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Embroidery stitch is a rather complex, but undoubtedly, a creative process that requires special attention and precision. To sew with a satin stitch means to make straight stitches closely adjacent to each other. With this technique, you can embroider on a variety of fabrics, but still it is better to choose a dense smooth material. Below you can find drawings and diagrams to help you master the basics of embroidery (flowers, compositions, bark of trees for compositions).

Stitch flowers or trees only need on tightly stretched fabric on the hoop. To embroider a large piece or a substantial part of the pattern, it is worth starting with laying stitches across the desired area. After that, you need to bring the needle to the front side, necessarily in the lower part of the site, and then inject it at the starting point.

Having embroidered several stitches, you can see on the seamy side a mirror image of the image being embroidered.

Stitches are slightly larger than the work area. For this, the needle is injected directly behind the contour line of the plot. This method of embroidery allows you to hide all the lines transferred from the template to the fabric, and they will not look at the edges of the stitches.

Small fragments of embroidery flowers or treesNot only large areas of the design, but also small fragments, for example, flower stalks or long ribbons with ribbons, are embroidered with a filigree. To embroider a flower stalk, you must first lay the stitches "forward needle" along the contour of the stem. After that, short stitches are perpendicular to the contour lines. Short stitches should cover basting stitches.

Interesting haircuts for long hairUniversal embroidery techniqueThe surface is an excellent technique for embroidering a large bright panel or to emphasize its fragments in a different color. Embroidered flowers, leaves and various floral elements look especially impressive, especially on a monochrome background. In addition, the elements of the pattern made by satin stitch can be combined with embroidery in other techniques, for example, with French knots, a “chain” stitch or a stalk-like stitch.

Useful Embroidery Tips for Beginners needlewomen of flowers and trees: To save the thread allows such a technique: to lay a new stitch instead of pulling the thread along the wrong side across the entire embroidered area, pull the needle on the front side as close as possible to the finishing point of the previous stitch. By embroidering in this way, the inside of the inside out will be rows of tiny stitches along the contours.

So that the fabric with embroidery does not shrivel, you only need to embroider on a tight-fitting base, fixed in the hoop. Embroidery "on weight" can get too tight, because of which the fabric and wrinkles.

Stitches need to be smoothed in two steps – put the needle on the face of embroidery and fully stretch the thread, then remove the needle to the wrong side and again fully stretch the thread so that the front side has a smooth, neat stitch.

Interesting haircuts for long hair

Master Class Embroidery satin flowers or trees – individual fragments.

Embroidery for beginners. Embroidery technique

Interesting haircuts for long hair

Embroidery satin free patterns. Click to this link,to download the picture and this link to download the circuit.

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