How to curl curls

Fairy tale Cinderella, or the glass slipper read:

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There was once a respectable and distinguished man. His first wife died, and he married a second time, and in such a grumpy and arrogant woman, which light had not yet seen.

She had two daughters, very similar to their mother and face, and mind, and character.

My husband also had a daughter, kind, friendly, sweet – all in the late mother. And her mother was a woman the most beautiful and kind.

And now the new mistress entered the house. It was then that she showed her temper. Everything was not to her taste, but most of all she disliked her stepdaughter. The girl was so good that the stepmother’s daughters next to her seemed even worse.

The poor stepdaughter was forced to do all the dirtiest and hardest work in the house: she cleaned the boilers and pots, washed the stairs, cleaned the rooms of her stepmother and both young ladies — her sisters.

She slept in the attic, right under the roof, on a thorny straw mat. And both sisters had rooms with parquet floors of colored wood, with beds that were cleaned in the latest fashion, and with large mirrors in which it was fashionable to see yourself from head to toe.

The poor girl silently demolished all the insults and did not dare to complain even to her father. Stepmother so tidied up his hands that he now looked at everything with her eyes and, probably, would only blame her daughter for ingratitude and disobedience.

In the evening, after finishing work, she climbed into a corner near the fireplace and sat there on a box with ashes. Therefore, the sisters, and behind them, everyone in the house called her Cinderella.

Still, Cinderella in her old dress, stained with ashes, was a hundred times sweeter than her sister, dressed in velvet and silk.

And once the son of the king of that country gave a big ball and called all distinguished people with his wives and daughters to it.

Cinderella sisters also received an invitation to the ball. They were very happy and immediately began to choose clothes and think about how to comb their hair, to surprise all the guests and like the prince.

Poor Cinderella has more work and care than ever. She had to iron her sisters dresses, starch their skirts, loose collars and ruffles.

In the house only talk was about clothes.

– I, said the elder, would wear a red velvet dress and a precious piece of clothing that I was brought from overseas.

– And I, – said the youngest, – put on the most modest dress, but I will have a cape embroidered with golden flowers and a diamond belt, which no noble lady has.

They sent for the most skilful modist to make them double-frill caps, and bought flies from the best craftswoman in the city.

The sisters now and then called Cinderella and asked her what to choose a comb, a ribbon or a buckle. They knew that Cinderella better understands what is beautiful and what is ugly.

No one knew how skillfully, as she, to pin lace or curl curls.

– And what, Cinderella, would you like to go to the royal ball? – asked the sisters as she brushed them in front of the mirror.

– Oh, you sisters! You are laughing at me! Will they let me into the palace in this dress and in these shoes!

– What is true is true. That would be screaming if such a mamara came to the ball!

Another on-site Cinderella would brush her sisters as bad as possible. But Cinderella was kind: she brushed them as best she could.

Two days before the ball, the excitement ceased to have lunch and dinner. They did not move away from the mirror for a minute and tore off more than a dozen of laces, trying to tighten their waists tighter and become thinner and slimmer.

And finally, the long-awaited day has come. Stepmother and sisters left.

Cinderella looked after them for a long time, and when their carriage disappeared around the bend, she covered her face with her hands and wept bitterly.

Her godmother, who had just come to visit the poor girl, found her in tears.

– What’s wrong with you, my child? she asked. But Cinderella cried so bitterly that she could not even answer.

– You would like to go to the ball, wouldn’t you? – asked godmother.

She was a fairy – a sorceress – and heard not only what they say, but also what they think.

– True, – said Cinderella, sobbing.

– Well, just be a good girl, ”said the fairy,“ and I’ll take care of your presence in the palace today. ” Run over to the garden and bring me a big pumpkin from there!

Cinderella ran to the garden, chose the largest pumpkin and brought the godmother. She wanted to ask how a simple pumpkin would help her get to the royal ball. but she did not dare.

And the fairy, without saying a word, cut the pumpkin and took out all the flesh from it. Then she touched her yellow thick crust with her magic wand, and the empty pumpkin immediately turned into a beautiful carved carriage, gilded from roof to wheels.

How to curl curls

Then the fairy sent Cinderella to the pantry for a mousetrap. There were half a dozen live mice in the mousetrap.

The fairy told Cinderella to open the door a little and release all the mice one by one, one after another. As soon as the mouse ran out of its dungeon, the fairy touched it with a wand, and from this touch the ordinary gray mouse immediately turned into a gray, mouse-like horse.

How to curl curls

Less than a minute later, before Cinderella, there was already a magnificent team of six handsome horses in a silver harness.

It lacked only the coachman.

Noticing that the fairy was lost in thought, Cinderella timidly asked:

– What if to look, whether the rat got to a rat trap? Maybe she suits the coachman?

– Your truth, – said the sorceress. – Go look.

Cinderella brought a rat trap from which three large rats looked out.

The fairy chose one of them, the largest and whiskered, touched her with her wand, and the rat immediately turned into a fat coachman with a bushy mustache — even the main royal coachman would envy such a mustache.

– And now, said the fairy, go to the garden. There behind a watering can, on a heap of sand, you will find six lizards. Bring them here.

Before Cinderella had time to shake the lizards out of the apron, the fairy turned them into visiting lackeys dressed in green liveries, decorated with gold lace.

All six nimbly jumped up on the heels of the carriage with such an important look, as if they had served as visiting lackeys all their lives and had never been lizards.

– Well, ”said the fairy,“ now you have your own departure, and you can, without losing time, go to the palace. What, are you satisfied?

– Highly! – said Cinderella. “But is it possible to go to the royal ball in this old ash-stained dress?”

Fairy did not answer. She only lightly touched the Cinderella dress with her magic wand, and the old dress turned into a wonderful outfit of silver and gold brocade, all covered with precious stones.

The last gift of the fairies were shoes from the purest crystal, which no girl had ever dreamed of.

When Cinderella was already quite ready, the fairy sat her in a carriage and strictly ordered her to return home before midnight.

– “If you are just a minute late,” she said. – your carriage will again become a pumpkin, horses – mice, footmen – lizards, and your magnificent outfit will again turn into an old, patched dress.

– Do not worry, I will not be late! – Cinderella answered and, not remembering herself for joy, went to the palace.

The prince, who was told that a beautiful but unknown princess had arrived at the ball, he himself ran out to meet her. He gave her a hand, helped him out of the carriage, and led him into the hall, where the king and queen and the courtiers were already.

Everything died down at once. The violins fell silent. Both musicians and guests involuntarily looked at an unfamiliar beauty who came to the ball after all.

“Oh, how good she is!” – the gentleman to the gentleman and lady said in a whisper.

Even the king, who was very old and dozing more than looking around, and he opened his eyes, looked at Cinderella and told the queen in a low voice that he had not seen such a charming person for a long time.

The ladies of the court were occupied only with the consideration of her dress and headdress, so that tomorrow they could order something similar for themselves, if only they could find the same skilled craftsmen and the same beautiful fabric.

The prince set his guest on the most honorable place, and just as the music began to play, he approached her and invited her to dance.

She danced so easily and gracefully that everyone admired her even more than before.

After the dance the treat was spread. But the prince could not eat anything – he did not take his eyes off his lady. At that time, Cinderella found her sisters, sat down next to them, and, each saying a few pleasant words, treated them to oranges and lemons, which the prince himself offered to her.

This flattered them greatly. They did not expect such attention from an unfamiliar princess.

But now, talking to them, Cinderella suddenly heard that the palace clock strikes eleven hours and three quarters. She got up, bowed to everyone and went to the door so quickly that no one had time to catch up with her.

Returning from the palace, she still managed to run to the sorceress before the arrival of her stepmother and sisters and thank her for the happy evening.

How to curl curls

– Oh, if it were possible to go to the palace tomorrow! – she said. – Prince so asked me.

And she told the godmother about everything that was in the palace.

As soon as Cinderella crossed the threshold and put on her old apron and wooden shoes, they knocked on the door. This came back from a stepmother and sister.

– How long have you, sisters, stayed today in the palace! – Cinderella said, yawning and smarting, as if she had just woken up.

– Well, if you were with us at the ball, you would not hurry to go home either, ”said one of the sisters. – There was one princess, so beautiful that in a dream you would not see it better! She must have liked us very much. She sat down with us and even treated us with oranges and lemons.

– What is her name? – asked Cinderella.

– Well, nobody knows that. – said the elder sister.

And the younger one added:

– The prince seems ready to give half his life just to find out who she is. Cinderella smiled.

– Is this princess really that good? she asked. “How happy you are.” Could I even look at her with one eye? Oh, sister Javotta, give me one evening your yellow dress that you wear at home every day!

– This is just not enough! – said Zhavotta, shrugging. Give your dress such a mess as you! It seems I have not lost my mind yet.

Cinderella did not wait for another answer and was not upset at all. Indeed: what would she do if Javotta suddenly became generous and decided to lend her a dress to her!

The next evening the sisters again went to the palace – and so did Cinderella. This time she was even more beautiful and more elegant than the day before.

The prince did not leave her for a minute. He was so friendly, he said such nice things that Cinderella forgot about everything, even that she had to leave on time, and only realized when the clock began to strike midnight.

She rose from her seat and ran away faster than the doe.

The prince rushed after her, but her trace was gone. Only on the rung of the stairs was a small glass slipper. The prince carefully raised her and ordered the gatekeepers to ask her if any of them had seen where the beautiful princess had gone. But no one has ever seen a princess. True, the gatekeepers noticed that some poorly dressed girl ran past them, but she was more like a beggar than a princess.

Meanwhile, Cinderella, choking with fatigue, ran home. She had no more carriages or lackeys. Her ball outfit turned back into an old, worn dress, and all of her splendor was left with that small crystal slipper, exactly the same as the one she lost on the palace staircase.

When both sisters returned home, Cinderella asked them if they were having fun today at the ball and if yesterday’s beauty had come to the palace again.

The sisters began to tell each other that the princess was at the ball this time, but ran away, just as the clock began to strike at twelve.

– She was in such a hurry that she even lost her crystal slipper, ”said the older sister.

– And the prince picked him up and did not let the ball out until the end of the ball, ”said the youngest.

– He must be deeply in love with this beautiful woman who loses her shoes on balls, the stepmother added.

And it was true. A few days later, the prince ordered to declare publicly, to the sounds of trumpets and fanfare, that the girl who fit the glass slipper would be his wife.

Of course, at first the shoe was measured at the princesses, then the duchess, then the court ladies, but it was all in vain: it was cramped and the duchess, and princesses, and the court ladies.

Finally, it came to the Cinderella sisters.

Oh, how both sisters tried to pull a little shoe on their big legs! But she did not even climb them on her fingertips. Cinderella, who at first glance recognized her shoe, smiled, looked at these vain attempts.

– But she seems to fit me, ”said Cinderella.

Sisters and burst into evil laughter. But the court gentleman, who tried on the shoe, carefully looked at Cinderella and, noticing that she was very beautiful, said:

– I received an order from the prince to try on a shoe for all the girls in the city. Let your foot, madam!

He sat Cinderella in a chair and, putting a glass slipper on her little foot, immediately saw that he wouldn’t have to try on more: the shoe was exactly on the leg, and the leg was on the shoe.

The sisters froze in surprise. But they were even more surprised when Cinderella took a second crystal shoe out of her pocket – exactly the same as the first one, only on the other foot – and put it on without saying a word. At that very moment, the door opened, and a fairy – Zolushkina the godmother entered the room.

She touched her magic wand to the poor dress of Cinderella, and it became even more magnificent and beautiful than it had been the day before at the ball.

Then only the two sisters understood who the beauty they saw in the palace was. They rushed to the feet of Cinderella, to beg forgiveness for all the insults she suffered from them. Cinderella forgave the sisters from the bottom of her heart – after all, she was not only beautiful, but also kind.

She was taken to the palace to the young prince, who found that she had become even prettier than she had been before.

A few days later they played a merry wedding.

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