The most fashionable haircut 2019

Beautiful nails – the dream of every woman! At the present time, manicure for short nails is a choice made not for reasons of qualities endowed with nature (if desired, long ones can be extended), but a practical solution for many women. Working in the office, at the computer, caring for a small child, and simply leading an active lifestyle, you must have a comfortable and comfortable nail length that will not interfere with a full life, while maintaining the femininity and aesthetics of the hands.

Contrary to the prevailing opinion, short nails, as well as long, can be beautiful and sexy. However, only when we choose the right color of lacquer and method of decoration. It should also be remembered that for women with a wide nail plate is recommended to use only a small length of the marigold.

Nail Art For Manicure 2019

Natural or extended short nails should have an acceptable shape. The most fashionable is round, it is very feminine, ideal for those who want to visually make their fingers thinner and sleeker.

Square, with rounded edges (soft square) do not lose their popularity. This form is concise and can be used in both everyday and festive occasions. Exquisitely emphasizes the natural beauty of the hands.

Fashionable manicure colors 2019 and their use in the design on short nails

As for color, there are no restrictions here, it’s all a matter of taste, but there are certain rules. Short marigolds look good with both light pastel: milky, beige shades, and with rich, intense tones – black, brown, red, turning into coral or garnet, crimson or bright shades of pink.

Due to the fact that the nails are short and modest in size, the colors on them look more elegant and elegant than on long ones. Perfectly emphasize the shape and fit almost any style. Gel varnishes are applied both in a glossy version and in matte or both coatings are combined.

On short nails it makes no sense to use a multi-colored manicure. The exception is an ombra with a smooth transition in the form of painting each nail with a slightly different shade in the chosen scale.

As well as French manicure using the most fashionable color 2019 for the base – translucent white in combination with a blue, silver or pink jacket.

Also, as an option, one accent finger with a brighter contrast or neutral color.


Abstract patterns – one of the types of design that looks harmoniously in manicure on short nails. Stylish strokes, stripes, dots and abstract flower drawings are very fashionable in 2019. The technique of their application is very diverse: from hand painting to stamping and slider stickers.

However, remember that all horizontal lines visually expand and shorten the nail plate, while the vertical and diagonal patterns on the contrary visually lengthen it.

Manicure gel varnish for short nails with rhinestones

Crystals are a universal décor, in harmony with any length and shape of the nail plate, however, some rules for the distribution of stones in a manicure over a small length should also be taken into account. It is necessary to give preference to transparent rhinestones or crystals with the effect of a chameleon. Which will perfectly fit both in classical monophonic manicure, and in modern, combined by several colors.

The most fashionable haircut 2019

The use of stones to match the coating will also look harmonious and elegant.

Inlaid is better to do on a small scale: lay out in the form of a hole near the cuticle or place randomly a few stones. This type of decor is more suitable for a quiet restrained style.

The most fashionable haircut 2019

A more complex display, in which crystals are made up in vertical compositions – an elegant and elegant form of decoration, will be an excellent solution for evening manicure. Most often used geometric shapes and colorful crystals.

Beautiful manicure design

Modern design will give a stylish and gentle look to your hands. Using a different decor, textured coatings, you can very effectively level even very short nails. The pigment which has received the name – rubbing will perfectly cope with it. In this case, it is better to use a pearl or silver rubbing on a transparent base. Light shine can do wonders, and even the shortest nails will be transformed with it!

If you are the owner of a longer nail plate, then there are no special restrictions. You can apply the same polish on any dark or bright gel polish, combine with a matte finish or make a textured pattern using acrylic powder. Monograms and lace applied in this technique look very nice.

Add spice to help sparkles. The existing range of brilliant elements allows you to perform any experiment. And regardless of their application, the design will look stylish, bringing a little extravaganza to your fingers.

Fashionable manicure for short nails has its advantages. Some designs on a small length look stylish and organic. Experimenting with coatings and decor, you can get very creative and individual options that will be the perfect solution for any situation.

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