Master class hairstyles for long hair

A person’s health is reflected in the condition of his hair: they begin to fall out of stress, dull and become brittle from illness.

Hair was always endowed magical properties – they transmit cosmic information to a person, so hair is very dependent on the moon.

In this article we will try to help you choose the best days for cutting hair according to the lunar calendar and all the signs.

Haircut on the growing and decreasing moon

The fact that the moon affects the human body knew even scientists of ancient civilizations, deified this mysterious planet.

Master class hairstyles for long hair

Modern scientists attribute this to the fact that the human body, 80% composed of water, reacts to moon phases, like oceans, ebb and flow.

Moon growth also affects hair growth, causing blood to flow to the hair follicles in its growing phase:

Master class hairstyles for long hair

  • haircut done in 1 or 2 quarter moon growth, will have to update soon, because the hair will quickly grow back;
  • get a haircut on the waning moon necessary, if you decide to correct the shortcomings of your hair, for example, they are confused or disobey;
  • get a haircut when The moon is waning, need to stop hair fall out, the roots strengthened;
  • if you like a haircut, lunar period – The best time to visit the salon, because the hair does not grow soon;
  • If you decide to experiment with a new haircut, but are not sure about the result, go to the salon better on the growing Moon so that in case of failure the hair will grow quickly.

On the types of cascade on medium hair, read here. This is really a universal hairstyle that is suitable for any face shape.

Moon in auspicious zodiac sign

When planning a visit to the hairdresser, look in the lunar calendar to find out the location of the moon. regarding the signs of the zodiac:

  • if on the scheduled day the moon is in Taurus, Virgo, Leo or Libra, feel free to go for a haircut;
  • haircut done from October to March, when the Moon is in Libra, it has a good effect on vision and memory;
  • Moon in Virgo helps the hairstyle to stay beautiful for a long time, to keep the shape
  • Moon going through sign of Taurus, will add strength to hair. They will be lush and shiny;
  • haircut made during the moon in air signs, will be airy, and hair – obedient.

Set aside haircut if:

  • Moon in signs Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Cancer;
  • do not want dandruff – do not cut your hair in the moon in fish;
  • when the moon in the sign of Cancer, hair after a haircut sticks out, becomes disobedient;
  • finding the moon in Aries increases the sensitivity of hair to any effects;
  • Capricorn slows hair growth, so the period of the moon in Capricorn – good haircut time for men.

Haircut on lunar days

In the lunar calendar, pay attention to which lunar days you want to get a haircut. Tibetans believe that you can change your destiny if you cut your hair in correctly chosen lunar days. For them, haircut is a ritual to which they prepare themselves, carefully choosing lunar days for haircutting.

Favorable days for haircuts

Best for haircuts there will be 5, 8, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28 lunar days. Haircut these days will add health to hair, help improve life.

When you cut yourself on a certain lunar day, you program yourself for good luck, prosperity, attractiveness, health:

  • want to get rich – cut your hair in 5, 14 and 22 days;
  • to become more beautiful and like others, make a haircut in 13 and 28 days;
  • Are you dreaming of getting the bosses to be successful in your work? at 14 lunar day urgently to the hairdresser;
  • good health and long life are guaranteed to be trimmed on the 8th and 19th lunar day;
  • become happier and happier if you cut your hair on the 27th lunar day.

Unfavorable days for haircuts

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 24, 25, 30 lunar days are considered unfavorable;
  • lunar and solar eclipse days also belong to the unfavorable;
  • 9, 15, 23, 29 are called satanic lunar days. Judging by the name, a good haircut on this day will not lead to anything.

Haircut by day of the week

According to magicians and wizards, the day of the week on which the haircut was made can also change your life:

  • Monday. On this day, along with the hair, you will get rid of everything that hinders;
  • Tuesday. Haircut on Tuesday will add energy, help get rid of the gloom;
  • Wednesday. Hair cut in the middle of the week will make life brighter, attract new friends to you;
  • Thursday. Trim the ends of the hair to add luck and popularity;
  • Friday. Want to change your appearance – cut on Friday;
  • Saturday. A haircut on this day will free you from the sins that you inherited from your ancestors, will improve karma;
  • Sunday. But on Sunday it is better not to have a haircut. Together with the hair, cut the luck. On this day, desirable haircut for those who are constantly unlucky to drastically change the situation.

Knowing it, you can safely choose an auspicious day according to this scheme and the answer to the question “can I have a haircut today?” Will be obvious to you:

  • if you were born in Monday, then choose Thursday, Friday, Saturday for haircuts;
  • born in Tuesday shear on Thursday and Saturday;
  • you were born in Wednesday – boldly cut your hair on Friday and avoid the hairdresser on Thursday;
  • your birthday – Thursday, Mow on Monday and Tuesday;
  • friday Thursday, Saturday is in harmony;
  • born in saturday great friday;
  • born in Sunday better to cut your hair on tuesday and thursday.

Master class hairstyles for long hair

Find out what contributes to the rapid growth of hair from our article, where we talk about the means for this.

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How to choose the most successful days for a haircut?

Choosing the perfect day for a haircut is not easy, but we will show you how this can be done:

  • Take the lunar calendar for a year, mark adverse lunar days, favorable, which fall on Sunday, and do not go to the hairdresser these days;
  • Pay attention to the days when the growing moon will be in Virgo, Leo and Libra, mark favorable among them, look at what day of the week they fall, choose the one that suits you by birthday.

Example: March 4,

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