Stylish haircut 2019

The best and fastest way to change your appearance is to sit in a hairdressing chair and make a new stylish hairstyle. For those who want to drastically change and change their image, stylish female short haircuts of the season 2018-2019 will be interesting, photos and names of haircuts for short hair can be found in this article.

Today, stylists offer more than ever a great variety and variations of haircuts for short hair, which can surprise, bewitch and make you a real goddess.

Women’s short haircuts this season at a great honor from stylists, so it’s time to decide, and say goodbye to long hair and try something new in the form of a short haircut. You will not notice how you start changing your hairdo yourself.

After all, properly selected short hairstyle 2018-2019 will give you more confidence. If you do not really like or you simply do not have time to constantly monitor the appearance of hair, which is not a short haircut will allow you to spend less time on her care.

In order to make sure that the short female haircuts of 2018-2019 are also feminine, romantic and no less stylish than long hair, we suggest you look at the photos of the most beautiful short female haircuts of 2018-2019 and go through the most fashionable haircut trends for short hair. In addition, remember that a short haircut rejuvenates and makes your face more refined and beautiful, emphasizing its best features.

Stylish haircut 2019

The most fashionable haircut for short hair season 2018-2019 – Pixie

In the new season, stylists paid special attention to haircut called pixie, which has the most variations of styling short hair. In addition, short pixie haircuts are considered the most versatile, and therefore suitable for young girls and for women, let’s say, more than middle age. Among the many examples there is a decent version of cutting a pixie for short hair for every woman who wants to be transformed.

Let it be a classic pixie short cut or a short pixie cut, a pixie with straight or long bangs, an asymmetric pixie cut and even a short pixie cut with shaved hair. As you can see, there is something to experiment on, because any of the models of haircuts for short hair in the style of pixie looks very impressive and interesting.

In addition, with a short haircut pixie you have the opportunity to change the hairstyle to the mood. Depending on the chosen option of haircuts, short hair can be put in different ways. Laying back on one side, in retro style with Hollywood waves, in the form of a mohawk. And this is not the whole list of short hairstyles that can be done with pixies. More ideas can be found in our photo selection below.

Short haircut to become a classic

Without such a haircut as a square do not do in 2018-2019. But still, this short hair cut has its own preferences. In the new season, fashionable even car, without asymmetries and extensions. A clear and slightly pointed haircut of the bob haircut at the level of the cheekbones perfectly simulates the oval of the face, giving it refinement.

It looks very nice on the square on short wavy hair. By the way, a light perm comes into fashion again. Therefore, if you want to become the owner of a gentle short haircut, feel free to choose a square on curly hair.

In addition, the square can choose not too short, if you so sorry to cut your curls. The long caret on short hair just covers your neck. And a bold type of haircut for short hair will be a square with long hair, as you can see in the photo below.

Stylish haircut 2019

As for the styling, there is also something to experiment. Curls, braids, bun, laying to the side – all this can be done with a short haircut square.

Short female haircuts "hat" and "under the pot" are again in trend

Pretty extravagant, but at the same time very stylish haircut for short hair “cap” got a new breath and takes its place among the fashionable haircuts in 2018-2019.

If you have straight and thick hair, this short haircut is perfect for you. But there is another important point when choosing a haircut for short hair "under the pot." This is a face shape. According to the stylists, this haircut looks best on an oval and triangular type.

Low-cut short haircuts for women bob and bob cut

Short women haircuts like bob and bob-cut do not lose their popularity in 2018-2019. Although, as we can see, compared to the previous season, the demand for such a haircut on short hair fell a little, a short haircut bob has a lot of variations that are embodied by your type of face, hair structure and your style.

This haircut is multifaceted, it allows you to satisfy even the most demanding beauty, regardless of age. Hair in turn does not look simple, and is suitable for both older women and very young girls.

Classic bob and the so-called elongated bob-car are the most versatile options for short haircuts. They are suitable for almost any type and age of a woman. It is necessary to highlight the bob haircut for short hair in combination with straight, straight bangs, which are very popular among young people.

As you have already noticed, straight straight bangs are welcome in many variations of short hair cut 2018-2019. Therefore, to make any of your haircut more stylish, you can use bangs.

Creative short haircuts for women with shaving

Professionals can make you a truly unique and interesting haircut using a typewriter, this is a haircut with a shaving pattern on short hair. Ideas haircuts for short hair with shaved nape or temples you will find very, very much. A beautiful and original pattern can appear in the temples, around the neck. Even shave some of the bangs on his forehead.

Such haircuts for 2018-2019 with shaving are combined with many options for cutting short hair. And with the same bean, pixie and even quads. Short hairstyles with shaving are more youthful and therefore such haircuts for short hair are more suitable for young and energetic girls. More examples of haircuts with shaved nape and temples can be found in the photo gallery.

Ultrashort military style haircuts for women

We have come to the most extraordinary version of female haircuts for short hair in a military style. Very short female haircuts for a boy – a bold trend of 2018-2019. Not every woman can decide on a similar haircut.

Especially since some even shave their hair completely. It most likely depends on the internal state. Very often, women with such a short haircut show their strength and rebellious nature.

We mentioned the most fashionable women’s short haircuts for 2018-2019, among them every beauty can choose her unique haircut for short hair, with which the image will be harmonious and stylish.

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