How to make fancy curls

Fashion for clothes: colors, styles and styles, fashion details

Every day on this page is a new fashion idea! What is in fashion today, how to wear fashionable clothes, how to choose a handbag or shoes, what accessories to choose for fashionable clothes, recommendations on style:

Today is fashionable

Sweater with leather skirt. Dressing is warm and comfortable, but looking feminine is possible! Find a suitable style of leather skirt and make beautiful sets in which you will look irresistible stylishly. See the selection of the best ideas and get inspired!

Here are 6 ideas for how to look non-trivial: a leather skirt and a sweater

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Fashionable clothing style Spring 2019, Summer 2019

Elegance is the main rule of this season!

You can even look stylish in a jacket, if you choose the right things:

No matter what fashionable style you choose for yourself: sporty, romantic, retro, masculine style, military or eclectic – it must be with a hint of elegance. Remember the style of Jackie or Grace Kelly, to better understand how to be unique in any setting. Even such a relaxed style as a boho-chic can look quite elegant:

How to make fancy curls

The most important thing in women’s clothing is the woman who wears it. Yves Saint Laurent

Fashionable clothes: dresses

Magnificent dresses and lace dresses, which are fashionable to wear not only on holidays, but also on weekdays, do not go out of fashion. Look what dresses have become the most fashionable this season.

How to make fancy curls

Actual black dresses made of lacquered and perforated leather, and for the holiday – evening little black dresses. From the patterns for dresses in the fashion of flowers, strip and cell.

A woman’s dress should not be tight, but if a woman is dressed, I want to see exactly where she is in this dress. Bob Hope * Fashionable Dresses * Red Dresses 2019

Fashionable clothes: shirts, trousers

Wide and narrow pants, cropped and closed heel, leather, corduroy, lace, with a belt and without. – it is impossible to find a model that would be unfashionable this year! The main thing is that trendy pants emphasize the dignity of your figure.

Fashionable idea!

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Your style and fashion in clothes

Before you buy, think about what you will wear a new fashionable thing and whether it fits your style? If there are at least five combinations with existing things, buy it safely.

Fashionable idea!

Leather clothes. Leather clothing is relevant in any season, but this year leather items took the lead. Leather pants, dresses and skirts are in fashion. From skin sew everything that only pleases. Let’s see how to wear it all to look spectacular: leather clothing.

Fashion trends: Spring Fashion collection: Versus Versace

How to wear fashionable clothes

To look extremely stylish, you need to properly combine things with each other. So, for example, we select shoes for a dress, and a handbag – harmonious with a dress of color, but catchy.

If a woman is poorly dressed, others will remember her clothes. If a woman is dressed well, others will remember her. Coco Chanel And to make it easier to pick up things in color, we prepared a convenient table of color combinations especially for our readers.

We saw all these ideas in the latest fashion shows. Choose from them what suits you and combines with already existing things, then every day you will look great.

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