Long hair styling

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Beauty salon "NATUREUL" is glad to open its doors to lovers of beauty! We work to make the world more beautiful, and you, our dear visitors, are also happier.

Long hair stylingAs you probably know, in French, the word naturel means real, pure, natural. These three words are the motto of our beauty salon! Our slogan "The natural beauty of your style"! And this is the line we hold. You will be extremely surprised to learn that they can look charming without losing their naturalness. Each person is designed by nature unique, each has its own set of features that fascinate others. Do not lose your natural uniqueness. It can and should be preserved and isolated, without applying drastic measures to change the appearance.

Salon Services

Salon Naturel Studio has assembled a wonderful team that provides professional service in the field of manicure, pedicure, cosmetology, and hairdressing services. Beauty does not require sacrifice, but it takes time, which is provided in the salon Naturel. In order to save your time, you can be serviced by several craftsmen at once. Gorgeous hairstyle and charming manicure at one time – it is easy and affordable.

Long hair styling

The main direction of our activity is fashionable colors like airtouch, ombre, shatush, balayazh, which look very natural and attractive. We strive to emphasize the true grace and charm of the individual. Haircuts we do on a special French technique, which allows you to create a variety of haircuts. An important advantage of this technique is that it will be quite enough to dry your hair with a hairdryer, and even without long styling, which does not always have time, they will look stylish and fashionable.

The art manager with a wealth of experience, who graduated from the Parisian Academy of DESSANGE, Valeria and the stylists of the Naturel Studio salon, will become your guide to the world of beauty. These masters work wonders with their hair. They successfully own the latest fashionable dyeing and cutting techniques. Any desire can fulfill. For them there is no impossible shades and color options. Our stylists are masters of haircuts, save your hair from dullness and lifelessness. Hair will gain a healthy shine and beauty in the hands of masters. You will receive unforgettable satisfaction from the result of the work of these professionals. The guys have experience of over 15 years, they are professionals with a capital letter! If you want a perfectly made airtouch, balayazh, shatush or ombre, then our stylists are able to exceed your expectations and give a storm of unforgettable emotions from the result. You can get acquainted with the examples of works of masters on their personal pages HERE

Our mission is to create a natural, elegant image that maximizes the individuality of each client.

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