How to turn the curls on the iron

Oh, so these women’s troubles! If the hair is naturally straight, then it is necessary to curl it, and if curly – straighten it. But if the only way to level the existing curls is a hair iron, then women use different methods for curling. Traditional methods – curlers of different diameters and types, curling irons with different functional features – ceramic bar, heating indicator and

An old sheet or duvet cover is not just a contender for an accessory for washing windows, but also a potential stylist. To spin on cloths is not just a method of our great-grandmothers, but also a good idea to make neat curls at home.

Medium curls can be obtained by using a 30 x 30 cm cotton cloth flap to get a larger 40 x 40 cm. This curling method is available for short and long hair. The effect will be better if the procedure for curling on rags to perform at bedtime and hold until morning.

Thin hair that does not obey the styling, it is necessary to pacify the hair mousse or sugar syrup (for half a glass of water use 3 teaspoons of sugar, dissolve it completely). It is advisable to start cheating from the top of the head.

Method 1: many patches

To properly wind the house, you should follow the step-by-step instructions:

How to turn the curls on the iron

Using water (sweet water, foam), comb your hair. Select the first strand. Follow the steps.

Repeat the same steps with the rest of the curls. Go to bed (if the process took place at night). If you need a hairstyle in the evening, you can do it in the morning and walk around the house with rags on your hair all day.

Unleashing the knots, release the curls from the scraps. It is worth starting with the lower strands.

Ready hairstyle after promotion rags

For quick winding this method is definitely not suitable. It will take at least a couple of hours. As an option – to wind on wet hair, and then dry it well with a hairdryer. The use of a fixer (lacquer) is necessary, as the resistance of curls will not be strong.

Method 2: one shred

Suitable for long hair or medium length. It is easy to wind the hair with your own hands this way. No harm this quick method to make curls will bring. It is optimal to withstand about 2 hours. You can also use wet hair, but after that they must be dried with a hairdryer.

Lift the hair at the roots in this way will not work, but the tips will be effectively curled. Such training can be the basis for further hairstyle: Greek, French braid and

For winding, only one flap is needed, at least 40 x 40 cm in size. If the hair is long, then one side of the shred may be longer, so that later both ends can be joined into a knot. Also use a scarf for such purposes.

The first stage The second stage The third stage

Each strand is well combed with a comb, so that when you wind the hair is not tangled. If you curl curls tangled, then quality curls will not work. Curls will not turn out fine, but it is very convenient to do it to yourself.

How to turn the curls on the iron

It is better to wind hair in a spiral and tight so that it does not lie on each other in layers. This will ensure evenly curled locks.

After the end of the winding, fix the ends of the hair on the rag with a small elastic band. Then repeat the same steps with the second part of the hair. It is inconvenient to sleep with such a design on the back of your head (it is better to adhere to the vertical position of the body), so it is recommended to twirl the curls in the morning in order to get volumetric curls in the evening.

This method is suitable in order to twist the hair of the child. For the express method, to make curly hair, use foam, and then dried with a hairdryer. Next, fix the effect of varnish.

Method 3: scraps and paper

In fact, the process of curling hair is similar to the fact that it was in 1 method. The only difference is that in order to curl hair, simple rags are replaced by other home-made blanks. It is as convenient to wind up on pieces of paper as it is easy to shred.

Winding blanks

Due to such blanks with paper (you can use foil, napkins), the hair is not tangled on the fabric, which does not damage them. It also allows you to not make the curls too small and tangled at the tips (if the winding occurred from the ends). Also spinning on the tubes for juice. Then take narrow shreds and thread them into a tube (take a length of up to 5 cm). Curls on tubules are spiral and rather elastic.

Unusual, but effective way to achieve fashionable curly curls. Especially suitable for hair from medium length and more. In order to get cute curls, you need a t-shirt.

T-shirt wrap up step by step

Initially, the T-shirt is rolled into a braid. Connect both ends, turning it into a kind of wreath. Put the blank on the head, and then alternately twirl the hair (each individual strand), starting from the face (according to the principle of Greek hairstyle).

Cheating curls occurs until the last strand is woven. Waiting will be easier if you do your hair before bedtime. It is convenient to sleep with such a blank on your head, nothing interferes with a full sleep.

The next morning you need to stitch everything. The effect will please with its natural look. It is not a long time to make curls, but in order to curl beautifully, you should not hurry and take large strands. The smaller they will be, the more beautiful and neater curled curls will be (you get chic, big and light strands). To last longer, use lacquer.

"Plait of hair"

This method is very simple, does not require any blanks. Curl curls intensively fail, but to achieve careless curls get exactly.

The harness is formed from a bundle of hair (tail on the back of the head). To get more intense curls, make a tourniquet stands for the night.

Braid harness will, if you follow the detailed instructions. To begin with, tie the hair into a ponytail. Divide hair into two parts.

Then twist each strand (with one hand one and the other with the other), twisting them in parallel with each other. The result will be such a result.

Such flagella on the hair will help to get curly hair, the curls of which will not seem "doll". That is, you can get a natural look of curl hair.

How to turn the curls on the iron

To the result from the harness was more vivid, such a hairpin should hold at least a few hours. It is advisable to moisten the hair slightly before making a tourniquet.

By unscrewing your hair, you can get wavy hair. This method is suitable winding on long and medium length hair.

The result was natural, beautiful curls without curlers. The smaller the curls of the flagella, the more small curls will be obtained.

"On the studs"

This method is especially suitable for women who are trying to add volume to their hair. Thus, it will not be possible to make curls, but it will definitely turn out to make curls wavy. With that, the waves come out small and funny.

The twisting of the hair in this case occurs on the hairpin, so it is necessary to prepare the necessary amount in advance.

Curling on the studs will require some patience. But the effect of "afro" or "corrugation" will not disappoint anyone, because such a stacking makes many overseas stars.

Prepare a hair is worth it: thoroughly comb and spray varnish. Thus, the strands will work out for a long time, they will not unwind under the first wind.

The scheme of winding the curl on the hairpin

Next is to be patient and perform such actions with each strand. The result is the following.

Such a twist for the hair will make curls lush, so you will not need corrugation tongs. Hold the hairpin need about an hour. If you hold for 20-30 minutes, you get a not so intense result. Then you need to start to unravel the hair. Start better from the bottom of the head.

You can curl curls nicely and quickly, making the basis for putting them together beautifully. Men use this method. Suitable cheat on the square, but for very long hair, the studs will not work, they will be small. Then use special sticks to help curl curls beautifully quickly and help make the waves on the hair independently.

"Curls on socks"

Curls do for long hair, or at least for medium hair with the use of available tools. You can get light waves, but curls are better obtained if you do them at night. Twist the hair to get soft curls, you need to wear socks! Let it sound unusual, but a sock is a great tool to wind beautiful curls.

The method of winding is similar to what happens on shreds. The best effect is to be expected when doing the curling of hair is not saturated or moisturized. Making wavy curls with socks is easy if you follow simple steps. The main thing – to find a sufficient number of socks.

Repeat these steps with other strands. Choose locks of the same size, so that the effect was then even, tie the socks on a single knot. More curled hair will be obtained if you use varnish before winding. Winding can be done both to the roots and to half the length of the hair.

After a couple of hours of waiting, you can unwind the hair. That’s what happens.

Spectacular hairstyle can be obtained by doing a curling hair cascade. Celebrity-like styling is demonstrated at cocktail parties and red carpet.

"Curls of braids"

You can get curled hair, if you rely on pigtails. And this is not in vain. Here the main thing is to properly braid the braid. It would be stupid to look if you make a regular braid from the neck. To get uniform curls over the entire length of the hair, you should braid the "spikelets". The more they will be, the more broken hair lines will come out.

Effect after two spikelets

To get attractive curls on the pigtails, you need to choose the right kind of weaving. Ideal results are obtained from the French braid.

Kind of weaving, which produces a good effect

The beauty of this hairstyle is that having walked with beautiful weaving all day long and having slept with it at night, in the morning you can untie the hair and get a new styling.

"Curls of the tail"

Often the tail is worn with curls with an iron or on thermal curlers. Many see the simplicity of scrolling on locks, strings. Messy, but stylish spiral curls with little effort can be obtained by the beam. Although the hair with curlers will look neater, but the curls of the tail require less preparation.

Having collected hair in a tail, we make of them a tight tourniquet and we wrap the base with it – an elastic band to make a bundle. Secure hair ends with a hairpin.

Having dissolved such a bundle, light waves are produced on the hair.

Spectacular curls are obtained after using a roll for bunches or bagels. To get a more intense result, when creating a beam, you must tighten the hair tightly.

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