Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles

“Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look silly. ” Hedi lamarr

Old Hollywood glamor – how much is in this phrase! Actually, it’s the Golden Age of Hollywood, with real glamor, chic, glitter and the brightest idols. In the zero years of our century there was a fake, vulgar and vulgar. The golden age of Hollywood is considered 30-50 years. 40s – the peak, flourishing. In the 50s, the glamorous century goes to its sunset. The era of the Old Glamor began in the early 1930s, at a time when sound films began to enter into full rights, when the cinema itself began to acquire what is now considered a classic form and style. Shot from the movie Jazz Singer of 1927. The first ever full-length sound film. Sound film brought fabulous profits, and film studios began to bake films like pancakes on Shrovetide – in abundance. At the same time, the actors, who at one moment became the idols of millions (the heroes of a silent movie could only dream of their fame), set the tone for fashion and style. Their luxurious lifestyle, impeccable outfits, hairstyles were the ultimate dream and the object of emulation of the multimillion army of fans. Young maidens collected photographs of their pets (their producers then made a fortune), young men hung posters with divas on the walls. Copied outfits, hairstyles, makeup, gestures. A lot of style was dictated by black and white photography, camera focusing features and light setting. Black and white was not only a movie, but also photos. Monochrome dominated until the 50s. Gone with the Wind – one of the very first color films was released in 1939. Multi-layer color film was invented only in 1935. Prior to this, colors were achieved with the help of complex and expensive manipulations. But even after the appearance of a multi-color film, black and white cinema still reigned on the screens.

Make-up (also known as make-up) in the movie was not much different from everyday and evening. Cinema and photography were then black and white, but what is needed for a great black and white frame? Right, the contrast. Therefore, the makeup was the most contrast and clear, with bright eyebrows, eyes and lips. Complexion Porcelain skin. Perfectly smooth. The powder coating is very dense. And no tan. Blush, if applied, then only to blacken the cheekbones. Often did without them at all. The faces looked pretty flat. Even the famous cheekbones of Marlene Dietrich managed to erase. Of course, the photo retouched quite strongly. Joan Crawford, for example, the undoubted star and diva of Old Hollywood, was completely covered in freckles. Joan Crawford and her freckles However, make-up artists, photographers and cameramen wanted Joed Crawford to have this effect Hedy Lamarr Karol Lombard Catherine Hepburn Kay Francis Olivia de Haviland Eyebrows Soft lines, often without a break, are very clear and dark even on blondes. Eyebrow width varied from fashion: from 30 to 50 m, from strings to rather wide eyebrows, a la gull wings like Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. A sharp eyebrow fracture also appeared already in the 50s. The clear shape and rather dark color remained unchanged. In addition, there is a definite canon, correlation with the shape of the upper lip (

Curls and curls! Hair to hair. Shiny, no fashionable now ragged, but dull smoothness is unacceptable. There could be variations on the theme of bangs and different partings, but this is all a fad. Styling and haircuts also depended on fashion. Yet, in a black and white frame, curls and curls looked much more spectacular than smooth hairstyles: they created the right contrast, the right play of light and shadow. Here’s a good example: Kate Hudson in b / w version with a smooth haircut and curls. Rita Hayworth Jean Harlow Kay Francis Lucille Ball Lana Turner Long hair styled with beautiful waves or hairstyles, which always had the same main motive – the wave. Perfect smoothness is not about Old Hollywood. True, rarely who curls fell below the shoulders, haircuts and shoulder-length hair are in fashion. Veronica Lake. Its waves on long curls most often take the stars of modernity as the basis for evening stacking in the style of Old Hollywood. Why? Because few people now wear haircuts, mostly all long hair

Of course, red lacquer. Or its absence / neutral color. The perfect manicure sample of those times. Carole Lombard Ginger Rogers Elizabeth Taylor Mirna Loy Jean Tirney

Chic and elegance are the two main components. Almost always dress (or skirt and jacket), ideally sitting on the figure with a pronounced waist. Day dresses could be characterized by two epithets – elegance and simplicity. Joan Crawford Marlene Dietrich Barbara Stenwick Evening toilets (namely, we are most interested in us) – this is chic, brilliance, luxury and a pinch of sex. Mandatory ingredient – a piece of an open body: an open back, or a deep neckline, or even the opening of the shoulders and neckline, but without too much vulgarity. The main component is a brightly emphasized waist, a skirt to the floor and expensive fabrics. The dress should sit like a glove, ideally emphasizing the figure. The 20s with low waist and unexpressed chest are a thing of the past. The golden age of Hollywood brought underlined femininity. The pomp of the skirt depended on the current fashion. Hollywood until the 50s – mostly straight skirts, after new look with its extremely fluffy skirts. Details also depended on fashion: the shape of the sleeves, cut, trim, and so on. Loretta Young, Barbara Stanvik Claudette Colbert, Norma Scherer, Carol Lombard Ginger Rogers Bette Davis Fashionable failures and provocations happened in that golden season. Bust from the neckline, as with champagne, could end badly. A prime example is Jane Mansfield (her name is often Marilyn Monroe for the poor).

Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles

Hats and gloves. This is a gentleman’s set, rather everyday, not evening (if you do not take into account the long gloves). Carole Lombard Jeanette MacDonald Greta Garbo Marlene Dietrich Joan Crawford Bat Davis Vivien Leigh

Jewelry must be! First of all, pearls and diamonds in classic colors. Ava Gardner and Pearls Lauren Beckall Greta Garbo Olivia de Haviland Rita Hayworth Ann Sheridan Mary Astor Elizabeth Taylor (she knew a lot about jewelry)

It was worn both on weekdays and with evening toilets. It is also actively used in the decoration. Fur, like jewels, was an indispensable attribute of luxury and glamor. Joan Crawford Katherine Hepburn Grace Kelly Vivien Lee Elizabeth Taylor Romy Schneider Irene Dann Jean Arthur

Glitter dresses, glitter jewelry. Especially when it comes to evening exits. Shiny fabrics also looked favorably in black and white. Rita Hayworth Jeanette MacDonald Greta Garbo Jane Russell Ginger Rogers Norma Scherer

Scarlett Johansson Hairstyles

What does Old Hollywood glamor look like now?

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