A gift for the new year do it yourself mom

Guess who is waiting for the New Year holiday more than anyone else? Of course – the children! We are sure that the New Year should always be fun, so they wrote touching humorous poems about the New Year celebration. You can simply read them to your child or learn a rhyme at a matinee in kindergarten or school. Sure: no one will remain indifferent to these ridiculous poems, and your baby will be a success!

New Year is on the way, Grandfather will serve us, Fruits, sweets, Good advice!

In this I am not a novice, I will tell in response a poem, Loudly and loudly, so that the hall, Heard, everything that I said!

New Year is coming, Soon Santa Claus will come. I’ll dress up the Christmas tree, get the tinsel off the shelf,

More balloons, garlands, New Year team, Led by me, ready, Meet Santa Claus again!

A gift for the new year do it yourself mom

Grandfather Frost, here is the estimate, Expansion of the budget, For you, everything, and for us, So that you can buy gifts.

In order not to get tired, You need to order a portal. So that you are all over the planet, I would quickly come to the children.

Grandfather Frost do not wait, tell the management, You will sooner about our plans, We are waiting for gifts from the oceans.

We now have no time for study, We are sledging and drifting in snowdrifts, We are rolling down a huge slide, Laughter, smiles and enthusiasm.

Fluffy snow, ice, Christmas tree is waiting for us, it’s time to hurry us home, Dress up our Christmas tree!

Believe adults and children have a miracle in this world. But, alas, hibernates, Like a bear, this is not a problem,

Fortunately, on New Year’s Eve, the Miracle will come to life again, If, by virtue of his faith, Knock on your doors.

And on the New Year’s Eve, Santa Claus will come. With such a big bag, But not a cat, gifts in it!

Dad and mom in the supermarket, I went to buy gifts, Pies and tangerines, I also – cut snowflakes

The father and mother commissioned me; I cut out crookedly, straight, a circle, then another angle, I will unfold a sheet afterwards.

Then I stick it on the window, And so I can manage it more than once. I did not let you down, lo! (I did not let you down, and here) You can meet the New Year!

The snow is spinning outside the window, I dream of one thing, As befits the children, To celebrate this New Year,

In a circle of fabulous friends, Will be where Jack Sparrow, Goldfish, Gin, Gulliver and Aladdin!

Cheburashka, Chipolino, Snow White, Pinocchio! Cinderella and Santa Claus, With them somehow not seriously, But as it should, the New Year, Be sure to come!

New Year! Learning is at school, Miracle is a holiday on the throne, It frees us from work, Allows us to have fun!

Ahead – snowdrifts, sleds, We are going down the hill early in the morning, And then we make a snowman, We sculpt with all our yard!

Tinsel, garlands, Christmas tree! Somewhere high on the shelf, I know, the gift is waiting! Because New Year!

Mom nails the shelf, Dad decorates the Christmas tree! I cut salads, We are delegates for the holiday!

Because we have upside down, On the ears put the house! Vanity of vanities today, In this New Year’s holiday!

In our house, everything was mixed, It did not seem to us! In the forest behind the Christmas tree, our mom, Daddy for sales!

Mom, soon to go fishing, Daddy on a dough with a rolling pin. I stayed for the elder, As you guessed it! In general, this New Year, It certainly does not pass us.

In a miracle holiday on the planet, Absolutely all-all children, Cinderella and gray wolf, Dress up at the Christmas tree!

Sivka Burka, Barmoly, Korolevich Elisha: All will come to the New Year, They will take us to the fairy tale.

Very small lump, We roll right in the side. Roll, roll, we’re with you, Became a lump is already big!

We ran home smartly, They brought another carrot! The second one has already appeared, It turned out a snowman!

I’m out of the house on the weekend, Yes, with a sled in the winter, Ran out to go for a drive, On a snow snatch,

The slide is very cool, I slide out on a sled, I go down without stopping, On a snow trip!

Fairy tumult, Would this year not be bad, Here, for example, Grandma Yozhka, Lost b sandals,

A gift for the new year do it yourself mom

Let Carlson live in a hut, And Koschey sings ditties! Scheherazade grandmother, Let him carry pancakes! That would be interesting, Everyone is not bored, and not fresh!

Therefore, it is with me, She walks on the day any, Fir-tree is, or on a visit, For me, everything is simple for my mother!

At New Year’s Eve the tree is dancing, Nearby a miracle is waving, Luck walks nearby somewhere, And gives good advice,

Go left or straight, You will meet a panorama, A beautiful, bright atmosphere, And the year of the New Premiere.

I quietly decided, And gasped for breath, In the hall, stand beside the tree, And everything, everything, find out everything.

Festive virtuoso, Our Santa Claus. After all, he puts the gifts, Every time on the New Year.

Shhh, he seems to be coming, Something seems to be laying, Oh, the familiar features, Daddy, what? It’s you?

I waited for my grandfather, But then I understood everything. Children of our entire planet, Do not be angry with you!

This is not a lie or deception, Rehearsed Plan! Caring parents, And our patrons.

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