How to wind curlers

Beautiful wavy curls at all times were the pride of a woman. What to do if nature does not endow the lady with delightful curls? Nowadays, nothing is impossible, and in order to make hair curly, you can use a perm. The procedure can be done both in the salon and at home. About how at home to do a perm, and will be discussed further.

About chemical perm

How to make a perm at home? There is nothing difficult in this, just follow the instructions described below.

Perm is a difficult procedure and allows you to become the owner of curly hair. This style helps to look always well-groomed. It is real to make a curl without leaving the house. Before it is carried out, it should be borne in mind that even the most benign means harm the hair and completely change their structure.

Types of hair curling

There are several types of chemical hair dressing:

  • Acidic Provides long lasting effect and reliable fixation. Suitable for any type of hair. It damages the curls. After its implementation, a number of restoration procedures are required.
  • Alkaline. This is a softer type of waving than acid. Helps to create the effect of natural curls. Holds for a long time, but not suitable for all hair.
  • Neutral. It is the most gentle method. It helps to create wavy curls along the entire length, regardless of their condition and type.
  • Amino acid. Suitable for owners of weak and fragile strands. Not only curls curls, but also feeds them with proteins and amino acids during the procedure.

Every day professional stylists come up with new ways to get curly hair, but despite this, many women think how to do the perm at home.

Preparatory stage

Before you do a perm at home, you need to prepare for it. Twenty days before the event can not paint the curls. Not superfluous before chemical perm will be a test for sensitivity to drugs. To do this, you should put a little money behind your ear and wait a day. If an allergic reaction does not follow, then the product can be used and, on the contrary, with irritation and rash, it is better to refuse to use the drug.

Before this event, you should see how the chemical will act on the hair. To do this, a small curl is treated with a composition for waving. If after a couple of minutes the strand breaks, the concentration of the solution is halved. The procedure is repeated on the other strands. If the hair is still torn, it is necessary to abandon the perm and pay attention to the restoration, strengthening of the hair.

All funds for this event must match the type of hair. For long bobbins choose a larger diameter, for short – smaller. Be sure to assess the condition of the hair before curling. Weak strands should not be subjected to such an event.

Before the procedure, the curls are moistened, which improves the absorbency of the chemical solution, shortens the exposure time of the drug, makes the curl more natural, and to a lesser extent injures the curls.

Tools for work

Before you make a perm in the home "Locked", you need to prepare the tools. For the procedure will need:

  • comb with rare teeth and pointed end;
  • curlers with a retainer or a bobbin of the desired diameter, about 50-80 pieces;
  • non-metallic containers;
  • foam sponges;
  • plastic clips;
  • beaker;
  • gloves and headband;
  • cellophane cap;
  • two towels.

To create curls, you can use not only the "Curl", but also ready-made sets for chemical perm.

In addition to the tools, you need citric acid or vinegar in a concentration of 6% or 9%, shampoo, restoring balm, which is applied to the hair after the "chemistry", nourishing cream or petroleum jelly.

Stages waving "curl"

To learn about how to make a perm at home “Curl”, you need to carefully read the instructions of the drug. The perm by this means is divided into three stages: it is perm, neutralization and fixation. Each step of this procedure has its own characteristics and is necessary for finding beautiful curly strands.

Carrying curls "curl"

How to make a perm at home (photo of the result of the procedure can be viewed below), will be discussed further. For the procedure should be:

  • Divide hair into several parts. Each strand is processed by “Curl”, combed and wound on bobbins (curlers). After all the hair is wrapped, it is covered with a plastic hat and a towel. From this moment the time of curling is counted.
  • The period of exposure for all hair is different. On soft strands, the drug is held for up to 20 minutes, on a normal type of hair – up to 16-18 minutes, on hard curls – no more than 10-12 minutes.
  • After this time, you should deploy several locks in different parts of the head and see the degree of curling. If the curl is not formed, the strand is wound again on the curlers. The next control perm carried out in five minutes. So do until the curl will not find the desired shape. The maximum time of exposure "lokona" on the hair is 45 minutes.
  • After the curls are formed, the curler is washed off, without removing the curler or bobbin, trying not to mix the strands together. The towel is applied to the hair to collect the remaining moisture.

After curling the strands go to the stage of neutralization of the chemical.

Carrying out neutralization

To carry out neutralization you need:

  • One-third of a teaspoon of lemon is dissolved in a fourth of a glass of water. Grind 4 tablets of hydroperit until powdered and add them to the citric acid solution. Add another quarter cup of water and half a teaspoon of shampoo. That’s all – the composition for neutralization is ready.
  • Neutralizer richly moisten each strand. The procedure is carried out twice, spending on hair exactly half of the prepared solution. After processing the hair is left for ten minutes.
  • After the specified time, the curls are freed from curlers and moistened with residual solution. Withstand neutralizer for another five minutes.

To fix the curls, you can replace the hydropery with perhydrol. Here, half a teaspoon of the lemon is diluted into quarters of a glass of water and

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