronic device that receives signals to determine the location. With such a device, your man will never get lost. This gift to the guy for the New Year is also not cheap, the price is from 3,700 rubles, but believe me, many men would be happy to receive such a gift.
  • Led Lancer Lantern – A great gift, as it is a professional premium flashlight, which has a fairly tiny size. With all this, the range of the beam reaches 260 meters. In addition, it can be in operation for 64 hours with one set of batteries (4 pcs. AAA). Believe me, a man will be delighted!
  • Rocket launcher / set of rockets (from 450 rubles) and the hunter’s signal.
  • Radio station – a thing is indispensable when hiking. You can even take it when you go to pick mushrooms. Good devices you can purchase from 1600 rubles.
  • Cigarette lighter thermos / thermomug – a universal gift, the price starts from 650 rubles.
  • The joys of the fisher – set of fishing line, bait, spinning, hooks and more.
  • Fishing Tackle Set – the price of “capital” boxes starts from 1000 rubles, but if the budget is cut, you can buy sets and cheaper.
  • Heated mittens / socks / thermal underwear – Original gifts to the guy for the New Year, who will not only pleasantly surprise, but also help preserve the health of a man during the period of winter fishing and hunting. The price is from 1600 rubles.

And this is also not all. In fact, the gift options are much more. You can learn more about the rest of the gift options in a specialty store.

Gifts for “advanced” – lovers of photographic equipment, PC and smartphones

The above-mentioned gifts can also be smart presents, but they are expensive, and today we are talking about gifts that are great for those who have a cut budget.

  • Wireless headphones on Bluetooth. If your young man does not have one, he will definitely be delighted with it. A gift of the average price category – from 1600 rubles.
  • Flash (LED) – You can use when shooting video, and just as a flashlight (cost from 800 rubles).
  • Selfie Button on Bluetooth. With it, the guy can control the camera of the tablet or phone from a distance. There will be no more problems with the inclusion of the timer, you will only need to click on the button. The perfect gift for guys who love to take photos. From 450 rubles.
  • Selfiesstick – also a good option, and this stick can be found in different variations with additional convenient features. Price from 450 rubles.
  • Brand new phone case. Price from 700 rubles.
  • Power bank – A great gift for sociable guys and lovers of travel. Irreplaceable thing in moments when you need to urgently charge the phone. From 450 rubles.
  • A flash drive with the symbolism of what the guy loves. As for me, the perfect gift in the era of technology and computerization. The guy must appreciate. From 500 rubles.
  • Headphones with a good microphone will be the perfect option for listening to music, talking on Skype and talking during the passage of missions in online games. Yes, even adult men sometimes do not mind to sit on a pair of skating rink!
  • Wireless mouse, price from 450 rubles.
  • Gaming keyboard (from 1100 rubles).
  • Reflector. If a guy loves to photograph, and he does not have a reflector, then you just have to give it to him!
  • Tripod for a novice photographer who did not manage to acquire such a convenient thing himself. Great gift for a guy for the New Year!

You can also search the Internet for interesting and popular gadgets that can now be easily found on sale. If a guy likes technical innovations, then presenting a brand new gadget would be the right decision!

Gifts to car enthusiast

If the guy is a happy owner of his own car, then you can also please him with a gift.

  • A set of tools for cars – an indispensable gift when traveling, the cost of 2100 rubles.
  • Car Care Products – it can be wipes, brushes, sprays, rags. Also here can be attributed and flavors. You can buy funds not by dialing, but to collect your own from what you want and to arrange it beautifully. The price will vary, but in the amount of 1,500 rubles, you will do your best and make a magnificent gift to the guy for the New Year.
  • Radio – a smart present, especially for those who have to travel long distances, because you will agree, music is much more fun! Price from 900 rubles.
  • DVR – useful gift to those who do not have it yet. The guy will be satisfied, and you will not spend a lot of money – you can buy a DVR from 1300 rubles.
  • New covers. As they say, in the New Year with new clothes. The price is from 1600 rubles.
  • Car head restraints for a more comfortable trip and waiting in traffic jams.

This is just a short list. You can pick up a lot of other useful, and no less pleasant gifts.

For creative nature

Gifts that relate to the creativity / profession of a guy writer, musician, artist, artist. Choose gifts that will fit the activity.

  • If the guy is a dancer, give a dancer doll or a cool statuette.
  • If the guy is an artist Oscar statuette is a great option.
  • If a musician – new strings (guitar player), sound amplifier, tuner, new instrument.
  • For the lover of painting – new paints, canvases, brushes.
  • Theater, concert, movie tickets.
  • Ticket to the master class.
  • Ticket for the closed show of the arthouse cinema.

Gold master gifts

Guys who do not see life without tinkering, and have the skills of a builder, plumber and others, you can give a lot of interesting things.

  • Tool kit – what every man should have. This will not be superfluous, and many representatives of the strong half of humanity are happy about this gift. The price starts from 2000 rubles.
  • Toolbox. Suitable as an inexpensive gift for the guy for the New Year, when he already has a lot of tools, but they are kept in disarray. The cost of 650 rubles.
  • New roulette necessary, wonderful, and most importantly – an inexpensive gift. From 150 rubles.
  • Ultrasonic Range Finder – joy for any master, especially if he didn’t have such a thing before. It costs from 1300 rubles.
  • Electric Screwdriver – it is useful always and everywhere, the price is from 800 to 1000 rubles.

There are many other gifts. The main thing is to communicate with the guy and determine what is most needed.

A gift for the new year with their own hands girlfriend

Clothes and accessories

These things will never be superfluous for men, especially if they were chosen with love and taste. You need to know the exact size, preferences, and what the guy needs most.

  • Men’s shirt – quite common gift. Before the holidays of large scale, many women buy exactly their shirts for their lovers. If you do not know the exact size, you can bring a shirt that your boyfriend is wearing to the store, or just measure it with a centimeter. A decent shirt costs from 1200 rubles, but with what joy her boyfriend will wear!

But many are interested in the question: “How to choose a good color shirt?”. And here there are several selection criteria:

  • Favorite color of a young man.
  • What colors of shirts in the wardrobe of a man there.
  • What color will fit his suit.
  • If at work dress code, select a color that will fit the requirements.

And in the last few years it has become fashionable to choose a shirt according to the color of the Zodiac Sign of the animal, in the year of which a gift will be presented. This set of shades of pink, purple, burgundy and red. Also suitable are yellow, green shades and classic white.

  • T-shirt. This is an indispensable element of the wardrobe of every person. You can buy a T-shirt in advance and write something significant for a guy on it or order a print of a print in a special salon. A t-shirt will cost you 500 rubles or more.
  • The bow tie. Chic gift guy for the New Year. Now there are a huge number of ties, among which you can find the original copies. A butterfly is becoming increasingly popular among the strong half of humanity, and guys are happy to wear it. The price will vary from 400 to 1600 rubles. And yes, a lot of ties does not happen!
  • Tie clip / cufflinks. The price is different, but if you want, you can buy good ones for 500 rubles.
  • Belt. Also important thing in the wardrobe of men. If you present a belt to your young man as a gift, then believe me, he will wear it for a long time and with great joy. Do not forget that the belts are both denim and trouser, so choose what you need. Price from 500 rubles.
  • Umbrella. A necessary thing even for men. Price from 600 rubles.
  • Mufflers / Scarves. Interesting options can be found for 500 rubles and above.
  • Gloves. How solid leather gloves look on a man! Such a gift will be appreciated. Price from 750 rubles.
  • Clock. A great accessory as an original gift for a guy for the New Year will make him wonder! Price from 600 rubles.
  • Laptop bag, briefcase. Such a gift any guy will be happy! And you can choose for every taste and color. The price is from 1600 rubles.
  • Purse / Wallet– Another good thing that can be a gift. The cost of 650 rubles.

Interesting and original gifts for the guy for the New Year

Such gifts, as a rule, we find quite by accident. It happens when you walk through the store and accidentally see some interesting thing!

And then you understand how much you liked it as a gift! Original gifts are quite often spontaneous.

  • Folding knife. Believe me, no one has yet refused such a gift. Price from 110 rubles. But do not forget to take from the guy in exchange at least some kind of coin – when you donate piercing and cutting items, you must make an exchange “gift – coin”.
  • Toolkit multitool. Your boyfriend will be on the 7th heaven. The price is moderate – from 600 and above.
  • Mini weather station. The little thing is not what is needed, but for the soul. The price is also 650 rubles.
  • Spyglass – from 700 rubles.
  • Punching bag. Such a thing will help in time to let off steam without harm to others and, if necessary, to practice so as not to lose a grip. From 1600 rubles.

And yes, do not forget about intangible gifts:

  • Balloon walk.
  • Skydiving.
  • Paintball subscription.
  • Walk with horses.

A gift to a beloved romantic character

First of all, miracles and something incredible, but beautiful are expected from the New Year. For this reason, the New Year is such a holiday when you can say openly what you feel. Thanks to this, you can give a romantic dinner with candles.

There is a whole article on how to create such a magical evening, and choosing something suitable will not be difficult. But the main attention is paid to what you will do. If you are going to present such a gift, then the initiative should also come from you.

  • Think over the evening plan so that the guy would be comfortable and interesting, otherwise there is a risk that he will run away after 30 minutes of celebration.
  • You can dance a dance, sing a guitar or another instrument, read a poem of your composition, take a walk in the street under the snow flakes.
  • Make a playlist for the evening. You know what kind of music your lover likes?
  • Do not be lazy to record music from the evening on the disc and give it to the guy, if everything goes well. So he will be able to rehear her and plunge into those memories of the magical evening.
  • You can order a joint cartoon from a local artist, which will depict you and that guy.
  • You can give a certificate for a joint visit to the bath.
  • If the guy is a sweet tooth, give a huge heart-shaped cake.

What is not necessary to give a guy for the New Year?

  • Hygiene products. In addition, please note that shorts, socks and other everyday tools also will not work. Such things a guy can buy himself. And yes, this is a very banal gift, which, as it were, speaks for itself, that “I give only something, just leave me alone.”
  • Toys and candy. This option is better to leave a gift for a younger sister or nephew. Guys don’t like that.
  • Money. And although many believe that this is the best gift, but it is not! This only proves that you are devoid of imagination and did not even bother to think of what to give.
  • Alcohol / cigarettes / ashtray. Such gifts are harmful to health, and even if the guy accepts it, refrain from rushing.
  • Expensive gift. Perhaps, your young man did not work with money, and then it will turn out that you present a present more expensive than he does. This will embarrass the young man, and he will feel awkward for a long time. Give non-binding gifts!

As you can see, the article turned out to be voluminous. Thanks to this, you can find the right gift for your man. But don’t forget to just congratulate the guy. The feeling of joy is usually the best gift for a guy for the New Year!

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