Hairstyles with bandages

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Wedding is not only an important celebration, but also one of the most fun holidays. In order for this wonderful event to be remembered for a long time, it is important to organize a general wave of fun, diversifying it with toasts and beautiful congratulations on your wedding day, dances and a noisy feast with competitions.

Funny and funny wedding contests will entertain guests and give an additional opportunity to originally congratulate the newlyweds on the birth of their family.

The organization of fun wedding contests for guests and their conduct is carried out by the host of the event (toast-master) or one of the artistic and lively wedding guests.

If the celebration takes place in a warm home environment, while there is a limitation in space, you can organize a series of funny wedding contests at home, awarding the winners with original prizes from the young ones.

You can organize congratulations to the newlyweds in the original form of "Georgian toast". Those present choose a certain number of words describing family life (home, family, children, diapers, etc.) and write on the cards. The most resourceful and eloquent guests are determined, a distinctive props are issued: mustache, caps, in the form of wine glasses – horn.

The task of the participants and the essence of the competition are congratulations to the young in the form of a toast with a Caucasian flavor. During this, a card is presented with a written word, which must be appropriately entered into a maxim, without losing its essence and eloquence.

The shortest toast contest is held among the male contingent of this event. Both words and phrases can be used. Winner’s toast should be a container, to have completeness and meaning.

Hairstyles with bandages

Guests are divided into pairs (male and female). The essence of the competition and the task of the participants, by making joint efforts and without hands, deploy and eat the candy offered by the organizer of this action.

The bride is dressed in a blindfold, the bridegroom is wearing a bib, and they offer to feed her husband with a wedding cake. The groom leads the bride during the competition.

Hairstyles with bandages

The glass must be filled with a teaspoon. The first participant to fill the glass, drinks and makes a toast. The male half is actively involved in this action.

I like it – I do not like it.

At the command of the leader, guests at the table should call the two parts of the body (which they like and do not like) with their neighbor on the left side. When all participants have decided and fulfilled the conditions of the competition, the moderator asks the participants to kiss their favorite parts of the body and bite those they did not like. Competition causes stormy laughter of participants.

Two volunteers take part. The task is to name the more gentle words they say to their girls. The essence of the competition is presenting these words and phrases to each other. According to the voting of those present, the participant who is most sophisticated in his statements wins, with the award “The Most Affectionate Man”.

For the organization of the competition you will need to purchase props that imitate rings, for example hair ties. Packs with “rings” should be small and in a different color (for each participant their own color) for the convenience of calculating the result.

The competition is attended by single men. The task of the participants is to put the “rings” on as many fingers as possible on the ring finger, while remembering on which hand they wear the wedding ring. All the action takes place under energetic music and is limited by time. After the music is turned off, the fingertips are put on the color of the rubber bands. The winner is determined by the majority of gum.

Household duties.

Eyes of young bandages. The organizer of the competition pulls out of the box a variety of accessories used in the household (frying pan, knitting needles and threads for knitting, rocking, broom, screwdriver, hammer, etc.), while wondering without naming the items for whom it will get. By removing the bandages, the distribution of household duties is assessed.

Under slow music, for 10-15 minutes, the partner holds the partner in her arms, performing dance moves. The longest lasting pair wins. It is allowed during the dance, to a tired partner, to change the position of the girl (put or sit on the shoulder).

Most funny and funny wedding contests are held without a toastmaster, and they do not lose the interest of the participants. Do not limit yourself to fantasies, thinking through the triumph. Embodied ideas will bring a lot of positive emotions to all participants of the celebration, transforming it and making it not forgotten.

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