How to wind the hair medium length curling iron

How does the spike look like everyone knows, but what braid is called the spikelet?

We suggest you understand how many species of spikelets there are.

How to wind the hair medium length curling iron

How to braid a spikelet to the child and to itself, each kind?

Detailed videos and step-by-step photos together with diagrams will help you to master the spit of a spike for weaving a child and yourself.

Ideas with photos to create different versions of hairstyles based on the spikelet: classic and reverse, from two and one obliquely, as well as around the head.

Types of spikelets of hair

Let’s start to understand what is called oblique spikelet? Due to some uncertainty hairstyle spikelet, in different sources there is an option:

  1. 3-strand braid with grabs all over the head (whelp), a special case is around the head or 2 braids. These are 1,2 and 4 photos.
  2. Spit of 2 (4 strands) fishtail. Options 3,5,6 in the photo above.

We will consider both options spikelets and offer you to master all types of weaving such an exclusive hairstyle.

It should be noted that the spike is a version of weaving without age and length gradation. Perfect for babies girls with short and thin hair and women with any length curls.

Which makes this braid available and in demand at all times. She meets on the red carpet, in the kindergarten, and at work, and at school as an ordinary hairstyle.

How to become a professional in braiding?

Distinguished weaving novice from a professional accuracy, the absence of roosters and the strength of the braids.

How to wind the hair medium length curling iron

To become a pro in weaving braids, in addition to the very technique and practice, follow the hands in the video lessons, you will find descriptions in the instructions, but it’s better to see and repeat once. The flexibility of the fingers and the right pegs, strand with the correct positioning of the hands, create masterpieces.

Variants of weaving spike of 3 strands

. All over the head from the forehead and to the back of the head or to the very tips (classical or reverse). Weaving look at the photo:

  • weaving with grabs all over the head from the forehead to the occipital zone;
  • diagonally or around the head in the form of a crown (Tymoshenko’s braid);
  • snake;
  • from the back of the head to the crown, turning into a bow or beam;
  • 2 spikelet with a fish tail.

Spike fishtail

    In the photo only a minimal selection of options, and this weaving spikelet:

  • on the back of the head;
  • Classic and reverse (see the difference in appearance in photo 2,3);
  • from the tail;
  • different grab options (photo
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